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I have a concern and I didn't know who to ask but /ic/. I have been running a webcomic for a few years now and I see that every independent webcomic goes to tapas or webtoons. Is it possible to go anywhere without going through those 2 sites? If possible I want to avoid that, I don't like how limiting the sizes can be.

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You can definitely have a webcomic on an independent site. I have some friends with fairly well-read webcomics that do that.
The only real advantage of using Tapas/Webtoons is that it's a lot easier to find an audience with them. I have both my own personal site, and a mirror of my comic on Tapas, and I get a lot more readers on Tapas than my site because Tapas can help promote your comic. It has trending comic lists and sometimes features comics which can also help you get more readers. For my main site I essentially have to do more of the legwork myself, I actually have to self-promo and buy advertising to get people to notice my comic site.
So yes, you don't need to use Tapas or Webtoons for your comic. You can absolutely have a comic that lots of people will read hosted on an independent site. I think Tapas and Webtoons can be very helpful in terms of finding readers, but by no means are they a requirement.

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Don't have an answer, but want to vent. Webtoon only accepts jpg files. Why jpg files?

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I'm happy you said that I was scared I was trapped spinning my wheels in a dead market.
Because they want the quality to be as bad as possible for phones

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And how do people keep updated on your comic? I don't believe most people use RSS Feed.

Do you have a main communication hub like Twatter or some shit? Or are you part of some related community, which gives you visibility enough?

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>I have some friends with fairly well-read webcomics that do that.
Are you sure you're omitting that the comic is porn? If you do porn you can do whatever you want

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Have you thought of maybe incentivising leading your tapas crowd over to your site?

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I don't have any friends with porn comics. The biggest comic webcomic run by one of my friends is a SFW super hero comic. You don't need to do porn to get people to read your work, anon.

For Tapas

Not really. There's no benefit to having the readers on my site as opposed to Tapas, it's not like I make ad revenue off my site or anything. The only real benefit of having both my own site and Tapas is that there are a fair number of webcomic readers who only read webcomics on their own websites, and there are a decent number of readers who only read comics through Tapas/Webtoons. Having both just lets me cast a wider net in terms of readership.

On Tapas the site sends them notifications whenever I update. For my main site I believe people use RSS feed, I made my site with comicpress so I think that has RSS feed compatibility.
I use TopWebComics to get visibility on my comic. If I have comic announcements I usually just leave them as a note under new page updates, or on my Twitter if it's on a day when I'm not doing updates.

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sorry for crass question, but does it actually make any money? i understand it is a labour of love above all.

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I make a little bit off Patreon and Tapas ad revenue/tips. It's by no means a livable amount, but it's something. Tapas ad revenue is basically nothing, over 1.5 years of having my comic hosted there and after accumulating ~500k views, I've earned about $50 bucks. I get $27 a month from Patreon, but I'm terrible at keeping up with it and basically offer nothing.

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Sorry, I got confused and asked about your comic, but you do have a Tapas.

I was thinking about your friends with no Tapas, who focus on their personal website.
Is RSS their main way of making sure people come back for more? Sounds pretty risky, in my entire life I only ever met one person who uses (used) RSS Feed, and I'm not that young.

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you can't have porn comics on any popular comic site, crab.

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I post my webcomic on Tapas and Webtooms... it looks like shit on webtoons and the fucking files are in the same size
(Sorry, shitty English)

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I have a Webtoon, but its a pretty small following. I'm doing much better traffic with a personal website.

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Simple and very active site, easy to get comment from readers.

>Medibang comics
Perfect for manga art style, has few readers but still growing. They holding contest very often.

Dying site but forums still active.

Great site very similar to webtoons but only available for Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Thailand.

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Years ago I started on webtoon and tapastic but after a while I deleted tapastic because I had almost no follow-up compared to webtoon.
From what I understand tapastic is much more social you have to advertise / comment / followXfollow / etc. while webtoon is much more antisocial you have to post and the followers arrive and you can't even interact with others much compared to tapastic.

Now I have like 1M + total views on webtoon and few 6k followers very low stat.
should I upload it even on other platforms other than webtoon? or is it useless now?

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