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>start learning about anatomy and muscles
>gain a sudden desire to get /fit/
Anyone else?

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>get /fit/
>gain a sudden desire to start learning about anatomy and muscles

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>op doesn't even lift

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>study anatomy to draw buff males
>remain a twink because id rather spend time drawing muscles or than gaining muscle

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I'm practically concentration camp tier. Which I guess comes with some benefits since I can actually feel around for most of the bones I'm trying to study.

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not op but
i lifted till nofunzone squatting in jean shorts tore my abdomen

i can still move shit for people like if they need to move but it doesnt do much for drawing i guess

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This is one of the few times this board has made me laugh

Eat a lot of high protein food, make sure you're getting enough calories, learn the basic compound movements, go to the gym a few times a week and start getting strong. You have the added benefit of not already being fat so any gains you make will be much more noticeable.

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>not fit before you start drawing
joking, go lift, pleya.

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How many people on /ic/ are /fit?

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>mfw start studying anatomy and muscles/bones
>too fat to feel my own muscle/bones

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>>start learning about anatomy and muscles
>>gain sudden deep dark fantasies
>Anyone else?

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>>start learning about anatomy and muscles
>sudden urge to relisten all arnold schwarzenegger prank calls i saved ( hundrets)

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Study them muscles

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At least we can reference ourselves for tits.

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Share pls

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Yeah but then I drink a 2liter of coke so I can keep studying all day

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>miles bennet dyson

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Now I'm gonna need the sauce for your sauce gif.

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looks like manyakis

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I gain the desire to get /fit/ at least once a month

It passes pretty quickly tho

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>start learning about anatomy and muscles
>just stare at boobies and legs and make peepee go hard at female bodies

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this desu

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artists need to keep their muscles healthy, their muscles are what draws after all

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healthy body = healthy mind
healthy mind = sick art gains

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I shall become my own reference.

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>becomes a trany

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LOL my guy. Def gunna make it

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we /fict/icious now

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kek I know that feel
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