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Is it possible to be good at mathematics and art, or would your brain cause a waning/waxing effect and put more emphasis on the other...?

Both activities apparently require alot of brain power.

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”I’m too smart to draw”

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You have limited time. It's impossible to be good at two things

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I'm determined to become a modern day renaissance man, my goals in life:
>art god (everything included)
>writing god
>composer god
>great at guitar
>good at accordion, sax, piano, hurdy-gurdy and flute
>decent at violin, kantele and drums
>decent at programming
>knowledgeable about philosophy
What speaks to my advantage is my limited social life, I can be very stubborn and I'm a quick learner. What speaks to my disadvantage is my depressive mindset and the fact I'm shitposting on here. (Yes retard I realize I probably won't succeed)

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I hear people say stuff like this all the time, but people are living much longer these days.

If you aren't mentally disabled, it should be possible to master at least TWO skills within your life time before you finally kick the bucket.

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yes, mathematical relationships are very useful for geometric projection.

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Read Fairfield Porter's book on Thomas Eakins. He was good at math

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You have to be over 18 to post here.

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no, you are either creative and have an aptitude towards space and visual conception (you can consider good authors part of it as well), or you are good at remembering and applying mathematical formulas. Or thirdly you are just a brainlet who can't do anything

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I'm finishing my last year in University as an Electrical Engineering and Computer Science double major. Honestly enjoy art a lot better but I'd say I have the capacity for both.

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>thinks adults have no goals in life
uh oh

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Geometry can help you with art sometimes.

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>'hm, i have no idea what i'm talking about. lemme post something that sounds right but actually i just made it up'

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art made with math https://www.shadertoy.com/

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Sounds like a lame excuse

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Lmao I love /ic/

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Every board has its incorrigible autists.

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>It's impossible to be good at two things

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The genres of stochastic art and creative coding exist so yes to the first.
Just because you're a subhuman brainlet with inferior genetics who can't excel at even one thing doesn't mean other people are the same as you. There are tons of people right now who are good at both, considering how many high IQ artistic kids are coerced to go into STEM because of market demands.

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Pixar uses so much physics math in the animation as well as many pro video games studios.

Go for animation so you have use for both.

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Escher's art was all based on math.

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Donald Glover

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