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Can y'all link me some active discord art servers. I want to be surrounded by other artists.

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Ill tell you, but only if you come over and sit on my lap

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Art Lounge: https://discord.gg/xNBVMkn
RossDraws: https://discord.gg/colordodge

Gay art:
BaraAddiction: https://discord.gg/rhaQmNZ
Barachan: https://discord.gg/3pcWgA

Others: https://disboard.org/es/servers/tag/art?sort=-member_count

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wasn't there a 4chan discord?

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This one: https://discord.gg/xPbKdgH

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Joined two in the past, both were very feminized and you had to step on eggshells all the time.

If there are any servers where I can just call everyone niggers and not cause an Internet revolt, let me know.

Yup, exactly like that. Don't waste your time.

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What happened to the discord for practicing the Peter Han stuff? I used to be in it but it disappeared. Deleted?

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>If there are any servers where I can just call everyone niggers and not cause an Internet revolt, let me know.
Seconded. I despise feminized sjw-tier discords.

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the /las/ thread has one linked in their op

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crimsondaggers for concept art, it's the closest thing to old conceptart.org

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How bout you go outside and say that to someone's face, you crusty cheeto stained neckbeard.

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imagine being able to call someone a nigger actually being a priority in life lmao. sad fucks

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the virgin guidelines vs the chad rules

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Don't interpret things literally.
Leave your mental little cage for a second and understand it's a matter of principle, with a hyperbolic situation as an example.

A community where no hurt fee-fees rules apply is destined to simply not being an extension of this board's experience, and instead becomes another generic Reddit community clone I could find in two seconds on Google.

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can you post work for me?

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I'm too busy drawing and painting to care about something as retarded as identity politics, my ngmi friend. You should try it sometime, instead of endlessly wasting your hours thinking about the principles of anonymous board culture.

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Now I'm sure that none is respecting the rules because you would be able to uphold the "content of which the nature is gay" rule without banning yourself
By the way how does one join your d*scord?

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Nothing good comes out of this trashpile

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I really don't think its a good idea to recruit from this thread, I wanted the nigger-faggot but I wasn't sure if he was just a racist crab or someone with a good understanding of board culture.

If you suck at art please don't join: https://discord.gg/zndqmB

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it didn't disappear, it just got turned into a smaller and more structured group where people familiar with one another help each other out

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>If there are any servers where I can just call everyone niggers and not cause an Internet revolt, let me know.
ugh.. nobody wants to be in a server with faggots like you anon, it's like hosting a fuckin beta male pre-teen party

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go to prison. lotsa artists there. probably.

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hmmmm. doesnt mention extreme overweight. can i join? i have some hot sweaty folds to post.

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depends if you are a nigger

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sweet lord jesus! you said a swear.

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nosebro if i post my work will you tell me if i'm good enough to join your discord

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Are there any good discords for people who suck at art and are beginners?

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Too many females and asskissing in your server.
It’s LAS 2.0 with a tenth of the work ethic

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Yep. I checked out the LAS and DAD discords any everyone there was trash.

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>i'm too busy drawing and painting to care about something as retarded as identity politics
>but let me show how don't care about something as retarded as identity politics
nice try

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The Lass and Dad servers? What the fuck are you talking about?


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sure but theres a tag for bmi>28 and it comes with bullying
of course
isnt the anime discord meant specifically for bad people?

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wait what, who is asskissing who?

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How about joining a mediocre server that borders on terrible at times?


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>undesired sexual harassment

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I want toget away from discord, is there any art related Steam group? What if we nake one?

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>Too many females
nice try neckbeardia fag

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i want a female to be kissing my anus. why dont you?

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Discord is shit. Avoid it, it’s just a waste of time

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looking for a discord full of horny artist girls, i wont interact with you just being in your presence is enough for me, i can survive off your osmosis thanks in advance

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>If there are any servers where I can just call everyone niggers and not cause an Internet revolt, let me know.

>Implying you actually do this in real life

Go outside. Get a job.

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See how all these "people" argue by bringing real life to the table for no specific reason, as if there is some inherent logic to it?

That's why you don't join servers where their sociopathy allows them to dictate the rules.

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can you believe we live in a society

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Back-patting circle jerk discord

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Judging by the number of faggots itt, I take it there aren't any art discords that don't have retarded 'muh hate speech' rules?

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why not just make our own?https://discord.gg/Bdbgn2f

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good thread as always everyone :)

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I made small server which only 2 korean exist. Don't worry i can speak english little bit


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I would actually recommend not joining one.

It won't help, you may think being around other artists is helpful for your focus and energy but it's not. It may be true in real life if you're surrounded by people physically working on things/projects, I personally would find that motivating but Discord is very much a waste of time.

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>guy says every server is too sensetive
>He makes an edgy joke about wanting a server that allows saying the N word
>Sensetive losers too stupid to realize and go retard mode.

Your'e pretty much proving >>3961862 's point

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What does autistically spouting nigger at people have to do with making artwork? Honestly wish I could just get away from all the autistic niggerposters and discord trannies and find a group that is soley focused on art.

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Will there ever be a faggotry free server?

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Why are so many /ic/ servers full of /beg/s?

>> No.3964085

because /ic/ itself is mostly /beg/s and these are the people most likely to seek/want feedback.

>> No.3964086

Makes sense.
Shame the people giving feedback are usually pretty unskilled too, though.

>> No.3964094

Good job quoting that post, it provides an answer to what you have just asked.

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I did for years in my college art circle which was all men and included a black guy who gave us the n-word pass.

Testosterone helps you not care about words.

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Not the person you're replying to, but even I'm not sure what the big deal is.
I can understand not wanting to be with overly sensitive people and such, but why is not being allowed to be an insufferable asshole such an issue?

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>I understand wanting freedom of speech, but why should people be allowed to use HATE speech?
It's all or nothing. As soon as you set an arbitrary bar, there will be people on both sides trying to push it further or pull it closer.

Having some art-specific rules is fine, the group is about art, after all. But expecting people from 4chan of all places to not lash out at each other and only say nice things makes no sense.

Besides, it's not like anyone is asking for such padded servers to end, dudes are just complaining about the lack of variety and asking for alternatives where there aren't such rules.
Yet, for some mysterious reason, other people who don't seem to want to be in such a place feel the urge to show their opposition to such a theoretical server existing and having members.

Don't like big baddy Internet bullies? Don't join. Stay in your everhugging paradise, in your "moderate server" or even in your "free speech but no hate speech" home sweet home, and let the ones you believe to be foam-mouthed baboons to fling shit at each other on their own hut.

Do you sperg out at people requesting things you don't like in request threads as well? Do you join gay groups to tell them they should be straight? Oh, wait, no, that's not a "nice" thing to do, so this kind of content policing is not ok.

Hope this has shed some light into the matter, for those who are genuinely interested in understanding it and not just trying to be a busybody.

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holy shit you're so fucking cringe nosebro fucking end yourself you miserable shitter

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God why are all discord so fucking shit
Why isn't there any discord with only Based anons such as >>3962061

No cringe betas trying to orbit roasties, no roasties that are only here for attention, no SJW redditors starting dramas, no retards on powertrip banning people, no underaged trannies who speaks like this "uwu boypussy xS", no incel who keeps spamming "tfw no gf"
aka just don't be a faggot.

>> No.3964239

Too bad it’s usually the reverse

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Well since this concept seems to be in such high demand, I've taken it upon myself to just make a server. If an /ic/ discord can exist with no tone policing and rampant use of the nigger word then let it be tested in the wild, natural selection style. I made the rules so simple even a sub-70 IQ mongoloid could follow them.

>post art
>enthuse about art
>make art
>offer constructive critique about art
>ponder the philosophical nature of art
>be chill
>make it
>have fun

>give up
>be blackpilled
>exploit people
>get us involved in retarded discord drama
>post degenerate crap
>tripfag or namefag on /ic/
>be a whiny, insufferable assbaby

Here's to hoping the free speech proponents in this thread aren't just one guy samefagging.


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>Join server
>/pol/shitting about race within 24 hours of entering
>Almost everyone is /beg/ tier
>Everyone only does sketches, almost no one has completed pieces to show
>Popular users shit on people but can't take crit
>The chattiest users hardly ever even post art
This was a mistake

>> No.3964247

>no trip or namefagging
how could someone be so based?

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we've got the animation discord server


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>and only say nice things..Don't like big baddy Internet bullies?...
There's a very, very significant difference between circlejerking one another and not being a cunt, anon.
No body on IRC, Discord, and what have you likes assholes who act like they're still posting on /b/. This seems less like one party being too sensitive, and more like people aren't going to put up with anyone who is incapable of being mature and civilized.

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Except I take part in two goal-oriented servers where no one gives a shit what you say, and it works very well, no serious drama ever arose from them in almost 3 years.
I think the important factor is "goal-oriented". It's a community that, despite all the petty bickering, has an objective standard not on the user, but on the craft. "Are you good? Are you trying to get better or showing signs of improvement? Ok, then say whatever you want."
People who are trash are kept in their place by simply being regarded as a noob and not taken seriously.

Art is a bit harder to measure, but I'm sure /ic/ knows enough about the objective aspects of it to keep them in check.

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Retard. You want to talk about freedom? Nobody has to cater to your crass grade school sense of humor you entitled twat. I'm genuinely racist, and I can't stand edgy nigger posting. It's usually never relevant, and it certainly isn't useful or productive. Most people seem to want a server focused on the task at hand -making art. It's all about getting down to work and anything that detracts from that is a bad thing. If you want to make another shitposting server with zero standards then by all means, add it on to the trash heap of all the other dozens of servers that came before you who tried to do the same exact thing only for it to fall to pieces. Hope this shed some light on the matter.

>> No.3964311

The community is successful because it's goal-orientated as you've said, nothing to do with this "freedom of speech" thing or people being assholes.

I don't see any correlation with this.

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>I understand wanting freedom of speech, but why should people be allowed to use HATE speech?
Freedom of speech doesn't include hate speech, nor does it allow freedom without any consequences or repercussion. And those consequences include kicking out somebody who thinks they're posting in a /pol/ discord.

Do you not know what it actually is?

>> No.3964345

>hate speech isn't free speech
Maybe in your shithole country.

I do agree in consequences though. One of them being freedom of association, which seems to often get overlooked in discussions like these.

>> No.3964360

Thanks. But why all the crass grade school expletives directed towards me and a theoretical community you're not interested into? I thought you didn't care about unproductive chitchat.

>I don't see any correlation
My point exactly: a less policed server is possible. Whether people want to join it or not is their own call.

How about you read past the first sentence?

>> No.3964526

Just started one, it's got some guys who are actually pretty good. And again, I must stress it's really new and only has 21 members currently.

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>suicide attempts or dying
Is a bannable offence.

>> No.3964554

>cant even place the midline of the neck

BETAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaa artist

>> No.3964563

All you guys are actual subhumans, you get irratated at the slightest thing you disagree with and none of you will ever make it. You all go on about "oh I can't say nigger all the time, this discord is shit!!" You wouldn't say nigger to anyone irl you weak incels so stop trying to act edgy.

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I just want a server without pornfags, I think pornfags are really low quality human beings

>> No.3964644

Then you probably need to stop talking to humans. At all.

>> No.3964647

You could always start your own server. I admit I love porn, but it get's redundant and to much at times. It be nice to have a server that focused on other stuff, like focusing on buildings, vehicles, nature, animals, clothes etc.
You could still draw humans of course but keep it sfw.

>> No.3964648

Rule 34 didn't exist without a reason, nigger

>> No.3964658

>Then you probably need to stop talking to humans. At all.
If your artistic expression is just porn you are a subhuman. I don't care if you make money with it or not, or if your porn is better drawn or not that gross, it's the act of unabashedly posting pornography online that says you are hollow inside.
Which would be ok if having a dedicated porn channel acted as confinement, but allowing the pornfags to speak in clean channels lowers the overall quality of the server and I can't stand that.

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>any servers where I can just call everyone niggers
you fucking retard
some asshole can come in and get a server suspended with just one report for this. loli isn't allowed for the same reason. it's because admins want to keep their servers NOT BANNED.

jesus christ

>> No.3964715

I think if you had a way to check you'll find out that most artist do porn from time to time, even if they don't post it.

>> No.3964743

>even if they don't post it.
I draw porn for myself too, no problem with that

>> No.3964920

Not them, but that sounds kinda shitty

>> No.3965139

So basically it just turned into a private circlejerk/clique...?
Ill pass on joining that, that is if you faggots even accept new members and if its gotten to that point I don't even see the point.

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Why join any at all

>> No.3965185

why not make a discord where not swearing every 5 words or so is banable?

>> No.3965210

>I want to be surrounded by other artists.
You want to chat in the belief that you are an artist

>> No.3966661

>getting banned isn't optional

so you get banned regardless if you obey the rules?

>> No.3966686

so... which is the comfy one?

>> No.3966883

https://discord.gg/G3PBQQ best discord server right here you can even say nigger

>> No.3967316

>Unironic sexism
>Content of which the nature is gay

Choose one.

Also (((Nosebro))).

>> No.3967328

I've done nothing wrong!

>> No.3967345

Make your own? :)

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>> No.3969561 [DELETED] 

Youre one of the most sanctimonious obnoxious ngmi faggots around lmao shut up retard

>> No.3969573

You don’t even understand anything do you? Never thought to consider how much innate talent this man has?
You’re ngmi my friend.

>> No.3969604 [DELETED] 

Imagine turning off your trip to praise yourself
Hard oof from me

>> No.3969888

>even assuming i’m nosebro
I’m not worthy

>> No.3971001

Any server with an active vc? Also does anyone know of an art server which name started with "med"? I found it on twitter a long time ago but ive lost it

>> No.3971015

imagine not understanding sarcasm and saying "hard oof" like a retarded normalfag!!!! LOL!!!!!

>> No.3972213

give me a reason to join your shitty discord, post your work crab.

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