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I'm using Koikatu as reference for drawing/sculpting, and man, it's the best tool i've used so far.

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seems like a dope tool, just remember to look at real life in addition to working with 3d models.
I use cosplayers as ref
I'm kind of curios how your stuff turns out referencing these models, if you don't mind, would you post some?
not tryina snub you or anything if you aren't confident in em or don't want your work linked here say no.

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I know there are at least Koikatsu, Custom Maid 3D, Artificial Academy, Honey Select and 3D Custom Girl.
Which one has the best customization out of the box? Which one has the best workflow, as in allows you to customize models and set up scenes the most convenient and fastest way? Which one is the least resource heavy?

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Horrible idea to improve as an artist but a fantastic one if your goal is to gain as many bad habits as possible. Enjoy having years of unlearning in front of from studying shitty 3d anime anatomy.

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I have
This is correct. You should really only use it as a stylized brainstorming tool for character designs.

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They all have different styles and focus, for example body modification is extremely limited in AA whereas you can morph the whole body in Honey Select. Honey Select has the most realistic models, the rest are anime-styled. Some have more clothing and hair options than others

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post your work

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I don't know whether to laugh or cry that this is what you idiots actually do, so I'll just laugh

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this is actually sad

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You think using a dumb doll creator to sketch from and base characters off of is laughable, but at the same time you probably use refs of all types from photos to drawings to 3d models. You could use blurry screenshots of low polygon PS1 game models as reference if you're short of ideas. Whatever happened to ''no rules just tools''? It's not like you're making a 1:1 copy of the thing

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Its laughable because you'd have to be unhealthily obsessed to choose to use a hentai game with terrible models as "reference" or a learning tool over literally anything else which would be 10x better

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i use them to learn japanese while drawing the sexy bitches from them

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That doesn't follow, what's obsessive about choosing that? You just hate anything porn related? It might be obsession if the guy uses solely the program for reference, thinks about it all day and can't go without it, but somehow I doubt that's the case. Feel free to recommend a safe for work program in which you can change on the fly and to the same degree a character's body type/accouterments to sketch from

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Can you show any examples?

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Any good programs where I can model a 3D anime girl and then beat her up and do weird shit to her?

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are you alive?

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