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>spends years trying to learn anatomy
>people who made it completely ignore it because normies dont notice and always go for the boobs

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you'll probly win in the long run.

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holy shit that neck

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It’s better to have good flow an less accurate anatomy than having a rigid pose with a perfect anatomy

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Youi guys know where i can get super high res of these lol splash? or similar games/artworks

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ok, ill let you recheck the OP before calling you a retard. Look at the neck, pic related is from an anon from /vg/ on the league general, this shit is hysterical

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>Being a good artist
>Being popular and making money
pick one

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>It’s better to have good flow an less accurate anatomy than having a rigid pose with a perfect anatomy
It's even better to have good gesture and accurate anatomy.

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bonus: she's actually looking in the scope now.

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You don't need to be an actual good artist to make it, see the guy who did the realistic pokemon and >>3968039

ultimately the only one blocking you from making it is (You), drop your pretense about caring for the fundamentals of art and embrace the selloutpill

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If you wanted to make that kind of artwork you should of watched and studied artists in that line of work to know which fundamentals take priority, instead of blindly following generic /ic/ advice on how to be Kim Jung Gi in just 15 years.

You can know more about anotomy but that artist is probably still better than you btw, and you probably don't even know as much anatomy as you think you know.

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You people are fucking pathetic. Can't believe this is what you do all day, you just spend all your time coping and patting yourselves on the back because people are successful and you aren't.

>m-m-m-m-m-m-m-m-muh anatomy is bad here!
Fucking post your work, and if it is not a finished illustration of the same quality as the OP, then you are only coping and you will never fucking make it. The end.

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Just because an artist isn't approved by some crabs on /ic/ doesn't mean they are actually bad.

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>glaring anatomical issues
>hideous color choices
>fails to do something the artist sets out to do (e.g. in OP's example, failing to actually show a girl using an oversized gun)

you can pat yourself on the back for making garbage that normies bought into because they are brainless consumers but your art will always be bad, bad art that sells well.

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>literally making fun of people that tell you to get good
>tells you to get good
like clockwork

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what the hell's wrong with the realistic pokemon guy?

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based and ngmi-pilled

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>Shitting on RJ out of left field

Oof. Gotta address this before anything else. The amount of effort he puts into his designs is astronomical. If you're big brained enough, you can see all the allusions to very real, specific animals with scale patterns, shapes and color designs. Any artist that puts that much thought and effort into their work on a design level should be elevated well past Ilya

That aside, I think you (and many other people in this thread) are missing a lot of things. First off, breaking anatomy to show action has been a staple of stylistic art since, well, forever. And since LoL has a stylistic code that involves this, it comes as no surprise that they play fast and loose in this regard. LoL art always focuses portraying subjects with dynamism and fluidity(>>3968488 hits this sentiment right on the nose) I guess you could call following a specific style chart "selling out" but then you immediately discredit every artist working in the market that has to work within stylistic bounds. And I would say that is both foolish and a great disservice to all of those people working hard to produce this art

portrays my point on this well, actually. while the head and shoulder are adjusted to properly fix some of the anatomical issues, that's not what riot would prioritize. From a composition and thematic standpoint, the more integral things are;
having her head more up into the top 3rd
and, the negative space surrounding her face that would be gone if he edit had the scope in-front of her eye (like it would be). This would damage the readability immensely, especially when it comes down to in-game where it only shows the portrait.

the entire thread has a feeling of animosity. This wont get any of you anywhere. Now that I've dipped my hand into the crab bucket, lets see how many of you latch on

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pic related has a fixed neck and basically, youre a fool.

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imagine writing a novella's worth of rambling to justify a broken neck on the finnish lobster spearfishing book of grudges

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well fuck me. Just watched the TB video on it too. I'm humble enough to know when I'm off. I still think my analysis on riots priorities was a nice morning meditation to do. Made me think about the inherent stumbling blocks of making media for companies. I wouldn't see it as selling out like the one anon, I see it more as an oversight on the art team. Just like the one time they had to un-fuck pool party lulu's face. I wouldn't be surprised if they fixed this, the backlash is bigger than I expected for the usual riot broken anatomy fare

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you ruined the flow of the composition. classic ngmi

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the backlash is because OP's pic is a prestige skin, its not potatoes. Its costs quite a fucking bit

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Thank you for admitting your mistake, people always whine about TB before he died but the guy is based as fuck as soon as he got out of his haughty initial eceleb status.

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if you push the gesture hard for the composition you have to sacrifice some accuracy

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this whole thread shows how bellow intermediate lvl artists that just learned anatomy every exaggeration, stylization and composition wrong because the pose should be humanly possible instead of conveying a message. none in this thread will ever make it

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Can this be the new Dunning-Kruger general?

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False. That's only good in motion, aka, animation or dynamic shots. If the pose isn't dynamic, you post is invalid.

Try saying this when 3D modelers need turnabout references for their animu characters. There's a time and place for everything.

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Splasharts are intended to be dynamic

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I don't give a shit. Good people and bad people get success. It's not a constant, it's a variable in how to live life.

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> animation or dynamic shots.
>dynamic shots.
Aka Splashart. Other anon is claiming all art must be dynamic because it "looks better", which is false. All elements are best used when needed.

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Neck needs work.
Everything else is spot on.
Overall, very good job anon. :)

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wtf I don't play LoL anymore, how did that guy manage to fuck the neck up?
he redrews everything from scratch?

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>bonus: she's actually looking in the scope now.
you know the illustration has to be used for the icons ingame too, right? cant have anything in the immediate of faces in those splashes, and I am sure they work under more restrains than that

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On a side note, I hate extreme perspective for the heck of it. It should be used when really necessary.

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>you know the illustration has to be used for the icons ingame too, right?

>used to be one of most popular fucking games on the planet
>can't pay an artist to draw a single headshot so both the splash art and the character icon will make sense

talk shit about dota all you want but at least they were way more classy when it comes to handling the original art.

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LoL only got popular because of the free to play model and chink mafia shenanigans, the game itself has always been shit.

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See >>3968707
Clearly the face is clear enough in that pic to be used as profile art. So what's the issue?

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That's lazy as hell. Can't just edit the image to just have the head and have a redone bg for the icon?

Nah lets just make inferior work just to give it more purposes.

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Do you guys have a recommendation for a beginner watercolour set? Ideally on Amazon.

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Whoops, wrong thread.

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You cant be serious. Both pictures are the same. One copied off the other. Here is a shitty overlay. Its an exact copy. Do it yourself if you need more proof.

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The amount of cope in this thread is outstanding

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Is /ic finally getting tired of the anatomy nazi's shit?

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above all you should sell appeal, not anatomy

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>>spends years trying to learn anatomy
imagine if you spent those years learning rendering

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wtf I didn't notice the neck until that anon pointed it out. I guess the flashy rendering and tits really can distract from anything

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Knowledge of anatomy allows you to draw, design, render more convincing and lifelike characters (ie more appealing) with greater freedom of how you choose to stylize them.

How you render a character is directly influenced by your knowledge of its shape and forms, its anatomy.

Its not rocket science. If you don't know it well then your characters will look like you don't know what you're doing, and you're not allowed to be very creative if all you can draw is mannequinlike tubegirls. Imagine how much an illustrator for Capcom or literally any comic penciller for Marvel or DC uses this knowledge. Its fundamental.

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you can use reference and fake alot of anatomy and it will still look decent with proper brushwork and eventually what you see in the references will sink in.
grinding anatomy autisticly for years will get you no where though

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That Chun-Li is awful. Also this was published in the 2019 pinup special.

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>Grinding anatomy for years will get you nowhere
Repetition is key for learning anything, and this is essentially what the old masters did when they were training to become artists. They grinded doing copies and studies much more than we can imagine before they started making original art.

But you're partly correct. Drawing bones and muscles in a vacuum is not the best way to LEARN it, you should be taking that knowledge and applying it to studies of references, master works, life drawing, and your own original artworks.

An exercise I saw from one of the Russian academies is that they would look at a classical nude sculpture and then draw it as if they had x-ray vision, the silhouette with the skeleton inside and then as with all anatomically correct muscles as if it was flayed. Now that would be a fantastic way to learn how to apply that knowledge.

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>but cartoons exist so I don't need to learn anything

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you do you but dont complain about ppl taking your job with worse anatomy knowledge because they decided to put more effort in other aspects

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>people taking your job because they focused on other aspects
Like what? For most of art, characters are the most important subject in them so taking extra time to learn everything you can about how to draw them well you cannot hold you back, figure drawing is the foundation of most artworks and if anything it will give you a leg up on everyone else who decided it wasn't that important. Just because you make extra time to practice this vital fundamental doesn't mean you can't practice other skills simultaneously.

But it depends on your job. I'm more interested in becoming an fantasy illustrator or fine artist rather than a concept artist so its 100% necessary.

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>That Chun-Li is awful
Because its the one figure in the illustration with flawed anatomy. Thanks for proving my point.

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Sorry, didn't know it was part of your presentation.

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Boring shit drawn with pristine anatomy, perspective, etc. is still boring shit. Just draw things that actually interest you and stop hyper focusing on theory like it's going to solve all of your problems as an artist.

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