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What's wrong with this drawing?

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more like it belong in the >>>/trash/

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what isn't?

>an actual human being drew this

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The rendering is pretty good. The semen is excellent. The edges of the light coukd use some variation, overall appears too hard. Biggest problem I have with it is that it's quite difficult to read, took me awhile to figure out what I even was looking at.

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it doesnt contain inflation.

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The cum is pretty well-drawn and appealing, but it's still ponyshit.

>> No.3932384

His head isn't connected to his body

>> No.3932393

the subject matter

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The cum looks nothing like cum and the way it lies on the hair is silly. It's well done for what it is though.

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In a way it's a fun picture, because I had to look for 5 seconds before making sense out of it. But now it looks pretty solid.

Guess it's not a good piece if you're looking for immediate recognition of the subject, but it's nevertheless a good piece for making your eyes wander.

Also I hope whoever drew this degenerate garbage dies.

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He cute tho

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You didn't draw it and pretending you did to shitpost. Also wasted trips

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It looks much better than how most people draw cum. I look at cum a lot, so you can trust me.

>> No.3932420

watered down hair conditioner/frosting glaze is exactly what cum looks like. i dont know whose cum youve had shooting over you, but its supposed to be pretty much exactly this.

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note to self: latch onto next craze and draw shit of it. make money and have fans.

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