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I want to be a digital artist but I’ll be away from my tablet during summer. How can I keep improving my digital painting skills during this period? As well as my line and fundamentals?

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just draw

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Well if you don't have a laptop, iPad or what ever shit people use to draw digitally on the go today you just have to use normal sketch books and pencils, just do fundes as you can do the other two.

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Just do shit on paper/canvas anon, what you see digitally osn't really any diffrent that what you do on paper.

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So fucking true, I wish more people would know this and stop saying they're better with trad when they're digital is shit.

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you fucking solved the question for yourself, just draw on fucking paper wtf

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"I want be be a digital artist"
LOL that's like saying "I but to be a good person"
I want to be skinny but I'm eating chocolate pudding all summer.

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to my knowledge there's no way to replicate conditions of a screen less tablet without actually using one, if that's what you mean. you'll just have deal with being shaky with it for a while once you are finally able to use it again. just like riding a bicycle once you're familiar with it you'll never really forget. everything else you can transfer from learning traditionally just fine.

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What about painting?

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Just take the tablet with you?
What, are you going to some sort of amish camp?

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you said line and fundamentals, make it something that you can actually do in that situation, which is perspective, practicing lines, shapes, form and gesture, values, light, design, there is so much you could do.

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Practicing your fundies on paper when you don't have digital is actually really good practice. It forces you to think about where you should put your lines since erasing can get messy and you can put your paper up to the light and flip it around to emulate flipping the canvas.

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Just practice in traditional fgt.

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If you can't ink stuff in traditional then just stick to practice sketches. Keeping your skills sharp is the most important.

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