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My own painting can you critique it for me?

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Looks like pubic hair mixed with semen.
In space.

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id give you like 10 bucks for this, not bad

>> No.3933858

Great compliment

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It reminds me of the time I was out in the woods in the middle of the night and stumbled upon a huge blue field that had some black lines sticking out of some incredibly bright white shit in the distance.

You really captured the blurriness of my vision that night, OP. The only thing missing is a bottle of George Dickel 8 somewhere in the foreground.

>> No.3933893

nice painting anon, next time try adding in a lighter highlight colour to gradient the sky and make the trees different shaped

>> No.3936178

Go outside in the daylight and draw something real then paint it.

>> No.3936313

such a waste of oil

>> No.3936470

I guess it looks "ok" but the subject matter is fucking boring

Bob ross is really good(or at least better than you) try watching him

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>marble tabletop
>nice wooden chairs
>live flowers in the background
who gives a fuck if it looks good. you don't look like you're hurting for lifestyle. if it felt good making it, that's all that matters my boy.

>> No.3936984

If you made the trees look like trees I would actually buy that.

>> No.3937004

Boring and soulless.

>> No.3937009

colors are nice but overall boring
sky could do with mor detail/brushstrokes
trees are fine i guess if ur goin for an unsettling aesthetic

>> No.3937016

> Bob Ross oil paints in the background

>> No.3937029

Add some happy accident trees and some fairly big ones
It’s pretty boring overall

>> No.3937072

Sky has too much gloss

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