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Am I getting closer?

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Here’s another

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How many more years must I grind?

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The figure and chair look pretty good but a lot of the lines are just scribbles without purpose, like you got tired and just did whatever. Making it would be something like consistently making finished pieces and earning a living from it, this is just a single sketch and there's nothing else of yours to compare it to

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This is one of my paintings

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Here’s another

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Scratch this post the thread didn't update for me, those are pretty good OP. If you made a portfolio with polished works and subjects drawn from imagination that would be grand

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You are wasting paint. Learn to draw first. Then learn to render.

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Don't listen to this retard. Do both. There will never be a time when "you're good enough to paint". You'll always have drawing issues.

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Have you tried pressing hard with your pencil? Surely pressing hard on your outlines magically makes your turd better
Try pressing harder you fuck

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I really like your ink sketches, they're beautiful and fun

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they're fucking great dont listen to these retards

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This is pure trash.
not gonna lie this is beg tier.
I don't even have a clue helping work this bad
practice drawing boxes and maybe do some master studies.

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Dont listen to these retards they like anything that is better than they are (read: everything)

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thanks heres another

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I tried pressing down as hard as I could for this one

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>selective hearing

Bro that sucks

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Nice t rex arms lmao

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No you haven't made it.

Obviously success is subjective but if you want an art career you will also need to know technical drawing and perspective.

You obviously understand foreshortening but if you practiced creating artworks within the cone of vision it would really help your growth. As well as learning photoshop and maybe doing drawing constructed (or at least planned out) and done in the cone of vision. Think original artworks with precise planned out lighting, shadows as well as buildings/characters.

Basically, you should push your realism skills, even if you don't want to do realism. Because the skills you get are applicable to anything you draw no matter what style.

Just like Value>saturation>hue is true in anything, from a realistic painting to a key frame from adventure time to a Quentin Tarantino film, understanding of color theory, perspective and constructive drawing will empower you to create anyth from imagination form any angle in high fidelity.

Basically get so more theory and practice drawing from imagination, reference is OK but don't trace.

Pic related is my work, it's not amazing but a year ago I couldn't draw a person.

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I don't know anon. What's your fucking goal?

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Snip snip

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i hate this. it looks like that dumb obama painting in the bushes that a fraud slapped together in photoshop.

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I'd say you're definitely good enough to start doing things. Now you need to actually do stuff. Do you have a blog to compile your sketches? What are your goals?

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You’re getting better bro. Your application of values are nice in this one

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Don't come back to /ic/ until your artwork looks like this

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You're good, get into graphic novels or long for story art immediately. You aren't very good at painting but your pen work can be profitable. Please do something with your talent, finish your dream project but don't let yourself be mediocre

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