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I can’t draw neck, I don’t know how it’s attached to the body. I can’t draw upper body, don’t know the proportions. I can’t draw lower body, don’t know the proportions. I can’t mannequize the body and I don’t know how arms and legs attach, I can’t draw the whole body from different angles. I can't construct anything from a gesture drawing. Basically I can’t draw a human figure at all.

What should I learn from to grasp all of that in the quickest and simplest manner?

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You're putting the cart before the horse. Fail more and you'll figure it out how to approach this logically. Feeding you the answer that I struggled with myself for the longest time would be unfair.

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what can you draw anon? people learn to use a mannequin/shape derivatives to suggest a form and then refine/correct as they go. i think the quickest, if you have no other drawing techniques that could be built upon, is to do perspective then gesture. once you have a technical foundation established you should introduce more specific anatomical study so you may go from simple to complex in forms.

i mean, i guess so anon, but i hope you return any info that you may have unwillingly picked up from sources external yourself.

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From what I understand, it goes like that:

>first I think of a pose then create a gesture drawing for it
>then I start putting shapes that give me a sense of a general proportion
>after that I start constructing a figure as a mannequin
>then I add muscles and features
>lastly I work on an established basic human figure and make it more detailed
>somewhere in between all of that I try to bring a constructed human figure closer to the gesture version of it for a more dynamic impact, or I am just really good so I keep mannequin very dynamic from the beginning

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>What should I learn from to grasp all of that in the quickest and simplest manner?

it's not that hard op find a form of body construction your comfy with loomies is a great for that shit and pretty much allows you to further devolop into any style you want.

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Try the FAQ or beg thread, for starters.

Other then that you can start off with studying proportions since that is the largest overlap in your goals plus you can work with primitives instead of actual anatomy but still work on proportions since they are mostly about relative sizes.

Just google human proportions and you'll easily get any variations of heads/skulls and other such things to everything else ratios, diagrams or some shit. You can also study your own body or photos by comparing parts of the body to other parts, but any one person is not 100% representative of proportions of other people and some proportions can be a bit of an outlier.

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