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Been offered a job at a studio. Passed 3 stage interview process. Need to give salary expectation. Have 3 years of freelance, 0 years inhouse experience. The studio is (fucking) loaded, everyone I've asked say they offer above average compensation and are a great employer. My impression confirms this.

However I applied on a whim. I don't really want to work inhouse. The big name casual-market studios produce lifeless games based on jewish wizard number magic (market analysis, retention statistics, yada yada) and numbercrunching. There's no soul in their games (but fuck me do they seem to generate ad revenue).

Do I price myself such that I have 5% chance of them hiring me? I love my freelance life. It's cosy and chill, I pay little rent even though I have an amazing flat with a big sunny terrace. I water my basil every morning in the sun... I've even started propagating them. I have a huge barbacue that I use all by myself to grill expensive meat while I work on stuff. Clients are easy to work for, pay well. Don't get much work but make 100$/200$ per hour (unofficially. I bill around 60$ per hour)

What the fuck do I do bros? It was never meant to be like this. I was never meant to 'grow up and get a job'.

Fml. Don't wanna make it. I want to stay a child.

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Dude, you don't have to work there if you do not want to and finances aren't a problem. However you could at least give it a shot, there is no harm exploring new things you can always quit.

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Stay away from the business machine. Keep being a freelancer.
Also stop crying like a bitch.

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got to work in one of those places, it was hellish you'll end up hating your job, maybe give it a try just to see how it really is, I mean you can always go back to freelance if you are already established

best of lucks bruh

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This. Think it's worth trying out something new for a little. Then you truly know what you want from your career. And yea stop being a baby. Make descisions for yourself.

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It is recommended to try out inhouse for a year or two. The reason is to get an idea to work with a team of people ,socialising and getting to know the good and the bad.
Not every studio is the same though, and it will also differentiate depending on what country you are in. If you get into a studio and also do freelance at home (If you are allowed by the studio, if not, do personal art) and build discipline that way.
I would suggest getting out of the "Peter Pan" mindset. It is unhealthy, despite the romantic idea of "never growing up". Create a plan and set a goal within 5 years. Studio life is temporary. You can leave whenever you want.

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Try it out. you can always go back to the freelance life but now you'll have some connections for steady freelance from this studio. check out glassdoor.com and see what they're offering people for your position then ask for 20% more than that and see where you land.

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put a number out that justifies in your head the luxuries you're giving up for studio work, if you put a figure too low and go into the studio everyday doubting your decision it will impact your work

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>The studio is (fucking) loaded, everyone I've asked say they offer above average compensation and are a great employer. My impression confirms this.
Knowing that you could try it out, you don't know till you gave it a shot, depending on how good or bad commute is your level of comfiness will stay the same. And you could always quit.
The thing is that if that studio is as good as you make it sound like you will make good connections (!) if you work there. That is really important, as making a living as an artfag is a privilege and you never know what might happen later, better cover your ass as much as you can.

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you could just politely say you got a better offer. they don't need to know that the better offer was working at home & staying comfy. going inhouse seems really overrated imo, maybe it's nice if you have a family or something & really need that stability but otherwise i don't see the appeal at all.

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try it, maybe your colleagues will be nice and you'll have fun working in such an environment.

also positively surprised by the nice non-autist comments so far

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