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"All men (artists) ... are NOT created equal! Some are born swifter afoot, some with greater beauty, some are born into poverty and others born sick and feeble. Both in birth and upbringing, in sheer scope of ability every human is inherently different; Yes that is why people discriminate against one another, which is why there is struggle, competition and the unfaltering march of progress"
- Ichirō Ōkouchi

anyone can work had and study loomis so why are there very few white anime artists at the level of samakichan and axens?

vincent van go only started art in the last 10 years of his life and he was good almost automatically meanwhile ppl on da have been drawing for more than 10 years and still are trash

if we cant be good enough to get comissions, then whats the point of trying?

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You will never even have a chance to get a commission without trying, faggot.

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i'd say what you are saying is fair ONLY if you already completely realized your potential, got to the point where you can't grow even if you tried at it for months. But if you are just a beg tier fucker complaining cz you can't draw straight lines after few months then stfu and get back to practicing.

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If you want to look at life in that way, then suicide is the only logical thing left to do.

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>few white anime artists at the level of samakichan and axens
Those aren't even anime, they're semi realistic weeb style and anime-themed.
Try Tim Löchner instead.

The only reason you don't see many gaijins drawing good anime art is because they're too bad on a fundamental level to understand how its style(s) work. That's the vast majority of artists you see online. You can achieve anything with a few hours of studies a day and copying a ton of manga.

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>at the level of samakichan

You are literally NEVER EVER going to make it, don't even bother posting your work.

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>why are there very few white anime artists at the level of samakichan

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>at the level of samakichan
made my morning anon, gonna go back to doing comms now

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>gonna go back to doing comms now
made my morning anon, gonna go back to doing comms now

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All hail Britannia!

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Can someone explain to me why everyone strives for anime style on this board?

Anime is the lowest form of art, it is pretty shit tier style compared to what is out there.

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I bet you read capeshit faggot

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I bet you read weebshit faggot

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Because anime is cool and everything else drools

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This might be your first day here but 4chan has and always had a strong love towards japan and especially its entire anime industry. This place will always be extremely biased towards japan, their people and their creations. Weebs and retards that try to deny this for whatever reason are really annoying.

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because they are filthy ngmi pedophile weebs

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because i like anime and dont care about anything else
>pretty shit tier style compared to what is out there.
post 1 good art and i guarantee i dont give a fuck about it

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>Anime is the lowest form of art
How come people can't fucking replicate it to save their lives then

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Who but deviantart tier artists that can't replicate anything else either can't replicate anime?

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I bet you like tumblr shit faggot

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Having an interest in drawing already puts you above 99% of people, you realize that right?

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theres a huge gap between that 1% and that 99

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/r9k/ tier posters with nothing to lose and a complete ignorance to hard work come to /ic/ in the hopes of drawing their very own waifu they can later model to be "them" when they transition.
many such cases, very sad.

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Wonderful post, very enriching

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Always boggles my mind when people try to deny that this is an anime website anymore when a large portion of the userbase is still evidently otaku

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>level of samakichan and axens?
I knoooooooow you're not talking about this axsens. her "level" is some of the most bottom tier shit, skill-wise out of all of the patreonbux artists on deviantart. she learned everything she knows by watching sakimichan videos.

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>vincent van go only started art in the last 10 years of his life and he was good almost automatically
A: no. He was relatively well trained in basic drawing techniques in his childhood.
B: He "started art" as in decided to become a NEET painter, at 27. He had already been working as an art dealer for his 20s and was super plugged in to contemporary art trends.
C: his art was largely notable because it WASN'T "good" by most people's standards at the time. Impressionism was a "childish" movement away from realism.
D: He painted most of his more famous shit in the last 2 years of his life. He spent years in the middle of nowhere making ugly drawings of peasants that nobody liked. He spent the better part of a decade grinding his ass off with literally one sale ever and died poor.

You're probably just lazy and retarded and you have no creative vision. Stop whining faggot.

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If you're getting into art for purely materialistic reasons you're missing the entire point

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