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For anons 25+, discuss:
>where your skills are currently at
>where you'd like your skills to be
>how has your art changed over the years
>managing day job/art balance (not possible)
>the loss of your ligameme

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This isn't the place to be blog posting, fuck off.

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Kill yourself

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I did not get a chance to put my stuff in, but it is /beg/ basic perspective people

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underage out

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Forgot to mention that I am 30 and unemployed now

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Imagine being a 25 yo baby and thinking you're old!

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>imagine dying a few decades before we extend human life by a hundred years

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I bet you think space is real and isn't an amplified hallucination from Saturn.

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(this is an older sketch but my skill is similar)

I think I'm starting to understand the big ideas of how form works, but I need more practice with values/tones. Hair is also something I want to get better at drawing (still looks like spaghetti).

I think I improved in the last 2-3 years, but I did take a long break, and I should have just kept going instead of letting time pass.

Having a job + drawing is tough and I would definitely think taking some time off (1year) to just focus on drawing/painting) would be a good idea. If I can make art my main job then that would be ideal.

My goal is to reach as much the old masters as possible. It's going to take 20 years but I don't care I'm basically a loner so I don't mind giving up my life to achieve something great.

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>found /ic/ when I was underage
>practiced inconsistently, dropped it, got degree, got job
>nearly a boomer now and still can't draw
heh, lemme tell you kids; you don't truly appreciate how little time you have until you get old like me.

at least I have money now.

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>where you skills are currently at
Barely a step above square fucking 1
>where you'd like your skills to be
Pro level
>how has your art changed over the years
Scribblings of a retarded 5 year old to one notch above that
>managing day job/art balance
I can do 3 hours per weekday and 5+ per weekend day when I'm not lazy. It's all about willpower.

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At least I now have a clear goal and a clear style to work towards.

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>where your skills are currently at
Not where I want to. I'm surprised I'm starting to make a living with it tho

>where you'd like your skills to be
Rn I mostly want to get faster. I do want to get better in general but my speed is crippling me

>how has your art changed over the years
Quite a lot. It is a lot more frisky now but I've not slipped into full blown porn yet

>managing day job/art balance (not possible)
I think I got laid off because I spend a lot of time drawing. It has been a year since that and I'm still hanging here. In a year or so I will probably go back to college for the 4 classes I left to get my CS degree. I want to keep trying to become a pro illustrator and I don't want to go back to IT but I think there is some intrinsic value in just having a college degree

>the loss of your ligameme
?? I'm getting fit and take well timed breaks

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>I'm surprised I'm starting to make a living with it tho
How? What type of artist could you compare your level too, if you can't post your work?

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>far from where i wan to
>semi pro at least
>it get more lazy
>i'm unemployed, one of the advantages of living in a shitty country
>liga what?

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>almost 30

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>started drawing at 23
>27 now and wagecuck
>feel bad for drawing anime
>still /beg/

how do i cope

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>imagine enjoying life so much you want to live for another 100 years

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why do you feel bad for drawing anime? do you do it badly?

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29 years old

>where you skills are currently at
When I post I make /beg/s reee. It’s very satisfying
>where you'd like your skills to be
Good enough to earn money working remotely
>how has your art changed over the years
Slowly increasing the complexity of what I can create
>managing day job/art balance
NEET. You can’t get good if you spend all day working, I tried.

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i usually draw dumb shit that looks fun at the moment, but then again im almost 30 and and it's cringe for an adult to be doing this shit.

pic related
good enough to have a 10k ~50k following
not much,still drawing silly things
8h work but i only draw like 2 or 4 hours every day

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>im almost 30 and and it's cringe for an adult to be doing this shit
you seriously shouldn't give a fuck about that. Let other people think whatever shit they want, draw what you like

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I'm 32 drawing Furry mostly.

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30 here

make a comfy living. am also this anon >>3960697

you can all do it bros, it's not as hard as most people on here make it out to be.

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27 reporting in, been doing art since I could pick up a pencil got published for the first time recently aswell, feels good

Currently at a good skill level but I don't put myself in big boy teir

I used to draw weeb shit but stopped months ago, then I get published. Tip to youngfags, annime shit won't get you anywhere if you aren't japanese move on.

I don't have to manage, I have a mental disability and get neetbux so I can do art for days on end, it's a sacrifice.


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>I can only draw heads and lefty
>I'd like to draw more mascots
>I just started recently
>I'm ill

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>>where your skills are currently at
/beg/. I waited so long before starting it's embarrassing.
>>where you'd like your skills to be
Super dynamic. I wanna make comics that flow well.
>>how has your art changed over the years
At least it's not cringy early-2000s animu anymore
>>managing day job/art balance (not possible)
I go to bed as soon as I get home. I have 6 hours a day to do what I want. But I also have a bunch of things I'm trying to make up for lost time for so I only get like 2 hours a day at most.
>>the loss of your ligameme
Maybe the real ligameme was the friends we made along the way.

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I'm 31 about to turn 32 - a few comission here and there, but I'm mostly drawing for myself. I guess I'm higher deviantArt tier or something.... I'd love to be better, but yeah job/marriage/social life/sport all take up so much time.

But i'm content, I want to be better but it's fine if I do it in my own time, since I don't need to make it.

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>where your skills are currently at
/beg/, just copying and studying hampton videos and book.
>where you'd like your skills to be
good enough to make money out of omissions
>how has your art changed over the years
Started seriously 8 months ago i would say /beg/ +1
>managing day job/art balance (not possible)
Just graduated from med school searching for a job.

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31, /beg/ tier, only just started studying seriously. Really late start so probably NGMI but I'll always regret it if I didn't give it a proper go. Just want to digitally paint ideas and listen to music / make comics

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Van Gogh started at 27, even if you don’t like his work he still made it as an artist.
Draw and draw and practice and practice.

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still draw worst than a 14 years-old DA artist.
I don't understand anatomy. I just draw but I don't have the ability to think in perspective, or understand shading.

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33. I basically stagnated for all my life and started actually drawing only last summer. Still mostly shit.

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beg trash.png
don't put yourself down dude

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This thread made me feel so much better about my skills... wow...

Keep drawing /beg/s - it's okay to take time it's not okay to give up!

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>where your skills are currently at
Shit, but better than 99% of /ic/
>where you'd like your skills to be
Up there
>how has your art changed over the years
I'm perpetually stuck in experimenting, but I have a baseline cartoon style which seems to slowly get more and more refined. However for the last ~6 years I've been seriously stagnating due to depression and OCD taking up my energy and time.
>managing day job/art balance (not possible)
This year has probably been the worst practice-wise because I started studying. However it is for a nice introverted low-effort job which won't take all my energy later on, it would be pretty ideal if I can make it through this education. I'm hoping I can make an effort art-wise after this is over. However I'm struggling with the education too. Used to be a NEET for ~5 years before.
>the loss of your ligameme
Still there but weak

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>where your skills are currently at
pic related
>where you'd like your skills to be
A little better than this, but 4x faster, so I can crank out comics and storyboards. Aiming to work as a “story artist” in my 40s (currently 30)
>how has your art changed over the years
12 years crawling out of stiff over-labored meat camera brain, to having passion and familiarity with styles I assumed were “for more expressive people” and therefore beyond me
>managing day job/art balance
Same as Henry Darger... a VERY healthy balance of performing janitor tasks with minimal socializing by day, and intense daydreaming by night--but in a COOL SELF AWARE MILLENIAL KINDA WAY. ya feel me? I'm not a robot (check)

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I know a sixteen year old, she began art classes about a year ago and is already making masterpieces. It's fucking insane the way she jots out accurate as fuck artwork. She hasn't even studied anatomy and such. She learns purely by observation. I guess for some it really does come natural. Accept your own pace and your limit, somebody is always going to speed past you in terms of ability. Just have fun guys.

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>where your skills are currently at
Picrelated. Not particularly high.
>where you'd like your skills to be
Somewhere where I could draw consistent quality human anatomy and place humans and other objects in an 3d environment instead of abstract flat-ish scene while also be able to use different camera angles. Getting decent at shading would be great too... Hell, I'd like to be proficient in plenty things.
>how has your art changed over the years
Hopefully it sucks less.
>managing day job/art balance (not possible)
Mostly I don't manage them at all. Draw when I feel like it and have spare time. Gains are nigh non-existent since this ends up being a pretty damn rare activity.

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>>where your skills are currently at
Nowhere, I guess, didn't draw anything this year.

>>where you'd like your skills to be
I don't know, I just want to learn how to draw so I won't have that regret. If I have anything to actually say to the world, I'll discover it along the way - or nothing of value will be lost.

>>how has your art changed over the years
Not really, almost no practice means no progress.

>>managing day job/art balance (not possible)
Trying to lessen the burden of work in order to have more time/energy left for drawing and reading.

>>the loss of your ligameme
My Spark escaped to Bolas so far.

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>don't draw anime you won't make it

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That is the great illusion.

Maybe she worked harder than you in that year, or had her studies better structured, or had been learning artistic principals in one form or another for years before physically trying to find an application... or maybe it's simply not that hard to become a goddamn photo copier nowadays if that's your goal and it really is just something that takes months to master now that the guide lines for how to do it have been objectively discovered and documented. It just take a bit of research and motor skill training.

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oh fuck off, drawing just comes natural to some people for some reason get the fuck over your self deception.

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I am skilled. It's not my skills that are holding me back at the moment. I was thinking this today, I'm becoming more conventional in my artistry and am watching stronger ideas fail as I'm aware the art world isn't supportive of them, which is problematic for me. Managing real life versus my hobby is very difficult. Yes, I had a right arm failure recently.

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>where your skills are currently at
Last time we had a skill check thread I got rated mid/high intermediate, so that felt pretty good.
>where you'd like your skills to be
I'm not trying to make a career in art at this point so as long as my skills are sufficient to get my ideas on to paper in a pleasing way, I'm satisfied.
>how has your art changed over the years
Much more structured and consistent. Content has stayed mostly the same
>managing day job/art balance (not possible)
I'm currently NEET-mode while I'm between jobs so it's not so bad, I draw whenever I'm not playing a game or sleeping. I imagine I will have to cut back on one or the other when I'm finally back to work.
>the loss of your ligameme
I've started getting really bad pains in my hand up to my elbow whenever I masturbate, so that's concerning.

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29 got back into art mid last year after spending all my 20s depressed locked in my room, as a way to reconnect with childhood dreams and passions and create a future again.
Real glad I started again, art was always my thing growing up and despite regretting all the wasted time, at least my tree is now growing.
I don't know where to put myself, probably low intermediate or just plain ol beg. Obviously want to be so much better.
I'm a neet so I don't need to worry there, but in regards to change my lines no longer look like Michael Fox drew em, looking back on last year's drawings when I got back into it.

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Post work
On the cusp of the 30 too and still beg
Do I still have a chance?

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Rant time. I hate drawing hate painting hate art but I took that route long ago before I knew about those fucking fundies. I used to love art so much. Now I'm stuck in fundies and been stuck in them for years. I get depressed just drawing fucking cubes and perspective it's so fucking boring. I couldn't have know everything I know now so I'm not regretful but I am bitter about my life now, bitter about how life is stupidly designed to make some of us waste crucial years on things we hate and getting fucked after. Can't say for sure but I'm thinking my future is fucked. I was fucked from the start, destined to get fucked over and over again. My art is nice now yes but I draw slow as fuck and have no joy in it. If I showed you my art you would ask why I'm not working?? it's simple, I have no pleasure in it and I draw slowly. In the industry you have to draw fast in 90% of jobs. I would have honestly take a different career. But now I'm old and tired so fucking tired from all the years of drawing. So now what? I don't know what job to do. I honestly despise and hate art and can't even enjoy looking at it anymore. I wish I could find a decent paying job that can secure my future. Something not too hard that's comfy.. I don't care if it's boring as long as I get paid DECENT and it's secure. I don't know what I will do. I'm just writing my own story, I am pretty sure most of you will make it. I have seen lot of potential here.

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>Just turned 25 in May

>No skills, literally always wanted to draw but hated the 3 year old doodles I made
>Want to draw atleast decent concept art, like that bad porn that sales
>Art can't change if you've never drawn
>Programmer for Neural Networks and Machine learning. Entire life dedicated to Computer Science and electronics.

I really just want to draw half decent shit that looks like any other artwork you'd see on Artist station or something. having just turned 25 I decided to buckle down and practice. But be real with me, how long does it take to become competent? I'm always taken away by the amazing art I see everywhere online and especially character art. But I can accept that I'm old now and learning a new skill will be fucked, I already have a skill many people can't comprehend but I really really want to draw even if it takes a while.

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>>where your skills are currently at
I think I'm ok, been told they're really good and I'm improving fast.
>>where you'd like your skills to be
I feel I want to have the skills to make my own show or movie for Disney, Nick or CN
>>how has your art changed over the years
I'm better with shapes and line work, Lazy Nezumi helps
>>managing day job/art balance (not possible)
My day job fluctuates between 25-40 a week, but I draw something everyday for my self and work on commissions. Which can range up to 2 or 3 a month.
>>the loss of your ligameme
Well, I don't feel it when drawing but when I'm at my day job, my drawing hand hurts abit.
If I stare at the screen too long, my eyes tend to go cross eyed or watery.

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27 years old right now, same age as Van Gogh.
>where your skills are currently at
Not where I'd want them to be. I feel like I've regressed in the past year. I've recently gone back to grinding fundies in earnest as though I were a /beg/ (which I probably am, honestly).
>where you'd like your skills to be
At least good enough to make a webcomic with porn extras for the Patreon faithful. That means I need to be faster in finishing stuff as well.
>how has your art changed over the years
Pic related.
>managing day job/art balance (not possible)
I have a 4-day work week with 3 days off. I tend to waste my days off though.
>the loss of your ligameme
I don't know about my ligameme, but have you found my bowphah?

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The more fucks you give about what other people think about your hobbies the more miserable you'll feel. Think more for yourself.

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27 here.
>where your skills are currently at
Absolute /beg/ shit I've read some loomis and scott robertson on perspective but I have no idea where to go from here. Feels like I haven't learned anything at all and have no clue where to go with even coloring beyond using 4 colours for lights/mids/shading.
>where you'd like your skills to be
I'd like to be competent enough at digital art to make game assets for my own game. I want to make an action game and an rpg set in the modern day where you play as police.
>how has your art changed over the years
I started out now even knwoing what fundies were until start of this year. I began in dec of 2018.
>managing day job/art balance (not possible)
Working part time, main thing is getting motivation to actually draw. Got an ipad so I can take shit on the go but have to learn that software for it now.

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I don't really have work to post. I mean I have a DA I post stuff to some times but it's all garbage. I only have it to encourage the social media side and slowly begin that. I'm not good enough yet.
Of course you still have a chance, though.
I have a DAD I post daily (really, really helped a bunch). All I ever draw is either garbage or practice, I'm currently studying Constructive Anatomy.
I found the date I started last year which was only a few days ago (plus a year, kek) so I grabbed the same date DAD post and made a thing for you.
Never actually looked at it like this before, feels kinda nice but also I feel like I've made zero progress.
Fuck, man.

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47 here. I’ve been drawing every day for about 9 months now with a big 20 or so day break this past winter because of being sick.
Only draw from life. None from imagination.
Not sure if it is only my journey or it comes automatically with age but I seem to be able to put ego aside and am learning kinda fast I think.
I’m able to pretty successfully separate failure from feeling like a failure. As a result I learn from it and don’t get too down. But it’s still very hard.

Plus I don’t play video games or even own a tv. So I have much time to draw if I want. I draw between 3-6 hours a day.

I’m in preparation to paint representationally in oils.

I want to be able to bring forth an image as well as Odd Nerdrum.

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>at least I have money now.
Yes but do you have a gurl who lets you drink from her fountain of youth?
You do know regularly consuming small quantities of fresh cuntmilk/vajuice/grillpee is the secret to youth, don't you?

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Is it possible to actually get good at drawing after 26? my therapist says its really hard for adults to learn new skills but i managed to learn how to sing last year and i want to learn how to draw and stuff.

>> No.3967495

I'd say yes, specially if you go digital.

>> No.3967496

No one ever learned anything after 26,once someone reach 26 they need to kill themselves since they will never get better in anything ever.

>> No.3967499

truth, brb gonna jump off the highest building

>> No.3967503

Why going digital is beter than traditional?
I guess you can fix your errors easier but is there something more than that?
Damn, you think getting in a batthub with a toaster is a painless death?

>> No.3967507

>noone learned anything after 26
I just learned your a faggot tho

>> No.3967509

Yeah that and I don't know, not having a messy area full of paint brushes and loose paper stacks.

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Your therapist is retarded.

>> No.3967523

Easier to monetize. Faster results

>> No.3967530

3-5 years for "professional" level if you are doing it in your free time.

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32 - my friends say that 30s > 20s and that 40s > 30s. You waste less time worrying about trivial shit, you have more money and use your time more wisely.

>where your skills are currently at
I draw regularly now which is most important to me

>where you'd like your skills to be
I’d want to make a piece of art instead of just drawings

>how has your art changed over the years
I used to only copy refs, now I can draw from imagination

>managing day job/art balance (not possible)
For ~5 yrs I would work 8hrs + commute 5hrs + draw 4hrs. There is plenty of time. I recently quit working after 9yrs to enjoy other facets of life. I have no intention of working again.

>the loss of your ligameme
Nah - there is plenty of time to enjoy drawing

>> No.3967557

28 here.
>where your skills are currently at
>where you'd like your skills to be
At least 3-5 years experience better
>how has your art changed over the years
It hasn't really. I stopped drawing for years and recently picked it back up.
>managing day job/art balance (not possible)
I'm lucky enough to be NEET so I don't have to balance a job with art.

>> No.3967560

says the guy who's been stagnating for years now and keeps posting his shitty progress charts in every thread for asspats

>> No.3967561

Post yours.

>> No.3967586

Sorry, 3-5 years of self-study in your free time to go from literally not knowing anything to "professional" is likely not going to happen. Whats most likely to happen is a lot of spinning tires not knowing what you're doing wrong and what to study.

>> No.3967631

By hours alone that should be enough. Properly structuring the studies is another matter.

>> No.3967650

oh look, a newfag that doesnt get sarcasm

>> No.3967660

37 here started last year. I have no need to get better at any set speed. I just want to create stuff with a mighty need for some reason.

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>my therapist says its really hard for adults to learn new skills

It used to be that we thought adult brains to be somehow "frozen" after 30. It is now known that Neuroplasticity only decreases as we are aging, but we still have enough to learn easy stuff like becoming a Doctor, or even hard stuff like electrical engineering.
Your Therapist is Obsolete and you should consider going to one who isn't still Running in the 90's. May as well talk to you about the Right Brain or Psychoanalysis. Obsolete. Delete.

>> No.3970404

man wtf how am i suppose to copy that?

this reminds me of that pic with two circles then draw the rest of the owl

>> No.3970428

Improve your observational skills. Loomis is trying to show you that the head construction to the left is what will get you 50% of the way to a realistic head drawing like the two on the left with correct proportions - then you can just build ontop of it by adding the more complex/subtle features using the construction lines to guide you.

>> No.3972085

Im the exact same anon. Neet, beginner, 27. Maybe we can learn together like a couple fags

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i just turned 25 today and started drawing two months ago.

>> No.3972094

>my therapist says its really hard for adults to learn new skills
That's the stupidest shit I've ever heard. Your therapist clearly wants you to mire in sad obscurity so you'll keep paying them. Stop paying someone else for your own mental health.

>> No.3972096

my condolences

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I'm 31. I stopped drawing for like... 10 years. Only found ic recently so I'm back at it. Wish I never stopped. This is probably the best thing I've made recently. Not much compared to many here but I'm improving pretty quickly by working 2-3 hours a night. Haven't missed a day yet.

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That’s really cringy, hate to say it but you need to do some self reflection

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Couldn't help but notice you didn't post your own work. Any particular reason? I mean obviously sempai, you must be really good since you didn't like mine. Surely you shouldn't deprive the rest of us of your stunning masterpieces.

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turning 25 this year
>where your skills are currently at
pic related. grinding figure, anatomy, faces, anatomy, fabric clothes, hands/feets. grinding
>where you'd like your skills to be
somewhere decent enough to quit my job
>how has your art changed over the years
steady improvement suppose. really slacked off before last year. consistency/dedication is a bitch
>managing day job/art balance (not possible)
full time, 40 hr a week customer service job, try to get 2-4 hours of practice in a day. some days im beat and don't draw desu.

>> No.3972192

Is that your work? Anyways get well soon, best of luck

>> No.3972793

Pretty sure it’s just the Japanese writing fren

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