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How do you not finish a sketchbook in 6 years and still be an artist...? Thats a few hundred drawings max not counting swatches and pikachu doodles or whatever. Seriously wondering.

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Many artists think a sketchbook should be reserved for crazy good stuff inside and it would be a "waste" to just put dumb doodles in.

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How do people seriously go weeks without drawing and still call themselves artists? I'm a total hobbyist and I still usually at least doodle something every day.

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The hell do you mean one drawing whenever the fuck I feel like it isn’t a valid schedule?
Can’t you see that my schedule is a total nightmare and literally the only thing I have time for is retweeting 30 pics and replying to my friends?

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I draw hundreds of loose pages full of sketches and studies and go through bulk orders of paper pretty fast. But I have yet to ever fill a sketchbook. Probably because I think >>3932608 subconsciously, maybe due to the amazing sketchbooks from pros you can see on the internet.

I should get over that shit

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I don’t really have any of those issues except I’ve never finished a sketchbook in my life, mainly because I have a habit of doodling on whatever scrap paper I can find. I might also be influenced by the times my dad would get pissed at me as a kid for “wasting” sketchbook pages on sketches/doodles and developed this type of mindset >>3932608 though I’m slowly growing out of it.

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2nd point isn’t too bad since people could use digital for sketches.
Everything else though, yeesh.

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>buy 2500 sheets of A4 paper because it's cheaper than sketchbooks
>paper keeps curling at the edges and it drives my autism crazy

kill me

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You people obsess over the most trivial shit.

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This is what her art looks like, for the record

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>dumb doodles
Aka sketches
In a sketch book.

Fine just be talentless forever then.

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>this post
>7341 likes, 1669 retweets
>more than all the art I ever posted combined
congrats /ic/ you finally managed to make me upset

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Sometimes a lot of us artists need to disconnect from social media for awhile (twatter and 4chins included) and just focus time on drawing. I wonder if people had "more time" to spend on their hobbies before the internet became as prevalent as it was?

It's probably better do just throw out the paper after you're finished doing your studies or sketches on them. It will keep you from being too attached to them anyway.

If anyone wants copy paper that feels a little nicer to draw on compared to regular copy paper, you can also try buying card stock paper too.

Not that bad for the medium. Brushwork is still better than the annoying resident trad artists we have on this board (illutrat, chub, brian).

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Not really, but I suck anyways so it doesn't really matter what I think.

I just have a fun time drawing. I don't get why people get so elitest about badly drawing anime girls.

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I don't use sketchbooks, I just buy pads with perforated or glued sheets. I was thinking about binding my own however, though it might be a fun hands on type of thing.
Sometimes I go long lengths of time without even doodling but that's just depression lol

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>Taking comfort in others being weak
Or maybe some people would rather just like, you know, enjoy themselves, than watch divas fight over tiaras man.
The dude abides

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I relate to all of these confessions, honestly. Art is my passion, but I live in poverty and have to juggle a lot of responsibilities and stress management in order to continue doing the art things that I love. Also, I tend to hate looking at my old work.

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a dozen unfinished painting doesn't really say much though
maybe he like practicing

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U can buy sketchbook paper in a roll , anon

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I draw digitally pretty much exclusively, never had a reason to use a sketchbook.

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