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I'm still early stages on studying steve Huston anatomy

I get the theory that legs make half of the body and they are at least 4 heads long.

But my mind has a hard time processing the lenght of them like in the pic.

That is when I draw the torso everything is fine. But when I get to the legs my mind "can't believe" they are as long as they are and I make them shorter than they should be.

pic related as those legs are long and beautifully drawn.

Any advice?

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This is how I remember it

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Thank you! that helps a lot.

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This is very useful, saved.
You wouldn't happen to have more of these stashed away in a mega somewhere?

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I don't, but I do have an imgur album of the guy's redlines and tips

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this guy is GOAT

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do a lot of 1-2 mn gesture drawings, after few sessions your eyes start to get used to the proportions and how the body flows

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thank you.

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It’s called an art style, learn anatomy first before drawing

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>learn anatomy first before drawing
Don't do this.

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Noob saying this, seems like you don’t know how to draw.

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You should learn form and gesture before anatomy tho. You can't put anatomical knowledge to work without those fundies

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This. You can't into anatomy very well if you aren't able to manipulate simple solids in space. Overall form comes first.

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Found noob people who don't know either drawing or anatomy

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You can learn in whatever order you want, the fundamentals stack. Autists who want to minmax their learning spend too much time scheduling and zero time actually drawing.

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the only answer that should be read

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curl up into the fetal position and measure where your knees end up on your chest, and use this measurement
then measure distance from knee to ankle, you'll find it's roughly the same

unless you are grossly disfigured you can usually measure your own body with reference to your torso to get a rough sense of proportions, i.e. elbows sit at bottom of ribcage when hanging down

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Propottions don't exist and just because the real ugly people (often fat) might have legs as shoer as the torso, and the paticularly ugly ones even shorter than torso that doesn't mean you can't draw idealistic beautiful people with legs longer than the torso, head and shoulders.

It's all about STRUCTURE, not proportions.
If you draw a great looking person with a goid knowledge of fundies and anstomy it's a good drawing. Because all people are so fucking different couting heads is completely meaningless.

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Teal Line Guy is based as fuck

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