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I can draw acceptable body parts, but whenever I try to draw an entire body, everything falls apart.
Am I the only one with this issue?

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post work

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fuck, sorry

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Get a mannequin and copy it

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Lmao, you call this"acceptable body parts"?

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You have one body part there, the eye, and its not acceptable. You are not the only one with this issue. Everyone who starts out with drawing runs into this problem. You gotta draw more and actually try to understand what you are seeing. Shitty advice that prolly wont help but you gave me some shitty drawing that shows you dont want help. gotimmmm

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>The 43258193262123123626th /beg/ anon who drew a shitty animu eye, posted it on /ic/ and ponders why he can't draw anything else without having studied the fundementals
Oh gee, I don't know anon!

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The 4’s look good. Pretty decent, next time he could just draw 40 instead of ten 4’s

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I'm sorry OP, but these are nowhere near decent. 'Drawing what you see instead of what you think you see' is the first thing when it comes to art, and it's very clear you're drawing what you think you see.

Go study the structure of the eye, look up avian wing anatomy, and copy those. Then come back and maybe the body parts can be half decent as well.

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>I can draw acceptable body parts

Lol no, read the sticky

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Post body parts connecting OP.

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Because drawing a full figure requires a lot of perspective ?

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that eye and wing are extremely flat you need to study how to contruct forms in 3d space. thats probably your and most beginner's biggest issue

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its pretty flat. go check loomis or watts

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retard I bet you spent 3 hours working on these two drawings.

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