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How does this make you feel anon?

tell her what you feel

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https://streamable.com/i4vtg full link

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Admittedly that's painful to watch. Fuckin thots bruh.

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what was the context?
Why did she do it?
I'm not saying it was right but whyyy??

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not sure if anyone knows. Just the usual polish scum.

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to the gallows

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this is the girl actually doing it. comments disabled ofc.

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Someone needs to do something about it.

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i wonder heres the apology

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>200 years old?
Oh man, now I'm bummed out. I thought it was just some cheap replica or something.

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what context do you need? it's just dumb underage beta scum that drinks cum for views, one of many nowadays thanks to muh e-celeb popularity status.

I don't give a fuck about the statue, but I agree with OP that people should get loud about it just like with that articun0 fag and his bitch. If you don't publicly shame such people then those retards who go in their footsteps will also never learn that some shit just isn't cool, as such autists typically think it is.

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"private" matters. Thats the best she could come up with?

Listen im sorry I put notre dame on fire, but you know, private matters, depression and stuff.

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If this was a brown person, /pol/shitters would be having a field day

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arent white women like, second in line after anybody who's not white except east asians?

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>he doesn't know that the polish and russians are the niggers of europe
Its twohunnit year old nigga, we don care bout dem dead old white men nigga.

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if it was a brown person, tumblr tards would justify their action

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fuck old shit, if you care that much about it go sculpt an even better statue bitch.
piling on on some random dummy is pathetic.

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>go make something better
>implying she wouldn’t destroy that for followers too
I think you’ve missed the point

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i'm really gross and ugly, so I think the best punishment would be to make her into my cock slave

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Well well well, the autismo has spoken again, today with "it's just a statue" such a marvelous creature, it has so many extra chromosomes that if you take them all out and try to make people from them you'll get a small nation.

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Can’t tell if black woman or white man. Either way you’re an incel

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Someone needs to break her nose repeatedly until it doesn’t set right. First time I’ve been pissed at someone in a year.

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>random dummy does dumb shit
>"piling on on some random dummy is pathetic"
>random dummy keeps doing dumb shit.

what a wonderful world.

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>person does something for attention
>people give that person attention
the internet was a mistake

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i rarely get upset and when i do i don't show it, but when someone destroys something that they could never create i am livid

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I hate this fucking argument. So if someone does literally anything for attention you should just let them do it? At least if its gets so public, she will maybe lose some followers or people will start telling her how retarded she is. Stop reading buzzfeed 3head.

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Legit angry about this. This sculpture,throughout its story & craftmanship, nearly had even more worth than her.
She should either learn to sculpt & repair that crime or get the same amount of hammer hits on the nose to realize how wrong she is. (The sculpting option seems more reasonable)

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is it a statue out in the middle of a public/urban area or park of some sort? the bottom looks covered in graffiti too, did she do that too?

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>So if someone does literally anything for attention you should just let them do it?
No. Ideally this person should be quietly shot and thrown into a ditch. Having this kind of shit go viral and talking about it indignantly (which has no effect whatsoever btw) is exactly what these people want and it will create a precedent for other retards who want attention. This is a known thing with how serial killers are handled by the press, if other psychopaths see serial killers get huge sensational press coverage this can prompt them to act out.

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I want nothing more than to literally strangle the life out of this cunt

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it only received negative press tho, and she deleted the video when her dumb brain found out it probly wasn't a good idea to publicly release a video of her doing a felony, and even tried to "apologize". So I don't buy that, "just don't care" attitude. Not gonna help.

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I'd say that ideally she'd be able to undo that stupidity, but having her locked down for a few years without much advertisement sounds good. You have the time to think about your misdeeds in a lonely, cold cell.

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But then how am I supposed to share the story with my bros and masturbate together about how outraged we are? (no homo)

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noh dude, you have to get attention on how you shot and throne her in a ditch. set an example

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just...why? i hope that statue receives justice.

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That looks like a cartel gore video with how quickly she’s hammering it off

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>but I agree with OP that people should get loud about it just like with that articun0 fag and his bitch.
completely different situations.
articun0 was called out because he was twitch streamer shitting on another streamer, this got him posted on Livestreamfails a very autistic subreddit that loves drama and witch hunts.
a fuck ton of "twitch affiliates" on twitter joined in because the girl they insulted was being followed by a bunch of really popular twitch streamers like Offlinetv.
Most of the more vocal people where just lookin for clout.

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they are the same thing really, both destroy the beauty of life

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-prosecutors are already on it.
-she claims she was drunk.
-she lost her modeling gig for a bank.
-modeling agency dropped her.

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>recording yourself do a crime
Two digit nigger IQ right there

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I hope she gets atlest 15 years prison time.

Ideally this ofc
>ideally this person should be quietly shot and thrown into a ditch

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dude people are trying to press legal action on her. She'll get away with it for a few month but then get caught.

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she looks like a minor, she'll get a slap on the wrist

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a hammer to the nose would be fairer

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It's what happens when a girl is surrounded by weak men.

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should be executed

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Is she going to jail or at least getting a heavy fine that goes towards repairing the sculpture?

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this is fucking autistic.This is why she actually did it. Btw you're right she is a minor(17).Lets hope she's born in 2001 that way she'll turn 18 and get full legal action on her.

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>I'm not saying it was right
Why did he say it?
I'm not saying it was a lie but whyyy??

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bad wording

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nah they wouldn't

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keep babying women and wondering why they end up the way they do

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>black women
On 4chan? Highly doubt it, funny how that's the first thing that comes to your mind though, says a lot about your own personal insecurities.

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why are polish women so trashy? Now I know why polish men are so eager to leave them once they step foot in england

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