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>trad edition
Post your works, rate other's developments

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Not a bad template. Do you have a horizontal one

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I can make one if you want. I made that one with inkscape

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That first chick looks high af kek

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Posted this in the "oldfags of /ic/ thread" ("oldfag" meaning "poster who is 25+", not "been here since 2000s")

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What are ligameme and bowphah?

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I dunno about the ligameme, but bowphah DEEZ NUTS

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Git gud

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These are digital, one to follow is acrylic.

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June 2019.

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I didnt know you used this website.

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Fancy meeting you here, anon.

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It those are self portraits, chances are the to might know you.

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They are not.

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>trad edition
>these are digital

???what defect do you people have

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Nice progress, you're like the reverse of this guy.

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I don't get it

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Hahaha I found these old pictures a few weeks ago and quickly redrew them. I know it's bad progress when you think about it, but! I never did studies or go to art classes. This improvement is just from constant mindless doodling throughout my life. I wish I had the chance to pursue art for real when I was younger. But that's life. I'm doing studies now, this year has been a turning point in my life regarding art.

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Ex gf used to impersonate the girl of this painting when she came out of the shower with a towel.

> tfw no more classic art roleplaying with my artsy gf

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You got a 00s style on older ones, made me go back then, thank you bro and nice improovement since then.

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the guy has alzheimer

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Its just a hobby so don't bully

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you actually improved, please make the heads smaller next time

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Nah dude your fine I like em

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Wip from last night. Thoughts? It's copic marker and pigmamicron pen.

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What an improvement. The previous post looked a little muddy in certain areas but you've really cleaned up your coloring/shading.

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Here's a drawing of princess peach I did last year attempting the same kinda anime kinda realism style.

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my progress from 2018-2019

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Hey, thank you anon. I can live off a good
critique for a month.

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This is insane. Talk about inspiration.

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it's really nice, anon.

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One moment of curiosity and then you spend 11 months with a cintiq and no idea what you're doing trying to make OCs you made in a porn game.

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It's like you suddenly turned on a switch.

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See this is why I think I'm ngmi. Because no matter how much I study anatomy or just draw. I lack the technical skills to efficiently use a digital art program.
I know there's traditional arts but I want something less messy and I can do in my tiny apartment.

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You could idk learn that stuff. It's not hard to navigate a program.

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The madness holy shit, it feels contaguous just looking at this

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Your coloring is awesome! I personally would add more hatching on her face and clothes for texture

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I feel like its also about imagination and passion. If you're going into drawing just wanting to be good it makes it hard to get anywhere. The people that do the best usually have a story to tell and a world they want to create.

Don't worry so much anon, just draw and have fun! Oneday you'll be somewhere you want to be but by then you'll still not feel thats enough. This is how art goes and its ok to not improve as fast as others, use it as inspiration instead of a reason you're not good enough.

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Can one purposely make themselves go insane?

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2011 - 2012 is the most enormous as fuck leap, 2013-2019 is glacial

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I think it's a weak excuse. Buy a notebook, hb , b, b2 and b4 pencils, an eraser and a sharpener and you're set.

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still working at it but i think im pretty happy with the progress

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Still getting there slowly.. but at least it’s something. I think left is from two years ago, been drawing on and off since.

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Wow, this looks super good. Wish you didn't start the drawing so close to the perforated edge though. Did you use a red micron for some of the line work? I might try that sometime.

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