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Show me artists getting busted, cheating, tracing and being assholes.

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Dumb phoneposter.

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I knew a popular a long time ago who used to be sort of an ok person. She was a girl artist who got naturally popular for some reason. She had a best friend who wasn't as popular. They knew each other since they were kids. The less popular girl one day started a long distance internet relationship and started spending all her time talking to him. The popular girl got insanely jealous, demanding attention from her friend.
Not even in an understandable way. She would talk shit about the boyfriend all the time to anyone who would listen, especially me. It was insufferable. As time went on it was obvious the less popular girl was getting more serious about her LDR and was even planning to meet him. The popular girl became gradually more insane. This isn't gonna become a creepypasta trust me, it doesn't go that far. But she was unhinged by this. The friendship became more and more tense and eventually they "broke up".
The popular girl went to her friends place to get all the stuff they let each other borrow. Apparently she cried about never being able to see the parents anymore. What happened afterward was some bullshit and I was a fucking yesman to all of it. The popular girl was veery vindictive. She started using her charm and popularity to spread rumors online about her ex-friend. It was really shitty, I knew the unpopular friend too and she told me the popular girl got people thinking all kinds of shit and even lying about the nature of who was the one in the wrong. Reportedly, she would get harassing DMs from former mutual friends and unrelated white knights.
There was some guy, a popular artist that both the popular girl and her friend knew and respected. The popular girl, got into a relationship with him. She told everyone that she was in love. To me a common question she'd ask was "do you think this is making X jealous yet?" And I was her disgusting yesman.

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Cut to today, I haven't talked to her in years. I don't follow her. I don't think about her. Now and then I see her posting cringey art that gets lots of views. It's been five years since these events. A normal person would see some of their own culpability in disagreements and quarrels after this long. This person, the popular girl, recently posted in a thread I was in about how her former best friend stabbed her in the back and tried to destroy her life, which was exactly opposite of how it actually happened. She learned nothing through it all. Never even once considered the things she's done (using countless people to get back at her friend who just wanted a relationship) might've been pretty fucked up.
Most people would crucify me if I mentioned who she was though. To this day people think she's a really nice person and a good artist. But she's kind of a cunt deep down.

Also there's the racist caricature she drew of the Korean guy she broke up with.

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give me a hint

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It's the girl who showed her tits to a 14 year old boy when she was 17 (a legal adult in her state) in a Skype call.

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god I wish that was meeeeee

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Wojtek Fus posting this today, showing that despite being a full time polish photo basher for AAA projects his painting skills have not improved a single bit. If anything, he has gotten worse.


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>posts a meaningless criticism of a wojtek portrait on an anonymous image board
>goes back to shitting on paper with /beg/ tier drawings.
>meanwhile wojtek is creating decent concepts and matte paintings for Sony, Disney and Bioware.

didn't even want to defend that pretentious polish but you fags need some self awareness.

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Are you completely fucking retarded or do you seriously not understand drawing from model?

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Some of them are tracing, but yeah you are right OP is exagerating

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And yet it’s still a million times better than anything your pathetic ass could shit out. Stay mad.

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Hi Wojtek

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This is pretty bad. I love Suydam's Dark Horse covers from the 90's.

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Oof. The artist just posted in the comments too and just made things worse. How can he claim that he actually drew the cover when it lines up 1:1 with the ref? And then he equates blatantly copying someone else's photo with what Rockwell, Caravaggio and Vermeer did. The balls on this guy.

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Here you go

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One more

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what a scumbag

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He got hired as an art director for an anime in japan, while you're still NGMI, lol.

If you don't trace, you're NGMI.

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Is that a well known story or something? I've never heard of any "popular" artist doing that

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Back to le reddit you go

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>what is reference?

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Wow, you're so enlightened you've never been to reddit once, and if something gets posted there, you immediately label it as "le reddit cancer".

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"Just a reference"

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Back to r/funny you go, friendo

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>nice animation bro
What is this retard talking about?

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This is depressing

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>in Japan
>someone with no creativity
>no concept skills
>no storytelling skills
>no directing skills
>known plagiarizer

I mean I know you're a delusional normie, but even if he somehow got such a position (which no sane publisher and studio would greenlight) even you should realize that it'll probably be a massive flop, tainting the brand of whichever franchise it touches.

If you're referring to the ghost in the shell stuff (which already degraded into shallow normie shit with the live action movie), the idiot who put him there obviously did so for le popular artiste meme points to attract more mouth breathers. But hiring someone to do a couple promotional drawings for social media shilling, and directing a fuckin project, are two entirely different things anon, lmao.

But you know that already, fag-kun.

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ah this is yours >>4006231

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>even you should realize that it'll probably be a massive flop, tainting the brand of whichever franchise it touches.
The movie got a lukewarm reception in japan and mixed reviews.

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Thanks, I feel better now. Looks like he was only put in charge of promo images and some design, but they didn't let him do the actual art/animation, knowing his skills.

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It says he worked as a concept designer and did work in the animation department

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Concept art, character design. So not sure how much of the work left "concept" stage and landed in final product.

Doesn't matter, though.

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“Busted” oh noes!
“Cheating” according to who’s rules?
“Tracing” nothing wrong with that when youre a commercial illustrator.
“Being assholes” No, you’re the asshole.

All comic artists use swipes. They have since the golden age.

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that fucking piece of shit, it makes my blood boil whenever i see this fucking shit

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hi ilya

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I like gossip so I liked it. I wonder who it was about

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Guess I'm the retard here. Thanks.

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>too lazy to even trace the movement of the neck and the eyes
>stupid shitty blur, especially egregious on the cat
>the mouth barely moves
>but at least made the 13 y.o. girl sexier

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>>but at least made the 13 y.o. girl sexier
This never clicked on my head before, but he seems to have a thing for underaged girls. He draws them a lot and I think his neotenous faces he always draws for characters hint at this.

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Love the cheap Korean mmo aesthetic

>> No.4007873

Also notice how lazy some of his strokes on the hair are.
And if he added just one more frame for the neck, if would have been better.
But whatever, it's sexualizing children that's more important for him.

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> No pasaran
Hemos pasado.

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>Ohio nice to meet you Irya -kun! Today we are finarry starting out with keyframes for our new grorious cute girrr anime. First shot is an extreme row angre focusing on girr's butt as she runs rate to school.
>*Ilya draws a portrait of a girl staring blankly into the camera while holding a piece of bread in her hand*
>Nonono, Irya-kun, shimatta! What arr you doing? Give us more emotion, more movement!
>*girl's face is now looking 15 degrees to the left, her mouth is slightly opened, the bread is now blurred so hard it looks like a piece of cardboard *
>WHATTHE FUCK IS THIS KUSO, IRYA-KUN? Where is your russian Shishkin, where is Repin?! SHOW US THEIR GRORIOUS LEGACY!
>*Ilya is now sweating profusely, his eyes racing around the room in attempts to find at least one manga cover to copy from while "sukablyat" is echoing trough his skull like a gong*
>*a wet stain appears on Irya's brand new uniqlo pants*
>*he starts shaking*
>*whole studio stares at him in awe and fear as his body shakes so hard it separates into green and red*
>*the Third Impact is finally upon us*

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LMAO, this is amazing.

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Tried tracing once

Is tedious and boring

Worse experience than grinding

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Never realized how tedious was to read a post story without the greentext

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>All comic artists use swipes. They have since the golden age.
All comic artists are trash, the last decent ones were done under EC comics.

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he already explained that he traced them while studying can you stop forcing this shit from 5 years ago? there were hashtags #studying and #tracing but retards still found a way to mock him. There is an hour interview with him where he explains this yet everyone hate him. He is the most hated person rn in the russian anime community. People went mad when they heard that he is working with netflix on the next ghost in shell anime, ppl just so much jelous of him.

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Is she on Youtube?

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As long as he gives credit to these artists, I don't see a problem with this.

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He didn't and said "I thought everyone would know whose work it was 'referenced' from", lmao.

Even if he doesn't trace now, his lack of proper education shows. Same face syndrome, no posing, 90% of his art is just a face with a part of the body, if there's a full body shot, it's traced from the photo or drawn in the stiffest way possible.

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Nah I'm probably the only one who knows about this because the kid was a friend of mine too and told me everything. He's the one who gave me the racist art she drew of her ex. He offered to show me porn she drew for him (as a 13/14 year old when she was a legal adult) but I had no interest in getting into legal gray areas. Sometimes I wish I had so I had even more to dangle over her though.
I know a lot about this artist and I'm trying not to give away things to directly link it to her because I'm a coward and don't want the confrontation.

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And before anyone says
>lol believing a 14 year old about tiddy
this artist had a reputation for that. She told her best friend one time that she was basically an online whore and even told me she cyber sexed with multiple guys. One when she was 15.
I tried to ask her if it was the dude she's with now, who would've been 18 years old at the time, and she quickly clammed up about it, knowing how serious I take online predatory behavior.
tl;dr, her flashing her tits to boys online isn't outside the MO reported from her ex-BF, the 14 year old, or her own self-description.

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its like taking original art and making it look worse
why even bother sharing this garbage

>> No.4008677

Why do you guys always post this shit, it’s so petty and I roll my eyes every time I see it
No shit, he is clearly referencing those images, he has said it himself in the descriptions that they are redraws and it’s obvious to anyone with functioning eyes that was the intent
I get not liking this guy’s art or whatever, I personally don’t like it because it’s the same headshot of a short haired anime girl over and over again but this is the ultimate cherrypicking, it’s clear his intention was to redraw those images as copies and he didn’t misrepresent it so why do you always post this as if it’s the same tier as someone ripping off someone else’s work and trying to hide that you did by changing the hair colour or character or whatever

I have to assume people being angry over this are 17 year olds or something

>> No.4009446

you roll your eyes because you don't understand why paintovers aren't the same as refs. References are for people who need a visual concept of how something looks for their own art to look good. These have absolutely no artistic value because anyone can do it. As one anon said, why share it? You didn't make anything. You didn't improve the screenshot. You didn't "redraw" anything. You literally just selected the brush tool and pressed eyedropper occasionally. It takes no creativity, vision, skill, talent. Paintovers don't even really take much time either so they don't even have the "i put a lot of work into it" cop out. On what level do you think this shit is worth white knighting for you cringey asskisser?

>> No.4009886

What the fuck does that have to do with anything I said, retard?

>guys why do you always present this as if it’s purposefully deceptive when it’s clear the premise was to redraw the original and create copies without passing them off as an original

Oh fuck right off. You didn’t answer the question. Yes it doesn’t take any effort, what does that have to do with what I said at all? Being able to use my fucking eyes and brain doesn’t make me a white knight just because wah I’m disagreeing with you, you mong.
I roll my eyes because everyone knows the point of it was to create a copy of the original, and this shit was posted in a thread that’s topic is exposing cheating and tracing.
What the fuck is there to expose? Tracing and creating copies is the entire point of those drawings. So again, why the fuck is this presented as being purposefully deceptive when it’s clear from the beginning that the whole point was to redraw it? How does this make him a cheater to bust?
Like I said it makes anyone pissed by this look stupid and petty. If you want to flex your hateboner at least have something valid otherwise it just makes you look bitter.
I don’t like ilya’s art as I said because it looks like he’s drawing the same character all the time and has serious issues with perspective and anatomy (his promo for that Netflix thing was evident) but I’m sure you’ll call me a white knight again because I don’t blindly agree with your dumb image macro on an imageboard designed to complain about literally nothing.

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File: 430 KB, 900x2815, This+artist+is+known+for+copyingtracing+images+painting+over+other+_2634dfb4b507c3bcb36cdf0bcf6d6c55.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I am pretty sure he only started saying that they were recreations after he got busted. He pretended many times that he drew something original yet it wasn't, see the Rikka one where he prentended to casually draw at a café.
>Tracing and copying is the entire point of these drawings
When they the vast, vast majority of his shitty portfolio I don't think so. He does it as a crutch because he is a hack. No one here is truly being shat on for so long for no reason.
If he truly claimed that they were meant to be copies from the start this thread would not exist. You are a massive retard.
This literally all he does though.

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This. There are literally no drawing of his which show knowledge of perspective or ability to draw dynamic figures. This is what tracing gets you.

>> No.4010181

i just realized the artist always made the same mouth it made them look so weird compared to the original

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This. Lying by omission is a thing.

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interesting artist. would you consider the painting on the left to be traced or heavily inspired?

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looks like no one went to your post. it was actually a good read.

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I didn't know about this guy. What a shitshow.

>> No.4010393

Stopped reading halfway through. Your original point was "oh stop being babies this is reference". I laid out for you why this is exactly the opposite of legitimate reference and you just ignored it because you're a hack too. Maybe git gud and you'll have the self-respect to stop white knighting for tracers masquerading as pros.

>> No.4010413


"You can clearly see the difference and the sudden change around 2012-2013 from a flat cartoony fantasy to almost perfect realism"

God what a faggot.

>> No.4010434

same here. tracing, yet staying popular puts him in the same league as kronpr1nz. this guy even still gets featured on artstation. And he only lists his "references" after he is caught. Just like Kron.

that is not how references should be used.

>> No.4010454


Artists are under no obligation to list all references used in a painting. That's not how it works. Also there is a huge difference in copying a entire composition and using reference for individual figures/parts of a piece.

>> No.4010480

well if the picture one uses is copyrighted like all of kron's pictures, then they're kinda expected to. We are going to find that anime screenshot in no time.

And that Jakub Rozalski guy had to list his refs to stop the controversy.

I don't list my refs, because I use so many refs that I create an entirely new object. That's how I believe refs should be used. If I listed all the pictures I used I would waste hours of time.

But if they're using a ref as a paintover or like you said copying an entire composition, it will hurt their image way less if they just listed the "Ref" from the start.
Krenz gave some advice on getting "inspired" from other artists paintings. He actually asks other artists if he can use their work as reference. And they say yes - most of the time! Mind you Krenz is actually skilled unlike kron and transforms the entire composition.

>> No.4010914

Not what his posts, which we can all see, say. His point is that it isn't an exposure because when in context there's nothing hidden to expose, only when taken and put in that image is it an 'exposure'. It's intended as material to get mad about, as is the case with half of the content online, and the other poster rightfully condemned that. Outrage is the main currency and drug of our time. It's the same as resisting the bullshit attempts at starting drama that so engage in. Doesn't mean you can't also call him a bad artist, which he is.

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Love how doubt is thrown out of the window, and instead of going in the defense that photobashing and painting requires skill, or that artists tend to "borrow" inspiration like that (eg. kenshiro and mad max, JoJo and Kenshiro) they instead go super defensive, pile and shame the guy.

>> No.4012059

based anon.
It's so pathetic that the ledditors jump like that.

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