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How do you keep going? I keep picking up the books and doing the exercises and getting a little bit better but I'm never satisfied with what I'm drawing. I know that I must draw, but it's just so damn hard. How do you guys do it? How do you keep on drawing?

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Live in the present but play for the future my dude, keep going and one day you'll reach whatever your objective is
Also, look back at your stuff to see how much you've improved over time

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If you're serious find someone to guide you, it's very hard to get really good on your own because even with good resources you need constant feedback from a competent person. If you do it for fun don't sweat it, just keep giving yourself challenges that will be fun, not too hard but try to make something better every time/get out a bit of your comfort zone. You need to accept you'll fail a lot but with feedback, broadening your knowledge and critical thinking hopefully you'll figure out what caused you to fail. But don't get too harsh on yourself especially as a beginner because progress can be very slow and not gradual, just keep doing stuff you enjoy.

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"I think and then I put a line around my think"

Drawing is mental, anon. Study a lot and you'll improve. Analyze, question, take a lot of notes, come up with your own explanations of things, string together thoughts from various sources. Basically, study art like you would study programming or math.

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Dunno, just found myself coming back to it until the drawing habit stuck

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I'm past the point where I can stop. I invested so many years of my life into this and I am so old that I have become impossible to hire in any other field, and even though I'm fully aware that my entire existence hinges on the infinitesimal chance that I win the internet lottery I can't do anything but draw, draw and keep posting. I have a disease that almost killed me and might flare up again at any time and fuck me up in ways I can't predict, my life might be very short. I decided to pursue art because of this, to seize the day. But every year gets scarier and more depressing. I'm not gonna make it.
Every single day of my life is like driving the bus in the movie Speed.

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hang in there anon

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Some people crave that kind of pressure, they are aimless and lethargic and would actually benefit from being forced to either drive that bus or die. The same thing you despair about can also be seen as a float that keeps you from sinking, even if you finally sink you'll have gone further than you might ever have gone without it. Fear is a great motivator, you can turn it into your weapon

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I just have nothing better to do with my free time. Don't even enjoy art anymore but at least crumpling up paper kills time faster then staring off into space.

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just accept that it's going to suck for a very long time but once in a while you notice the smallest tiny improvements, that's worth it

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dunno i have like 30gbs of artbooks i want to go through but i cant keep it up
as soon as i finish one and start another one, i forget what was in the previous one, and theres so many of them, ree

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>I keep picking up the books and doing the exercises and getting a little bit better but I'm never satisfied with what I'm drawing

I keep going because I am not satisfied. Because I surrounded myself with talented peers and follow only artists, all of whom are better than me in one way or multiple. Right now, I'm going through a bit of an internal crisis where I don't really know what I want to do with art- but I know that nevertheless, what I want to do is make art. I want to catch up to all these artists I follow who are more skilled than me and be on their level, because I know I am capable of achieving it.

So I draw every day. Because even if I don't know what I want to do, I know I can improve. Because I know there's something new for me to learn.

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Going through them to learn means actually drawing shit based on what's in them you fuck, not just looking at the pretty pictures. Might as well watch a tv-show if you're going to do that

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Because im shit but its fun

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Unironically this.

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