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>spend hours on a drawing
>end up hating it

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>spend hours on a drawing
>wake up
>it was all a dream
>I want to keep drawing
>go back to sleep

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The next one will be better.

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i hope so anon

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>spend hours on a drawing
>it's not good but it's still a clear step up from your previous work

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maybe you should try to draw more fundamental stuff like thumnails and sketches and then make decisions coming from that before you start a long project. That way you'll also be able to put more mileage down while also focusing on your finished work

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have you tried being less hateful?

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>spend minutes on a drawing
>end up liking it
>stop drawing so I don't ruin it

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That sounds too hard

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>Finally in the mood to draw
>No ideas whatsoever

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Do studies until the inspiration comes

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I never finish
fucking this

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That's how you know it's finished!

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>spend hours on drawing
>it's not that good
>still learned something from it
>next drawing is better :)

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>Spend hours on a drawing
>It's fucking great
>Whip out dick and furiously masturbate to it

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you know you are done when you are sick of looking at it

Just keep drawing, a few hours is a mere blip in the journey of drawing

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>spend X time on drawing
>hate it and my life

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>spend hours trying to climb the ranks in video game
>lose a lot
>hate it
It happens with everything anon

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>spend hours thinking about drawing
>lose will to draw anything
>go back to playing vydia

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>have a dream about being in a nightclub
>talking to some nice happy girl about what she thought of my comic
>i get ready to say thanks for when she praises it
>instead she verbally destroys me with every doubt, critique and fear i had been mentally surpressing for weeks
fucking subconcious

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>spend days on a drawing
>really liked it ... until
>literally last stroke
>hate it

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>"This came out really well, I just have to draw this one last stroke on the eyelid aaaaaand-"
Always ink the faces first.

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I just copy the layer and prepare for the oncoming shitstorm

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>Spend 15 minutes on a sketch
>Don't know how to go any further
>Don't have any ideas that are at my skill level
>Don't know how to get out of this cycle

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Stop wasting time polishing turds. Instead, practice the shit that you're bad at.

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Sometimes you gotta finish your drawings, man, even if you are polishing a turd.

Too many people on /ic/ get so stuck in the grind they never create anything but studies and drills. Half of them even get far enough to realize there's an entire second half of the process that they've hardly practiced at all, because they keep drilling cubes or some shit.

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STFU, the other anon is right, you will never be a well rounded artist if you're stuck only on the first stages.

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how i do stop doing this shit? any tips

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Well, let's see. Post your work.

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>spend hours on a drawing
>end up being just random lines and circles
>never try again

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Why would you ever stop?

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>>spend hours on a drawing
>>end up hating it
>GET A cough medicine problem
>drag dumpster switch bitches out here
>look back at being normal
>you blessed kid you

one day youll look back and say damn

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Rinse ans repeat. The podcast with Dave Rapoza, Brad Rigney, and the other guy had discussion with that cycle.

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Shut up, and post work you damm crab >:c

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NGMI in a nutshell

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