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You ever notice your style is way too similar to someone else's and you just wanna swallow 50 fucking cyanide tablets at once?

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>You ever notice your style is way too similar to someone else's

now imagine that the other guy actually has superior skills than yours and has roughly the same interests so everything you do seems like an inferior copy of his work.

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>will always be referred to as "that guy that's like <other artist> but not as good"

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Side note, trying to draw while on the verge of a mental breakdown isnt fun either

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best part is that I have seen the superior artist (80k follower) giving the copycat (2k) retweets, it's a really weird situation seeing the better guy giving publicity to a guy that is literally copying his style and not even in a malicious manner.

go to bed anon

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I do wonder how it feels to be in that position
There's been this guy interacting with me for a while in twitter and his style evolved more toward mine. I know it sounds egocentric and paranoid but he started drawing the same things that I draw few days after I post them, and even type how I type. I wonder if he's aware and finds it as creepy as I do

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Just keep trying to improve, your art will diverge eventually.

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Fucking clone.

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It's usually more in your head than anything
Unless you are trying to copycat you will be out of that in a year or two and everyone forget you were ever compared.

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Worrying about your style being too similar to someone else is stupid unless you are a hack.

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Post both to compare.

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>tfw fixated on muscular women
>only successful artist who copies my niche is Cutesexyrobutts, who has shit lineart skills

Feels kinda good, though I don’t really publish my drawings online anyway

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Isn't that good though? You can look at his art and try to figure out his shortcomings without having to actually draw the art yourself. That's a very efficient approach to fail-fast.

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Do it fagget

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>You ever notice your style is way too similar to someone else's
People tell me my style reminds me of my heroes and my influences are super clear. I'm amazed that people even remotely compare me to the artists I look up to, though lately I'm deviating and trying new things. I'm so happy I reached a stage where I don't care anymore about skill or style or anything like that and I just focus on drawing things I like.

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Just keep drawing dammit

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