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>cut my fingernails too short
>can't draw because of the pain
fuck what can I do if I miss a day I'll turn bad again

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I wish I could see you sheltered assholes live one day in an Aftican shithole

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U got another hand don't you?

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I ruined both thumbs
Why would I want to live around niggers

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You should probably just give up. There's no way you'll ever recover from an injury as serious as short fingernails.

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lib tard

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>wishing AIDS upon anon because he's a baby
Pretty rude

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if missing a day will make you turn bad again, were you ever really good?

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>megumin posters
Checks out.

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No excuse. Open Paint and use the mouse. Put on a glove and draw with ink and your pinky. Take a book on perspective and use boxes to check your knowkedge. Time to try some experiments OP, negativity will only lead you so far. Stay hydrated.

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Truer words have never been spoken.
My mom cut my fingernails too short when I was a baby. Never grew back of course.
Over the years my fingers have worn down do to the lack of protection. I now only have smooth ball clumps of flesh at the end of my wrists.
I can only dip my wristballs in ink and draw fat line gesture pictures.
Feels bad.

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Fucking kek

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You thing you're fucking funny? I can't hold pencil properly with my sausage fingers because I cut my fingernails too short when I was a kid

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While we're on the topic of fingernails. Does anyone else absolute hate the feel of paper and or cardboard on the nails? It literally gives me brain shivers every time.

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Yesss it’s horrifying

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FUCK i looked up that picture expecting to beat my dick into the fucking sun but its just obese fat shit FUCK you i am tired of your threads bitch fuck fuckufck

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come on dude, what if he lives in London?

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Just suffer through the pain, if you want to know of something unpleasant; I've sliced my thumb open lengthwise and while it somehow didn't bleed. Any sensation on it, even from a breeze, was just a strong distracting dull pain that lingered afterwards. For those wondering I got it from working on a mid 2006 computer tower.

Welp that's a thing I didn't realize I wanted

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The absolute state of weebshit.

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I've learned this lesson years ago, and since then I always cut them a little longer than I can

you live and you learn

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