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>this is what all concept art will be from now on
Get ready for youtube storytimer’s as concept artists next.

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This is cute. What's wrong with it/you?

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My blood pressure keeps rising because of you fuckers.

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Whats with the western poaching of Japanese IP? Why is Japan just letting this happen?

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holy shit it looks amazing, loves the red green blue on the edge. Wow, I am amazed. Who is the artist? defo my inspiration :D

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Fucking lmfao

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ITT : mentally ill NGMIs losing their minds over some russian kid making it

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Streaming Wars
many streaming services are trying to grab anime to combat Disney+, AT&T owns crunchyroll and RoosterTeeth and have opened up animation studios in Cali and Japan to try and make their own anime as well as fake anime like genLOCK or High Guardian Spice, while Netflix is throwing large amounts of cash at Japanese studios to make stuff exclusively for them.
Hulu is partly owned by Disney so they are trying to grab anime before Netflix and AT&T squeeze them out of the weeb market.


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>My blood pressure keeps rising because of you fuckers

Part and parcel of being on the chans.

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The worst part about it is that you start to actually enjoy the anger after a while.

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Holy shit Ilya just made GITS kino.

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We already have AAA gaming industry concept artists switching to Hollywood. Results aren't always great, see Jurassic World. In the first Jurassic Park films the dinosaurs, although outdated by modern standards, were designed by actualy anatomy experts. Now the dinosaurs are designed by people who work on computer games who don't even have creatures as their speciality.

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>being stupid
This is Ilya's key aesthetic. Obviously he can do actual concept designs. He's already proven that for the movie he designed for.

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That Ilya Tracesiliev works on a official GITS project disgust my being to the very core.

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Its not fair bros

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>be on /ic/ for years on end
>Ilya is actually moving up to anime now
Is there a better timeline?

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>Is there a better timeline?

How about one were a filthy slav nigger is not tarnishing my beautiful japanese anime?

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Why do we hate this guy?

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I hope one day some faggot on /ic/ would spaz out and make threads crying about my achievements
Truly the mark of the artist who made it.

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Half the people on this board drew as long as sakimi and ilya and didn't get to half their skills so they bitch about it. The guy's just some rusky who made his dream of drawing animu into a reality.
>he doesn't know... he really doesn't know... man is he up for a rude awakening.

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if you still needs to ask this question you as brain dead as his audience

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It's chinese now grandpa

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chinese do their own stuff, it's more like korean, viet, malay, and wherever the fuck a webgen good enough to draw pops up.

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>retards getting butthurt at crabs getting butthurt at a dude who made it a long time ago

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fucking kek

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Whats wrong with being butthurt at someone you don't like who made it?
Only a cuck wouldn't be butthurt

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Is this sexually appealing to japanese now? These guys are the problem. They're killing their country being virgins and now they wanna kill anime

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He works. You don't. He earns. You don't. He makes content. You don't.

Funny how that works, innit?

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anyway stream igor by tyler the creator SKSKSKSKSKS

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>>Ilya is actually moving up to anime now
>Is there a better timeline?

This is the timeline you personally deserve, for your sins.

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I've noticed that when people from here start to succeed, the crowd turns on them for not succeeding "the right way."

What the right way is I haven't been able to determine.

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>key aesthetic
>literally tracing and photo paintovers

>Obviously he can do actual concept designs
For that you need world building skills and a clear sense for inspiring designs. Obviously he has none of that

>He's already proven that for the movie he designed for.
The only thing proven by him is that he's a deceitful hack over and over again. The photobash abomination he did for some cheap japanese store a couple months back were literally copy paste features from one of Soejima's characters as to not screw up and make it seem "anime-authentic" to the japanese audience.

I mean at this point you must be coping hard for personal reasons, there is no other way someone would defend such a low ass faggot and continuously choke on his cum. And now another franchise is lost. Well done normies

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>And now another franchise is lost.
We still have manga, 1995 movie, and two good SAC seasons

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>/ic/fag actually makes something of himself
>"it's disgusting because it wasn't me"
>"also like tracing or something"

He made it because he was smart enough to figure out that "making it" is 90% knowing how to market yourself and 10% technical proficiency
Stop spazzing out whenever the industry chooses an Ilya over your perfectly rendered paintings of coke cans or whatever and maybe you'll get out of this board too

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>Actually believe this

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ilya used to at least be here

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Anon, just because some shitposters post his art on here doesn't mean he lurk here retard, use your brain

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he was on ic's discord

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How gullible are you jesus

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HAHAHAHAH! HOLY SHIT AHHHHHH WHAT THE FUCK? hahahahahahahah What in world, why is this thing fucking stunning? MEN WE HAVE REACHED THE ABSOLUTE PEAK OF CLOWNWORLD IN ART

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Not yet, wait till KodyBoy555 makes it.

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/ic/fag or not, my point still stands: a specific marketable skill is how you get into any industry regardless of literally anything else
I can name hundreds of artists that don't draw sameface weebshit and guess what, they're all making scraps on patreon because they just haven't figured out how to translate their skill into a product people would want to buy. Same applies to literally any other medium
Can you believe an anime studio would want one of the most popular weeb artists on the internet attached to their project instead of (You)? Shocking

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No one in /ic/ can draw like him. Hell no one in /ic/ can even draw. Stay mad, crabs.

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Doesn't Japan sense this is a bad thing? It'll get to the point where they no longer make anime exclusively for domestic markets and instead cater to the west. Any moron can see what's happening I'm just wondering why are they allowing this to happen.

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>It'll get to the point where they no longer make anime exclusively for domestic markets and instead cater to the west.
Are you from /v/? Because you're delusional newfriend.

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We know you can't draw but don't project that on all of us.
Maybe pick up that pencil once in a while instead of illya's cock

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Are you from red.dit? Because the signs are there. Guarantee I'll link this thread again in 2 years and prove that Hollywood is poaching anime from the outside in until it belongs to them.

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>Because the signs are there
No they're not, my dear newfriend.

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>We know you can't draw but don't project that on all of us.
Who are you kidding? You're crab. Or maybe you want gesture battle?

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Stop being ignorant. Japan wasnt making originals for the west in the 90s. This is a different time period.

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Ilya is a illustrator not a concept artists actually concept art (the thousands of shitty pencil sketches and doodles) is not interesting enough to post. It's called concept art because that's what's trendy to say. Draw a super polished illustration and call it concept art and woah sooo cool!!! No it's diaper feed stop consuming trash and being upset over cartoons.

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Why do you want to meme when you just acknowledged that you cannot draw?
see >>3968469

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>Stop being ignorant. Japan wasnt making originals for the west in the 90s.
Imagine being this new.

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>no longer make anime exclusively for domestic markets and instead cater to the west.
depends on the people making it.
Some jap video game producers are trying to pander to western sjws but there are others who have repeatedly shown to care too much about their "honor" and creative freedom to pander to anyone.

Netflix is known to throw money at creators with no strings attached so I doubt they will try to force some bs guidelines on the japs.

>> No.3968516

was that really them pandering?
or was that the creators being westaboos?
like Evangelion throwing in a bunch of christian symbolism because they thought it was cool.

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Bebop is Japan's IP? What are you even trying to say here?

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just imagine
>n-not for west
Syd Mead designs is not for west too right? Panderingis just buzzwords at this point.

>> No.3968527

>muh toonami shows

At least post home video releases. Go on and share with the class that those were also western pandering despite never releasing outside Japan.

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Looks traced desu.

>> No.3968532

I was thinking the same but maybe it was drawn over a stock photo like alot of other "artists" in the indrustry do.

>> No.3968535

Yea I can't fucking stand when they do that and it's so obvious, when called out they always pull "there are only so many poses" shit too. I hate to sound like a crab but it just feels off, like I've seen it somewhere before.

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What is pandering? Tons of shows have western inspiration. The difference is time and board culture. There wasn't any "muh SJW muh netflix muh west" back then. Now every show is "pandered" just because of active subculture wars across /a/, /v/, /tv/. This is truth. Look at 2009-2013 /a/ threads as example. Tiger and Bunny, Marvel fucking anime. We had threads about marvel anime in /a/. Right now not only no one in /a/ remember them, but imagine if they were aired this year. The state of threads. Even Tiger and Bunny will be "pandered" shit. Back in days we were "hyped' for this
But not now. Culture changed.

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>broadcasted in Japan on 1998
>released in America on 2001
>director's vision of the show was to make a Lupin in space with a bounty hunter theme

>cowboy bebop is the first anime I saw on toonami therefore it's made for the west

>Syd Mead designs is not for west too right

Are you fucking insane, tomino literally just tell him to go wild but maintain a vague gundam aesthetics.

Turn A is filled to the brim with jap humor, references to jap culture and was meant to be the result of ALL the gundam shows that has released up to the point of Turn A.

By that time the only mainstream Gundam show in the west was Wing, while the show features huge chunks of OYW mechas for both fanservice and thematic reasons

why are americans so fucking arrogant

>> No.3968555

>Panderingis just buzzwords at this point.
Pandering is sacrificing your creative vision and passion to chase and appease a demographic. (like Marvel comics did with the gays)
If a jap was influenced by the west then him taking inspiration out of love and passion is not pandering.

Its like saying Monty Oum was pandering to the japs with RWBY, it is retarded to say that.

>> No.3968561

But why do you think japs pander to west? Because of Netflix logo? Or because of settings? Or because "director's" words? Netflix originals are sponsored by Production Committee after all

>> No.3968562

>Even Tiger and Bunny will be "pandered" shit
It will be pandering if some jap hack made a show based on ideas from capeshit, it wouldn't be pandering IF the show was made with an original idea in mind like T&A's theme of "what if heroes were commericalized and have to maintain a public image with their sponsors" and OPM's "what will happen if our MC is literally invincible"
>Back in days we were "hyped' for this
That's because BACK THEN, they were original ideas that were sometimes explored in interesting ways, saying if "shows made in the past" will be pandering if you release them in current year doesn't make sense because back then capeshit hasn't hit it big yet.

>Marvel fucking anime
nobody talked about that garbage outside of that episode where koyasu voiced deadpool

>But why do you think japs pander to west?

I have never once implied that in my posts, japs rarely panders to the west, only idiots think they are doing so when their shows contains some western theme.

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lmfao, eat a dick and die, shill.

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Oh for fuck's sake

>> No.3968571

>But why do you think japs pander to west?
I dont think there are that many Japs that do that.
Only a few jap game devs and only on the western releases.
Their biggest problem is Polygon and Kotaku posting bs articles with sjws labled "fan backlash over sexy outfits"

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Let's face it, the best years of anime and manga are behind us.

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Anime died in 80s

>> No.3968589

Are you implying that there are any industry left that are still good?
>music (retarded autotune ebonics)
>movies (capeshit, endless sequels, jumpscares)
>games (endless sequels/remasters, pandering to liberal values, phone shit)

>> No.3968594

And still I able to find good anime, manga, music, movies, games and books. Same tune every year. Different trends.

>> No.3968595

Manga still doing great despite the isekai flood

>> No.3968597

And anime too.

>> No.3968599

That's the point, nothing was ever good, your most prized treasures is another man's trash.

>> No.3968600

anime is gone

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you're gone

>> No.3968612

No loli don't bang me!

>> No.3968613

>Weebs of /ic/ crying yet again because a non japenese guy made it by drawing animu style and proving all their coping mechanisms wrong.

>> No.3968623

Literally every piece of art from past 100 years is traced/photobashed/"referenced"/etc. Most of weebs on the chans praise mangaka without ever realizing shit is zipatone pasted onto the page or 3d models traced over in manga studio. Computers turned all art into soulless garbage of painting over images and people trace poses and add some personal flair and call it a day.

Even shit like berserk that looks original and hand drawn unabashedly steals designs from classic art and horror. Godhand in infinite staircase panel or when godhand is released into world with griffith revival has monstrous panels full of crazy shit but they are literally traced and stolen work.

People just dont recognize the shit being traced, especially pre internet. American comics were brutal for this. They would reuse assets, trace old panels, etc. Similar to dbz super artist stealing old dbz panels. Classic comic covers are usually pop art or takes on paintings/statues. The ignorance of the masses has always been boon of mediocrity. Internet just lets people that give a damn notice it easier.

As such, i dont see why this board hates on this guy so much. Its anime garbage. His eyes are distinctive and thats 99% of "style" for anime. They all trace/reference, so why just this guy having constant threads?

>> No.3968627

I fucking hate chromatic aberration, if chromatic aberration was the jews I want to be hitler.

>> No.3968632

Not you blog tranny

>> No.3968636

>chromatic aberration
"muh spider-verse is visually revolutionary."
I once had an argument with some retard trying to explain to him that most of the things they did in spider-verse where done before in random shorts, they sperged out and said none of that counts because they where not in a theater.
I don't know why there are so many spider-versefags unable to admit the movie has a brain dead mediocre plot and no amount of style changes that.

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a-at least he has less patreons followers ;__;

>> No.3968677

This exactly. Does Ilya draw mostly the same boring anime girl face? Yes. Do people eat it up? Yes. Do it like it? No.

But at the end of the day, who is raking in 2k bucks a week? Ilya is. Success really is just taking advantage of the low IQ masses

>> No.3968687

Guys let's make a thread on how we can "cheat" like illya. We've had this type of OP discussion billions of times now but no threads on workflows on how to cut down on the studying meme and produce results instead.

Because clearly this guy is doing something right.

>> No.3968688

Just trace then repaint

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File: 2.58 MB, 2048x1876, Screenshot_20190609-213058.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Making people from 4chan seethe is a based and a redpilled in my book

>> No.3968690

Then why are you using 4chan lingo, resetera tranny?

>> No.3968694

If it was that easy then everyone would be doing it. There is more to it than that. Also I'm not just talking about tracing but finishing things in general instead of painting still lifes and bicep renders all day.

>> No.3968700

Cringe and bluepilled, rent free, ngmi

>> No.3968702

Because he didn't trace. You can watch his videos. He literary copied 1:1. Can you copy 1:1 so people would thin it is trace? If not you should learn how to copy by studying. So yeah. Learn how to draw. Find a job. That's it.

>> No.3968704

lmao keep sucking our cocks.

>> No.3968708

>saving a 2.58MB badly pixelated mess of a facebook meme
>telling others they are ngmi

seething tranny

>> No.3968714

do you have some example on berserk trace?

>> No.3968721


>> No.3968727

None of these can be considered "tracing", not even the Hieronymous Bosch demon with the hat because he clearly drew it freehand, changing it and adding to it. Learn the difference between actual mindless tracing and a skilled artist using references and paying homage.

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>> No.3968730

See >>3968700


>> No.3968735

see >>3968704
join the 40%

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>> No.3968738

Not surprised but god Im jelly

>> No.3968739

I think you lost this one if you're aping my trolling tactics. Never ever copy, even to mock. It shows lack of originality. See you on the far side kid


>> No.3968741

None of them are tracing, and by the exact definition you just gave neither are the examples in >>3968563
Reinterpreting an iconic shot from blade runner in a completely different art style isn't some big smoking gun, you're all just picking and choosing who gets a pass

>> No.3968743


>> No.3968752

>imgur article is titled "Artistic Influence"

tranny getting his just desert once again

>> No.3968753

>triggered by low effort reply
lmao BTFO

>> No.3968758

>I wasnt trying
>it was Intentionally low effort
>Its my style

Sure, just like your art

Oh fuck ... Thats too much. Im sorry.

>> No.3968759

>berfday wonderlando
I have no idea what this is about
IMDB and RT have zero reviews.

>> No.3968760

>just desert
So I'm getting no just, thank god

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File: 993 KB, 2480x1754, 6d60786183ddf529a40332713a066fe4 (2).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

NGMIs be like
>yo did he just trace Hokusai?!

>> No.3968763

>still seething

>> No.3968764

>he fell for the HARD WORK meme

Also based illya for tracing his path towards success

>> No.3968766

fuck this shit. If he can get fame/success for tracing then im going to do it aswell. Fuck you. I want money

>> No.3968767

Crope (cringe + cope)

>> No.3968769

see >>3968690

>> No.3968770

So is cyberpunk gonna be what the 2020s are about?

>> No.3968771

To answer you: because its cool

>> No.3968772

lmao keep sucking our cocks.

>> No.3968773

Im not gay

>> No.3968775

No. Just like the early 2000s we'll have fags trying their damdest to define an era until someone does something original which truly defines the 2020s.

>> No.3968780

that doesn't seem to stop you faggot

>> No.3968781


He trended on twitter so now all the normie media networks are talking about it.

>> No.3968782

I never gave oral sex to a man

>> No.3968784

Tracing is drawing over something, copying it line for line. You can't dispute that.

What >>3968563 shows could be some painting over of images, some looks freehand, but either way its him copying the entire composition of iconic anime/movie stills and just changing the rendering/face a bit, and passing that off as original fan art. Thats 100% derivative and not just "taking inspiration" like how Miura would do to create certain panels.

>> No.3968788
File: 63 KB, 533x800, 1548808681614.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is what the kid's art looked like when he was 18

Feel free to prove me wrong
Here's the exact image of the exact figure Ilya referenced, do better.

>> No.3968795

t. boomer

>> No.3968799
File: 486 KB, 780x1020, __lilith_aensland_vampire_game_drawn_by_zako_arvinry__547b829205f97e39ade0a199c31b8eff.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

t. faggot who can't put his money where his mouth is.

>> No.3968805

not him, you just sounded like a boomer. how old?

>> No.3968811

How does he sound like a boomer? What level of autism are you on right now derailfag?

>> No.3968812


>> No.3968814

Not me, I’m 78.

>> No.3968818


pull yourself up by your bootstraps libtard

>> No.3968821 [DELETED] 

>He considers 4chan a part of his identity

>> No.3968824

>he cannot stop sucking the 4chan cock that he despises

>> No.3968833

>Tracing is drawing over something, copying it line for line. You can't dispute that.
I can't dispute that and, again, it doesn't apply to Ilya
Even if by just rendering differently and changing up the proportions he's altering the original reference just as much as Miura did
One is the same pose and perspective with subtle differences and a totally different artstyle, the other is the same bosch painting and perspective with subtle differences and a totally different artstyle. Where do we draw the line?
The answer is we draw it on the layer above the reference with the opacity at 15%

>> No.3968836

the actual guy who answered you
I'm 19
Is it because I called Ilya a kid? old habit, called miyazaki a kid once.

>> No.3968840
File: 276 KB, 1384x498, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

don't bother with screen, you know anyone can edit (you) right?
>on image board
>I'm 19
ok nevermind

>> No.3968843

That's right, delete your post and then delete yourself tranny.

>> No.3968845

Maybe if you actually produced product, you would succeed in the art world too.

>> No.3968861
File: 17 KB, 480x318, 5bf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>he still uses every excuse to dodge the fact he was put in his place

>> No.3968864

kek the fuck are you on, retard

>> No.3968865

The difference is that Berserk is a comic thats like 90% original compositions, whereas Ilya built his portfolio largely on doing fan art thats barely above copying. Its clear that Miura just wanted that to have that iconic image in that scene. The difference is how often it occurs and whether it is done with an acceptable level of "artistic license."

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how new

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When I read this kind of threads I always go full existencial crisis
As someone on the tech field I have seen people scamming poor and rich boomers alike by literally adding text and buttons to fully functional libre software, data mining thats is just a regression line, disgusting licenses and more
I hate those subhumans and wish them death like most /g/ because I could do the same but have ethics, but when I go to /ic/ I see people defending a dude that traces and profits from 1 (one) style and fools every normalfag out there while other competent jap artists starve and sell comissions at thrid worlds prices

I dont care that much about people so I dont know what path to take, both are so equal in benefits

>> No.3968871

Still avoiding
I'll be waiting>>3968766
Prove you can do it. this is an artboard, faggot, you said you are good enough to trace for likes trace that image better.

>> No.3968877

lmao fucking retard I'm not that poster in the first place, already made it clear
and no one here owns you anything, why would someone draws what some newfag who can't even post picture correctly tell them to?

>> No.3968880

this is why i never posted my own stuff here, not even to ask for crits

/ic/ is a cesspool

>> No.3968881 [DELETED] 

only a cuck would be butthurt, people who are gonna make it make it anyway, without the petty worrying and being angry at other people making it


>> No.3968883

only a cuck would be butthurt, people who are gonna make it make it anyway, without the petty worrying and being angry at other people making it

>> No.3968887

"Making it" always meant making ethical money or fame
Only morons would believe "making it" means just money

>> No.3968892
File: 132 KB, 611x270, IMG_20190408_100639.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>clearly traces over >>3968563 existing works with very little change
>"wow what the fuck /ic/ is just jealous of other people's successes"

>> No.3968895

>not being annoyed when someone you dislike succeed
soulless and cuckminded

>> No.3968913


>> No.3968923

Sure you aren't, pussy

>> No.3968925

It seems like his style has stagnated but good for him for sticking with it and making it. God knows the crabs on (((/ic/))) won't ever get better lol

>> No.3968926

>sure you aren't
glad you agree brainlet
>n-no u ngmi!!
yikes, pathetic.

>> No.3968927

can't you guys just get along

>> No.3968929

Maybe when that newfag who posts gyazo links understands the concept of anonymous imageboard where people can reply without being the original poster

>> No.3968930

I'll cry if the entire show uses tweening

>> No.3968935

keep telling yourself that while you ngmi away in bitter resentment

>> No.3968937

t. cuck who enjoys the victory of his competitors

>> No.3969012
File: 113 KB, 400x500, 1560283576302.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why is /ic/ always angry about others who traces and gets away with it? Is it because they made it? Then half of you go out and soullessly trendhop for normalfag numbers. Well, what is it /ic/, why are you like this?

>> No.3969017

>literally copying someone's else work
>drawing something that you yourself created (outside of the references you used)

wow...now I finally see...they are both...literally the same...huh...

>> No.3969035

>lacking basic comprehension skills
typical nepnep

>> No.3969049

lol all the (((crabs))) ITT

>> No.3969051

>not a new ip

>> No.3969055

Well someone made it and you didn't so what kind of message are you trying to tell me?

>> No.3969058


>> No.3969059

Make it =/= scam
Make it =/= be able to earn ethical money by being original

>> No.3969068

Take this with a grain of salt but as someone who was active in pretty much all drawing communities I've noticed that /ic/ is one of the place where it's posters value hardwork and genuine art the most. When someone cheats/takes shortcuts like photobashing they are always called out unlike in many other places.
Maybe it has to do with anonymity since you can speak your mind without any affect on your own social media image so you don't start dramas.

Anyway, tracing is frowned upon in all art communities not just /ic/. It's a morally incorrect thing to do and it can be stealing if you're tracing someone's property

>> No.3969069

lmao you BTFO'ed shill

>> No.3969072

>replying this seriously to a guy whose obviously just here to stir shit

but I agree with your post, fuck online identities, it's already tiring enough to maintain a persona publicly and I am not about to do another one for going online.

>> No.3969078

This whole thread's purpose is to meaningless stir up shit. Tell us, what valuable discussion would we have in here?

>> No.3969088

There's fun shitposting and there's talking to a wall, don't let me stop you if you like doing the latter though.

>> No.3969093

I know fuck that nepguy, he just gave me the opportunity to share a thought

>> No.3969096

So shitposting, got it

>> No.3969102

It's not like it will make any difference since the anime will be full 3DGC garbage.

>> No.3969115
File: 101 KB, 724x1024, D5bt0sfUYAEptuA.jpg_large.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do any of you think this pic was traced?

>> No.3969119

No, that’s just how cute /beg Asian girls draw. Stop vendetta posting roastie

>> No.3969120

Absolutely no because its moe

>> No.3969178

Nah just a asian girl

>> No.3969189
File: 394 KB, 558x885, 1559576022806.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Crossboarder here, everyone here is retarded, art doesn't exist so long it's produced as a commodity predominantly to serve capital and in doing so you may be selling aesthetically pleasing pieces but not art. Sperging over how x worked smarter or y did this is irrelevant. Fuck tracers, fuck patreonwhoring, and FUCK jannies. Good morrow.

>> No.3969196

Her left eye is misaligned

>> No.3969202

You stole the most important part of someone else's intellectual property and since you likely draw those characters taking dick in every hole you are also smearing shit on that property. If you draw porn fanart you are worse than an art thief.

>> No.3969215

You write like you're giving the biggest redpill. Hilarious.

>> No.3969322

I don't get along with crabs who bitch about ilya and then cower behind calling people newfags

>> No.3969327

>the enlightened crossboarder

>> No.3969824

Seriously, what's wrong with this? Looks like an ordinary fan art.

>> No.3969841
File: 1.72 MB, 776x2574, 695.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We all trace from the trashcan called ideology

>> No.3969848

What a retarded thing to say

>> No.3969864

hahahah. Whats up I am from /pol/ I was told to come here and laugh at you faggots. hahah faggots.

>> No.3970185

No because why would anyone choose that?

>> No.3970254

That would be actually inyeresting, this is just predictable and sad.

>> No.3970322
File: 62 KB, 765x627, 1546956373593.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.3970337
File: 130 KB, 377x317, 1482936444265.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ilya never traced. He *studied* anime screenshots through reference, and his works look 1000% better than the originals every time he did it. You fuckers just want to discredit him. Not working though, in the past few years he has done nothing but climb at a staggering rate. First an artbook published internationally, then a real Japanese animation with his iconic style shown in theaters across Japan, and now this. He's going to keep rising in the next few years while you waste time circlejerking how much you hate him for it

>> No.3970339

Its standard weeb shit. It's all copy and paste anyway.

>> No.3970353

>soulless lolishit
Wow, you sure showed him

>> No.3970358

I only know of that one where he said he "sketched" some random girl in the metro in Akihabara but it was actually a swiped drawing of a Chinese cosplayer.

>> No.3970368
File: 29 KB, 824x624, 1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What happens with /ic/? I remember when his shit threads were bannable. And
>tranny posting
>other /v/ buzzwords
/v/ won?
Yeah this one was pretty embarrassing.

>> No.3970391

>pandering to liberal values
How about you 'muricans stop butchering words and their meanings? Your so called "liberals" are some of the most communist shitheads I've ever seen, and I am a slav.

>> No.3970395


Sorry I'm brainlet, can someone summarize the point of this image? That people always long for the good ol' days?

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