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So when are the old farts of art tube going to realise they gotta pander to the anime audiance to get more people interested in buying their online courses and their works?

>most young artist begin their interest in art by watching anime.
>no one is buying or is interested in comic books or comic book artist unless you're 30 years old who grew up liking Jim Lee, Todd McFarland, rob leftfield, or any marvel, DC, image comics artist in the 90s
> manga literally dwarf the sales of comic books in the millions (onepiece is really close to sell more copies of this one manga series than all of batman combined)
>the appeal of anime is universal to both boys and girls from 9 years old to 20, and race, sexuality, creed
> the porn is better

Seriously when will proko, Aaron blaise, jim Lee realise that their audiance would probably be more interested in their work if they have an interest in learning why anime is popular and make more beginner artist more excited to learn about other forms of art styles?

>inb4 beginner artist are autistic weebs and they dont like anime because it's a form of laziness

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I agree with you OP but you're going to cause a proper shitstorm with this thread and there will likely be no actual discussion below this post

Old fucks like the ones you mentioned are just the tip of the iceberg, every teacher in an artschool is completely opposed to anime styled art in its entirety, arguing that it's not marketable, and yet very few schools teach digital art at all, at most you'll get a two week module on digital art which will consist entirely of photo manipulation and not actually art.

Everyone in art education is fucking retarded, they've all been living under a rock for over 30 years, imagine being an artist yourself and being "retired", not even doing art for fun anymore, you just do nothing but teach.
The passion in these people died long ago, they don't care about art or the current art industry, they're just in it for the money, that's why they're so disconnected

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To go along with this
Does anybody here actually like caricatures?
To me they just look like disgusting uncanny distorted monsters

They express no emotion, no personality, not even a recognizable facial expression, they're just goofy
They don't even exaggerate the persons face properly, you're supposed to exaggerate the features that are already exaggerated, to make it more obvious and cartoony, but artists aren't doing that, they're just taking a random shape and shoving the face in it like it's a liquid

I would much prefer anime styled drawings of celebrities than this shit

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>there just in it for the money
So this would be directly up their alley
I dont know why proko wouldnt start a for beginner series based around young artist and just draw in somewhat of an anime art style I feel like he would be the next mark krilley except he actually knows how to draw?

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They're also shit businessmen, they're in it for the money but they don't know where the money is, they've been doing the same shit for the past 30 years, they're just the same as the typical boomer who collects mcdonalds paper cups thinking they'll be worth something in the future

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> I would much prefer anime styled drawings of celebrities than this shit

Can we start a petition to make proko draw Scarlet Johansson as a moe girl?

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Yeah you gotta point, Aaron is currently releasing videos of popular side characters that he has made for Disney or characters he has worked on but who tf wants to draw stylized tigers?

I just realise that Aaron probably doesnt know about furries

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He probably doesn't even fucking use the internet properly
Probably just opens internet explorer that has nothing but facebook and twitter
He obviously hasn't explored the internet at all

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Oh that poor child, hes really cute but jesus christ hes a little ignorant of the art community

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Unironically, and quite literally, kill yourself you zoomer faggot.

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I bet you cant make it into the industry

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plot twist
he is big in the furry community under a pseudonym making big bucks

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Most boomers hate anime because it's cliche, shallowly used, and associated with autistic perverts, so it's discouraged as much as possible but accepted if the student refuses by saying "its what they like to draw". The only difference between anime styles and calarts styles is calarts has somewhat of a diversity of design/technique when you can barely differentiate shit in anime. Asking someone like Blaise to start drawing manga/anime for his lessons is like asking Kohei Horikoshi to do a donald duck tutorial. It would be nothing but forced for the sake of appealing to a different taste, and even if he did make more money, why would he subject himself to that much torture when he could just go back and get pounded in the ass by Disney fulltime again? It's because he likes the way he draws/paints, and its reflected in his lessons so you can pick up a little whimsical flair in your work. Same goes for the others; they like the way they draw so they're not going to bother changing styles just to get more losers and under 18s in their streams.

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Manga art has a really good understanding of anatomy, which western artists also push. Also lots of manga artists work traditionally or have solid traditional backgrounds. Also a lot of famous teaching artists these days like Proko or Feng Zhu teach digital art. So what is this thread about?

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>Most boomers hate anime
One Punch Man and netflix are starting to Jappill the boomers.

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You obviously didnt read what I said

I was saying that people who make art on YouTube as a job should be interested in what younger and newer artist are mostly into like anime and manga. I dont see why they dont want to branch out? Theres a big ass market for teaching how to draw anime so why not capitalise it?

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Can someone ask him on his livestreams?

"Aaron are you a furry?"

Watch the whole chat erupt in questioning and anger

>> No.3968625

Agreed but I was saying as a business standing point why wouldnt you try to go where the money is most certainly is?

I'm pretty sure they can manage teenagers who are autistic anime nerds have you seen synix? It's just a matter of just putting down the rules on your channel (ie don't be like old holly brown that encourage fujoshi bitches to go full autistic)

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They dont have to. Most of what people like Proko and Blaise teach can be applied to an anime art style because its all fundamental drawing skills and knowledge of anatomy for example. Youre too much of a stupid weeb to realize that being better at drawing in general will make you better at drawing anime. But the reverse is usually not true.

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No such thing as "the" industry

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Who said I was a weeb I was saying why not go where the money is, I was offering examples on how popular anime is and how younger artist will more than likely listen to people who know their shit about stuff like anatomy, perspective, gestures and other important shit

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Fair enough. Proko sort of already did that with the Kim Jung Gi guest videos. I'd say the people like Proko would just be alienating their audience if they started making "how-to" anime videos. But you're probably right, there probably is a big niche for teaching a knowledgeable artist to teach a practical approach of how to apply anatomy/perspective/figure drawing/etc (the fundamentals) to illustrating anime style characters.... Thats not just "how to draw an owl" level stuff.

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Anime will never be respected and their fans are already aging out, you know somethings wrong with your genre if the zoomers are more biased towards hating anime. They have their own memes and stereotypes against anime fans. Says a lot about weebs

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How do you know these guys don't draw under pen names? Seems like a waste of talent not to. Miachel Hampton is the biggest suspect. He teaches randomly but that can't be all he does.

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not at real artist
>Aaron blaise
You mean the guy who is famous for making a cheap kimba knockoff
>Jim lee
did you even look at his twitter?

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>hot takes on how respected professionals are actually not good because reasons

>> No.3968746

what are you talking about?
I love jim lee, he's great, and he does what op says, he draws them animus.
The other two you have to be a child or an idiot to find any good.

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I just found out Aaron Blaise is only 51. I thought he was in his 60's

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Lol, say what you will about Proko but you have no reason to be shitting on Blaise. He's 100% credible, one of the most skilled and experienced artists on Youtube. He didn't get to be an animator on some of the most legendary Disney films by being a hack and that's clear if you watch him work.

>> No.3968798

>actually sucking off disney
are you underage? even toonfags know disney is trash. He's got nothing on peter chung, ralph bakshi, max Fleischer, or literally any 30 year old in an anime studio since 1985

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He's objectively very good at drawing animals.

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>lol disney bad
Its very telling that you have no valid criticism of his skills or knowledge as an individual artist/instructor other than this

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reminder that you have to be 18 to post on this board.

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same. To be honest I think caricature as a field is just a place of refuge for artists who never figured out how not to fuck up their proportions hiding behind "it's just my style, bro". It's really telling that back when Sycra was utterly incapable of doing imagination work or even produce a decent photorealistic portrait his caricatures looked just fine.

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not him, but Disney was golden quality and you're an ignorant pleb

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You'd think Disney would actually have some kind of online school of sorts to teach the upcoming generation how to draw their shitty princesses and stuff, especially how they're funneling money into their upcoming streaming service, but they're not doing it. They teach their animators in-house and all the old guys boast about how they're teaching these animators yet not a single damn thing on animation has been released by vilppu and friends.

Vilppu intends to keep rehashing his VHS lectures until he croaks. Sad. And the Aaron 420faggot is just clueless. Disney style is very applicable to the anime style but they should encourage not to draw 1:1 anime and branch out more with western elements. Not a single damn thing from these old farts.

I was hoping normies would get sick of 3D movies. I'm wondering if that's starting to sink in for them so the ""industry"" can move forward with experimentation.

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Disney were neevr good
even in every respective decade they were beat by other studios easily and of course that's not even considering anime.

>> No.3969277

>I was hoping normies would get sick of 3D movies.
small children will watch the same damn movie on repeat all fucking day, 3d isnt going anywhere especially since pc horsepower keeps increasing.

>> No.3969282


I don't want 3D to go away. It has been very valuable to the 2D medium. It should be meshed more with 2D is what I'm saying. And Disney could easily do this but don't want to. They're arrogant and need a bite to the balls one day with flops but so as long as they have Star Wars and capeshit they don't care at this point.

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Because Vilppu was never an animator. He's just really good at teaching you how to draw with a sense of lifelike movement. Which is what you need to know to animate well. Shocking I know.

>> No.3969314

Why would Disney make an online school when they can lure you into huge debt and high cost of living by moving to Cali?

>> No.3969317 [DELETED] 

Yeah retard im real sure Jim Lee is worried about lack of popularity

Anime appeals to teens like Teletubbies appeals to babies

>> No.3969318

didn't Pixar release tech for people to use for free?

>> No.3969362

>Because Vilppu was never an animator.

>> No.3969373

>Why would Disney make an online school when they can lure you into huge debt and high cost of living by moving to Cali?

Why not? I'm not saying it has to be cheap. Maybe like the price range like CGMA but slightly more expensive. By the end of it they can scout potential new slavemen and then ship them off to California. Rather than never getting people who could be the next Glen Keane because they don't want to move to your shithole state.

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but why would you support a dying industry like western comics

atleast if they want to be more successful businessmen in art they could atleast follow whats pretty popular at the moment

>> No.3969907

im the OP but im going to be honest here and say that i have a heart boner for Aaron (hes a cute old man who does what he does best) and i didn't even realize that hes pretty young. For sure I thought he was in his 60s

did he get depressed or something, i have heard him mentioned that his wife passed away and his film was all that good so idk?

>> No.3969926

can you name a few?

>> No.3969937 [DELETED] 

>Why does your favorite artist draw what they like in their style?
>They should just do anime cause lol money

This place has ruined you

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t.edgy contrarian faggot

>> No.3969983


Congratulations. I've seldomly seen a person be more wrong, even by /ic/ standards.

>> No.3969993


Yeah I read that his wife died in breast cancer 10-15 years ago

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I don't care much for caricatures but theres 2 types of them, the ones that are complete garbage and the ones considered mean. A good caricature exaggerates and accentuates existing dominant facial features and flaws, it's like using a magnifying glass on all your most prominent characteristics, good or bad.

A bad caricature just uses wonky proportions without rhyme or reason while barely holding on to an identifiable likeness. Most caricature fall into this latter type because they are generally inoffensive good fun, why people can get really salty about accurate caricature for obvious reasons.

>> No.3970090

im just going to assume you failed twice in elementary because your understanding of what I wrote went over your head, and just assume im a weeb

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Damn that sucks.Poor man ;(

>> No.3970149

I fucking hate netflix so much. I don't want boomers to change their mind, I want them to die and die faster goddammit.

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Youre a retard.
I support western comics because i like western comics and mindlessly trend chasing and sacrificing your identity to do so is retarded and stupid and soul crushingky fucking lame. Which is what i just wrote but you have trouble with abstract thinking so i have to pull it out in longform. Not everyone is clinging to every "like" they can get, pandering is for retards

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Max Fleischer, Ralph Bakshi, Peter Chung
No, this is factual, people like Disney because marketing and nostalgia. If your'e not underage and you actually like disney you probably shouldn't be on an art board.
Now here's your (you) jimmy, now be a good little boy and get off of 4 chan until you're 18, faggot.

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>aaron cant draw animals well
>disney dont hire good draftsment

post work

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>Now here's your (you) jimmy, now be a good little boy and get off of 4 chan until you're 18, faggot.
wtf? Are you talking about me or Jim Lee?

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no one cares if you don't like Disney if you can't come up with valid reasons why their artists like Glen Keane or Aaron Blaise aren't super talented artists in their own right. That's not even mentioning the old school Disney guys who were on a completely different level.

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He’s mentioned on one of his streams before that he was invited to some furry convention in Germany or some shit so he definitely knows they exist, I just think he has 0 interest in them.

As far as OP goes, Jim Lee’s drawn art of anime characters on multiple occasions, and Proko and Aaron’s techniques are both applicable outside of their respective styles. I guess I don’t see the point of OP? I’m a massive weeb but I don’t really follow any of these people for their ability to draw anime, and they’re perfectly free to market themselves as they please. If their content doesn’t interest me, I’ll just go watch something else. Not like there’s any shortage of anime artists and tutorials on the internet anyways.

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There's sooo many misconceptions here, unbelievable :
1) Aaron Blaise is known for drawing Nala from TLK, ok, far away from your moe blob hatsune miku. When an amateur wants to learn anime, he will type "how to draw like Murata/Oda/Toriyama", a name like "Blaise" won't cross his mind when doing that;
2) They stick to their stuff because they mastered that stuff & probably enjoy it after spending that much time on it (so it's not just about the money);
3) Caricatures aren't low level art at all, it takes actual skill to exaggerate someone well enough that it's very faithful to the OG in terms of expression & likeliness. You might have just witnessed caricatures that are too deformed or not exaggerated enough.
4) If the next exploding market is drawing diapers, will you pander to the diaper fetishist? If the place to get mad buck$ was the ugly tumblr style market, would you start doing it? (if the answer is yes : respect yourself,get an identity,chase your own improvement & not your lust for money. Art is not the best get rich quick scheme to follow, you know...)

>> No.3972625

Absolutely ngmi

>> No.3972639

More like absolutely correct and Blaisepilled

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>Does anybody here actually like caricatures?
>To me they just look like disgusting uncanny distorted monsters
Yeah nowadays they're disgusting and grotesque,but back when real artists ruled, the quality of caricature would be much higher depending on the artist.

They just don't make em like they used to

>> No.3972995

those are all nasty. if you want to draw a monster, just draw a monster.

>> No.3973006


>> No.3974513

but i wasnt talking about having to change their artstyles i was talking about. If they want to sell their premium stuff, artworks, or art courses that they make then why only appeal to old fags. You can gain more if you broaden your audience and those new audience members will most likely be interested in your paid content then if you were to not pander to them

>> No.3974758


which stream?

>> No.3974790

Lol how many people do you think want to learn how to draw ONLY anime vs anything else? That's a minority within a minority

>> No.3974842

plus, most weebs who only draw anime are embarrassed by how much they suck at drawing realistically.

>> No.3976135

Who said I want them to draw anime? I only said they should probably pander to them if they want more people to be more interested in their work, artpieces or courses that's not free

>> No.3976139

Guess what the market is like for anime.
Guess what the market is like for realistic drawings that cameras do better anyway.

>> No.3976156


Not him but that's.... not even remotely true.

Those MMORPG mobile games like Legend of The Cryptids that companies throw out there like candy and hire teams of artists to do the concept on, Doing playmat designs for Dungeons and Dragons, League of Legends splash page contracted work, Wizards of the Coast commission requests, the occassional movie poster will be illustrated like the X-men movie Logan was, concept art for cinematic feature, tv animation background artists;

Just because he hurt your feelings doesn't mean "LE CAMERA CAN MAKE DRAGON ILLUSTRATIONS OF MAGIC THE GATHERING CARDS BETTER XD" isn't the dumbest shit I've seen on this board today. Eastern art has completely overtaken Western art when it comes to comics and 2d animation; and I love anime, but to say that the big league fields like the entertainment industry and pure illustration fields demanding 20+ creature concepts by next week is going to accept you smugly turning in your portfolio full of Sailor Moon fanart is the funniest shit I can think of.

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I don't know why people are calling caricatures "low skilled". I notice a lot of artists, even the really "skilled" ones have a hard time draw exaggerated faces. I think I find this more of a problem with anime artists compared to Western artists. Even of they're good at rendering or making dynamic gestures they often use very generic facial expressions. Maybe that's where the "same face" syndrome stereotype can comes from?


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File: 1.50 MB, 1103x1503, hamm_facialmuscles1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The best caricature artists probably had to study the underlying muscles of the face well.

>> No.3976190

i mean.. youre basically doing what theyre doing, dismissing something just because you're not a fan of it and thinks its inferior. whats the difference, just saying...

>> No.3976191

go ahead, provide us all with the market values and profit reports that you're so sure of.

>> No.3976909

Manga art is entirely lacking in facial anatomy. You could replace the faces with smileys and not lose anything. Also mangas are super shit at portraying subtle movement.

>> No.3976938

God forbid going out of your way to learn something that might make you understand your subject better and your art look more lifelike

It applies to anime too because not every character you draw should have the same moeblob face if you want them to have character

>> No.3977690

Sorry, I don’t remember anymore, this was at least a year ago so it might’ve been a livestream uploaded around then.

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