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Why the fuck should i bother with anatomy when i can literally just copy a photo

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>using references = copying

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Why would you post that picture with that question? The pic you posted is not a copy. Lurk before creating stupid threads

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But (you) can't get that results even with the very reference the artist used.
I dare you. if it's such an easy way out show us how yours turns out. put your money where your mouth is or this thread is useless.

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Also, knowing the anatomy ahead of time makes it easier to see, easier to exaggerate, and overall just makes any art better.

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Learning how to draw anatomy teaches you more than just how to draw the human body.

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well it's not one of the shallowest bb fan art pieces for no reason

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I normally loathe this shit but your OP isn't even remotely copied, it's just referenced.
Also if this artist knew some anatomy he wouldn't have drawn Maria with her spine completely straight like she's got a stick up her ass, and would have added some twist or arc to the motion. Every retard can render.

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You know Mariah probably does walk around with a stick up her ass

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>he doesnt walk with a stick up his ass
what are you, gay?

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it pretty much is a copy though.

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It's not a copy.

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I hate this fucking board.

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because you wanna draw things that couldnt happen in reality ?

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What if I ask you to draw something, and you can't use a photo?

That's why. Now keep practicing.

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>every retard can render
i cant

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this is the best example of "First post best post" I've seen on /ic/

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>Every retard can render.
I've never seen half the level of rendering confidence on /ic/. Everyone here must be sub retard. Please prove me wrong it would honestly make my day.

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why are you even here if not for yourself to learn? i don't understand. there are more lucrative careers than being an artist. I am here because I want to actually be able to do this on my own. this whole thing is so that you can learn the hard way and be legit. i prefer being able to sleep at night with a clean conscious.

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It’s just a shit meme peddled by people who think airbrush tool is considered rendering

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These "why don't you just copy/trace/photobash everything lol" threads are endless and tiresome. Look, you want to trace or photobash? Go right ahead. Unfortunately, if you don't have at least some level of understanding of anatomy, composition, form, etc. it's still going to look like crap.

I wish I had screenshot this, but I remember a thread about using 3D models and the /beg/ who had started the thread (who, to their credit, was not being a crapper and was earnestly trying to learn) just couldn't produce a good drawing by tracing a model. Even though they were drawing on top of a 3D model and presumably having all the heavy lifting done for them, it still looked flat, lifeless and awkward because they didn't know the first thing about drawing.
Then a more competent artist took the same render and produced a very dynamic, solid sketch that had more depth and life than the original render did.

There really are no shortcuts. If you copy/trace without understanding fundamental drawing skills and principles, and having at least some knowledge of the underlying structure of what you're trying to copy, it's going to look mediocre at best and at worst it's going to look like hot garbage.

Also, the art in the OP pic isn't even a direct copy of the photo. The pose is very similar but the proportions are way different, and the hands aren't showing in the photo either. The lighting, costume, and facial features are also different.
It looks to me like like the artist used the photo as inspiration for the pose but otherwise used their own knowledge to compose the whole thing. I'd say that's like 10% reference (for the pose and most likely other references of the character itself to get the costume and features correct) and 90% the artist's own skills and knowledge.

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why do you even need to learn anything
just take a photo or google one

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Actually, I just realized that thwpe artist in that thread was "teal line guy". I really wish I had saved that post now.

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I've been doing that and just now realized I can't even begin drawing a figure from imagination, I can copy a photo but to come up with something on my own is impossible.

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have you not memorised which things go where and for how long?

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I've only started doing this recently, drawing things like torsos by themselves is easier but coming up with a whole figure doing something is really hard right now.

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fuck i wish i could comission this person to critique my shit

their ability to teach is a rare talent

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Drawabox and Perspective Made Easy to learn how to intuitively freehand 3D forms in perspective. Vilppu, Burne Hogarth, Loomis, and etc. for instruction on drawing from imagination.

It also helps to do simplified, cartoony stuff so that you can focus on gesture and expressive forms without worrying so much about getting your anatomy perfect. Drawing books for animators (western or Japanese) are great too, since animators have to reproduce figures quickly and accurately very frequently, as well as having a strong emphasis on gesture and action. Force: Dynamic Life Drawing, Ryan Woodward's Conté Animated books, and Walt Stanchfield's books (Gesture Drawing For Animation and Drawn To Life) are some good ones that I know of.

Just keep working at it, anon, you'll get there.

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