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Is it enough to like my own work, even if other people don't like it?

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Apparently not, since you're asking our opinion.

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absolutely enough and youll keep going and getting better and better and youll make it anon
be sure to post it here to get shit on regularly tho

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Yes. Making art should be a thing you do for yourself, fuck this gay career shit.

>> No.3968914

never try and please other people if it means compromising yourself.
it is enough that you like it, but do not like it so much that you become complacent.

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become a fan of your own work but don't be a blind fanboy, you can like something and still notice room for improvement.

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>>3968638 yes. if that is your work, can i see more? i like it a lot.

>> No.3969259

yeah aslong as you can still see your flaws and dont dismiss any kinda criticism with
>muh style

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It’s not enough. People will make fun of you on plebbit if you are unaware of your mediocrity

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