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where can i download this plugin
been looking for it for hours

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Hard round is all you need, stop looking for secret magic brushes

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Hard round doesn't feel natual like pencil.

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If you're not a neet you probably could have made more than enough to buy this program in the same time you spent looking for it.

This isn't actually a brush set. It's just a "container" that helps you organize your brushes. Seems pretty cool to use if you're a PS user. Wish my program had something like this

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>relying on 3rd party plugins that probly break every update, and will stop working or just randomly deletes your settings.

Good luck

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I was just playing senpai, kind of dissappointed you didn't reply in a fit of rage. Looks pretty good actually. I've switched to Clip Studio personally for illustration and the brush management is quite similar to that. The search feature would be neat though.

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If you are using CC 2019 this is kind of redundant

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