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Is there a place for uglyness in art? I don't mean when one fucks up and didn't draw what was intended, I mean when people do a completely ugly drawing on purpose, knowing full well they could do something beatifull if they want to.

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wholesomeness or humor
wholesome is something like pic related.
humor would be that Ren and Stimpy cartoons or anything in the 90's, but I don't really like it imo because I think boogers and cyst pus is gross.

unfortunately tumblr tries to mix anime (which is meant more for sexy/porn art) with the western strong points and you get abominations like the OP pic but with unironic intent.

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Sometimes ugly stuff can be interesting to look at. Beauty is inherently limiting, while with ugliness you can go hogwild and create very unusual and unique characters.
Tumblr ugly stuff often comes from that sentiment, combined with a distaste for more popular style conventions, like those of anime.

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yeah nigga you can start a career here on
/ic/. Welcome!

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Tumblr ugly only has it's place in cringe threads

Ugly ugly can be interesting when dome right simply for shock value. Just look at the moba

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Moba has some gold lol

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Yeah it works well with humour.
In drama too : a disfigured protagonist who gets tons of rejection/disgust and has to deal with it. (But to make it good you need to avoid the cliché "true beauty is inside/just be yourself")

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They aren't trying to make something that looks good and failing, it's supposed to look like that.
I've spent a lot of time around these people, the art is more a vehicle for thier beliefs. It's the same with games to, the whole "we don't use the word fun to describe our game" If the game is fun, the message gets pushed into the background.

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I am struggling to find an example of ugliness with wholesomeness, outside of that one poem from Ronald Dahl

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Picrelated is not even ugly, they're just unattractive, and the pic that OP posted makes your eyes bleed.

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This is more on the "bad" side than "ugly", but Japan there's an underground art movement called heta-uma that is basically purposefully bad art.

You've probably seen AC-bu's works before.

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just look at a majority of british comic strips

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That depends entirely on your interpretation of beauty and why its "inherently limiting."

Also, it's very easy to make something ugly. It's difficult to make it aesthetically ugly.

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As Told by Ginger is the perfect example for that, even the pilot episode style had a charm to it even if it was extra fuggly

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Maybe im an overly sensitive pussy but i literally gagged when i looked at that its so horrific and disturbing. It affects me more than gore or snuff videos ppl sometimes post on 4chan. I guess the artist was successful if thats what they wanted but i could never pursue ugliness in my art. It could work for horror i guess

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>Is there a place for uglyness in art?
I hope so. Otherwise I'm fucked.

Got a booth at a comicon a few weeks ago and it was interesting seeing how kids responded. They seemed to be drawn to the ones where people were making "ugly" faces because they hadn't really seen anything like that before.

Also a bunch of the celebrity illustrators and stuff had fun comments about it. One dude that draws for some thing said it was a "breath of fresh air" and that "poo face art is genius."

And it was interesting that there were a lot of comments like "everyone needs art like this in their house" that were said by people that then wandered away without buying anything. All in all I ended up making back the money it cost to get a table but didn't get the money back for the prints. But from the general response I got there definitely seemed to be a "place for uglyness in art" and that place is the bathroom.

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i rove it!!!!!!!

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thank you! i love ac-bu's art but had no idea the style/ art movement had a name

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your work is imporving desu. i like your pointilism style and the grotesqueness of your face. would like to see more refinement though. I think besides ugly, people want something that can be hanged on their wall too

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how do you mean ugly? because there's some stuff that people on here would probably call ugly just because it's not a hairless anime waifu or whatever.

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Dali once said of Picasso that he drained all the ugliness from art for the 20th century, and he had fascination and respect for him.

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Definitely in comedy.
Of course there are a lot of cases in comedy where the humor comes through with wit and charisma but typically for something more low brow having ugly/silly looking characters can go a long way and carry the humor.
This short here wouldn't exactly be as funny or amusing if the character had well defined facial features and a charming personality.

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i'm so glad this art style died. i hate it so much.

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