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can i get a portfolio review?

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Were you ever diagnosed with a disability? How do you draw the same thing over and over again and make it look nearly exact?

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What the fuck did I just open?

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I feel a bit insane now

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every single time i open it i fucking laugh...

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Oh god, I just noticed the filenames. "111111111111121111111111111111..."

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I guess this disproves the just draw a lot meme. Yea no you won't get better just drawing the same shit a thousand times.

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Honestly want to see one painted in oil, I think that might actually be weirdly cool

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really good, these scrubs dont understand art

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If you give no shits about any of the fundamentals then your art does not evolve.
If you do then every flawed drawing will cause disappointment and a want to improve.

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thanks for the laughs OP it so weirdly creepy yet funny at the same time. I think you made me lose my sanity

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The deeper you go the funnier it becomes.

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hold me.

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tfw you accidentally meet eyes with a stranger

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Is this some sort of fetish ?

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I'm actually impressed at how whoever made these made such an enormous amount of them without killing themselves

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holy shit i lost
just beautiful

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I wonder what would happen if you animated these at 24fps

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Bruh I'm crying this fucking place is hell

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Making the same shit artwork dosent make you a artist , you pretentious prick.

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>scroll down
>scroll down

it´s never endign

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>his follower list

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What the fuck

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10/10. say what you will about the style but they most certainly have more finished work than anyone on this board

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Way better than Cumbum, honestly.

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The funny thing is that the further you scroll, the more you realize that he's actually trying and not trolling.

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I find it interesting how his first drawings are pretty different from each other, but then they gradually become more and more same-y as he goes on. I wonder what kind of autism this is. (not meme autism, this is unequivocally actual autism)

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This made me physically uncomfortable. What the fuck is going on here?

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Based autistic Finns

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Oh holy shit what it this. Someone get OP institutionalised

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god i wish i had this type of dedication

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I feel like his work would look good if tiled and printed on some sort of fabric or used as a pattern for whatever.

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Dude these are AMAZING! Can you make a tutorial so that I can get this good?

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Is that Brienne of fucking Tarth?

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Good line economy

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Every time someone on this board doesn't make it, his face is added to his portfolio.

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My fucking sides

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Ok, OP, this is fucking hilarious. I don't know if this was intended as a joke, but if not, you are completly insane.

All i can think about is the fact you got followers. If you can do it, i can definitly do it. Thx for this encouraging post

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Ahaha WTF OP you can't be serious about this can you? Your portfolio is some kind of creepy fucked up shit. Are you mentally challenged? Cause that would explain a lot...

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This is too much dedication for bait, isn't it?

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thats some real scp shit right there

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The second coming of kodyboy

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Not sure if the "girls" are ngmis or this person being satire over the many artists that do girl portraits only.

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>Sami will remember that

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>1000+ watchers
wtf bros ... he made it...

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So this is the real secret to getting in industry

Thanks Sami

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If you scroll all the way to the bottom the early ones are worse so it did help him a little bit.

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>just uploaded today
The audacity

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>the list of pros keeps growing
What a legend

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Um, well you definitely have a very distinctive style, but drawing the exact same composition over and over is not the point of a portfolio.

Yes, portfolios need to be cohesive. No, they should not contain tens of hundreds of images like a dumpster for everything you shit out. Each piece you add should be carefully considered. What does it bring to the portfolio that is otherwise missing?

I do second suggestions that you work in oil. I suggest you put more thought into your compositions and especially your palette. Both are quite stale and the repetition doesn't help.

T. Genuine serious fine artist

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It can't be healthy to look at this

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Dear God. Pray you diddn't summon him.

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Almost 4 years... wow

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>modern art is ba-

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Over Ten-Thousand images and absolutely zero improvement or variation. I am truly, genuinely amazed at the raw power of autism to accomplish pointless feats and waste time

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It's impressive the hyper focused obession towards something autism can give someone. Whatever it's drawing the same subject over and over again, doing speedruns, doing resets for shiny pokemon, etc. But it can be useful when it's something like trying to collect information about a subject or trying to program a project. If it wasn't for high IQ high functioning artists, we would have great video game emulators or fully organized wikis.

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is tha fucking idubbbz??

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I still want one in oil, I know that would be fucking special. Sami, fellow finn, get some oil colors and make a masterpiece.

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If I had a pro artstation name, and were just allowed to follow one guy, it would be you. It would unquestioningly be you.

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If I had a pro artstation name, and were just allowed to follow one guy, it would be you. It would unquestioningly be you.

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I don't know; I kinda like the style.

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This cant be fucking real

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I'll bite

You don't try anything else that the shit you already feel confortable doing.
especially the most recents one it looks like you stopped trying doing anything else than the frontal faces with same eyes and lips

Try diffent pens, different techniques, different type of faces, your watercolor ones/ and the oldest on the portfolio are the most interesting of the bunch

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When you look into the abyss this is what stares back

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I like this one

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I genuinely like the painted ones too

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>artstation is better than deviantart they said

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The answer is all portfolio sites suck, especially free ones. Make your own website if you're serious.

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unironically these are the portraits of all the population of Finnland

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this is legitimately some cursed shit what the fuck

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how do i contact for commission?

also these are probably drawn based on how he feels at thw end of the day

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the ironic thing is that as an abstractionist I know that there's a difference between being shit and having an aesthetic. and I still think this guy is absolutely awful.

not because he doesn't have an aesthetic but because his artwork is so predictable. it never changes, never grows, seems to have no significance. just the same shit literally day after day.

stop falling for the "draw everyday" meme OP. take your time to improve. Improving can mean a lot of things. But try and push yourself with every new drawing.

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I don't even know what to start adressing between to portraits being the spawn of satan or the pros following him in artstation
Im just laughing my guts out for 10 minutes straight, what the fuck did I just watch

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He posted again.

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This reminds me of the time I was a kid and I was very much fan of the weasels from Roger Rabbit movie. I'd draw weasels all day all week all month from the side - profile pics of them. I don't have any of them saved anywhere.

Now I struggle with perspective and symmetry but I can draw any kind of profile pic from imagination.

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You cant fucking tell me thats not a Joestar

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Im going to laugh if this ends up as some creepypasta on youtube somewhere

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The first time I clicked on this profile I genuinely laughed so hard. Like nothing art related has ever made me laugh like that. Having the split second between the single drawing and clicking over to his full profile only to see a literal wall of the same thing... The shock... The disbelief...

And then forgetting I had the tab left open and seeing it again... The same feeling all over.

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i like these. i would pay to get an portrait of myself from you.

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These portraits definitely wouldn't have the same effect if they were arranged any differently.

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Got a chuckle out of me

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>go to his likes page
>which one of these things is not like the others

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>as an abstractionist
He's most certainly better than you. I laughed at this. Abstract art does nothing.

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I'm surprised they didn't just add all of their stuff to the likes list

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The real question is, how did he pick a favorite piece? Did he genuinely liked it better?

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Top kek

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Guys, this is a form of stamina building. Think about it...no matter what every day you draw a shitty portrait and the dopamine you get is all the idiots thinking you're shit and all the views. Then one you're in the mojo of drawing you can do what you really do. He knows a secret many of you don't know.

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reminds me of this guy who follows me on DA. similar style. maybe you guys have the same... quirk.


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aw fuck, that means i'm in there somewhere...

>> No.3947196

The 3/4th view portraits.. my sides

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OP is exactly like that guy on DeviantArt who posts scuba divers. Same brand of autism.

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please post ffs

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i think hes a slow adult. i just try to be polite to the guy. let him have fun with his symbol drawing. even if its creepy af. lol that one looks like bobby hill got a tan.

>> No.3947395

Literally Googled "guy on DeviantArt who posts scuba divers" kek, it's the first result

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You are assuming he wanted to improve
Maybe he saw that creepy shit and decided this is perfection and must be replicate

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I get the feeling that if you scroll Long enough you see your own face and get trapped on the website forever

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this is painful

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So much soul.. no, more like, so many souls. Trapped in there. Forever.

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This style is pretty unique but did this guy have to draw the same drawing 500 times? This looks like mental illness.

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It's another /ic/ shits on child artists edition.

>> No.3947594

If it's a child it's a pretty autistic one.

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and and would you look at that, he's an anti-Trumper. People are claiming it's mean to talk shit about retarded people being bad at drawing. That's fine, I'll give you that, but admit it's wrong to dangle them along on a string telling them Trump is racist and hates women and is going to jail for (something???). THAT is really wrong. The fucking guy must be frustrated and terrified 24/7. That's probably why he draws the same bear in a scuba diver suit 137 times a day.

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