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>he treats drawing as a hobby instead of treating it as a training for a job
You ain't gonna make it kiddo

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I hope by now y'll gave up on your dreams and started to pursue something real and at least possible.

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I am actually working towards full professional artist and I have nothing short but a contempt for kids here treating this endeavor as a mere hobby. And those kids have some sort of twisted dreams about their art and future. Stop it kids, direct your energy towards something more plausible and real, or else ya'll just gonna waster your lives and regret it sincerely at the end of the days.

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Ya don’t do hobbies kids it’s pointless and stupid.

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It's the calarts fag again

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Post your work so we can see where that kind of attitude gets you.

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Post your work and prove these losers your worth.

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Well, It IS my hobby, I already have a good job.

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Lmao this fucker again.
What's do you mean by making it? Working for Disney?

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>direct your energy towards something more plausible and real,
So like a, a hobby?

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I treated it as a hobby pretty much the entire time I did art and just messed around in online drawing rooms.
Now I work in a studio doing concept art/vis dev full time.

Never really grinded fundies or focused on stuff I didn't like just because someone online told me I should
know how to do them.

As long as you enjoy the process of making art and you are genuinely interested in the what you are doing
you'll probably find a way to make it your living.

Treating it as training isn't the right mindset for most people. It definitely works for some but if it hasn't
worked for you so far maybe try doing it differently. If neither works maybe art just isn't for you.

Also I guess it's worth mentioning that my only form of art education is watching all the The Joy of Painting
episodes, so maybe that has somewhat affected my perception of art.

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post your art

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you post first

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pretty based

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actually youre wrong. making it a "job" is what kills the whole reason to draw. when it becomes a job it becomes something you wont enjoy, simply because this industry does NOT cater to creativity rather it demands things other than that like reliability, being able to do the work and understanding instructions anything but drawing. its not just drawing its for literally any creative field. the moment you make art a job, will be the day you hate it, mark my fucking words. the only fine balance you will have with any creative field to warrant revenue is you having to set up everything and getting paid for it, your own hours and shit and not listening to demand. then again that itself has its own issues. either way the only time you will actually be happy drawing, is when you dont worry about money in any shape or form. that goes for any other creative field.

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now u pyw

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>nothings changed since the 3 years i left /ic/

feels good to be back

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Reminder to everyone post like this are totally fucking fantasy.
It should be a trivial matter to post your work if you are a working professional.

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You salty

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post your work

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Here's where I got just by painting things I like. It's not the most impressive in the grand scheme of things but it was enough for me to get a job.
Most of the things I've picked up in terms of knowledge came just by observation.

I did try studying construction and perspective at one point but I abandoned it very quickly since I was not enjoying it and I started
to draw/paint less and less as a result.

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Yeah, it seems your art had nothing to do with you getting a job. Perhaps you have other skills, or they just have low standards.

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>he treats drawing as a training for a job instead of treating it as his true meaning in life and an existential ideal

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Most of the people in this place will never make it because you're all self loathing retards with very obvious emotional issues, skill or hard work has very little to do with it.
You'll just keep hitting walls, pretend that you have "taste" or "standards" and give up at some point.

it's what it is

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sad but true

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Sure but hes still right. There's even an example in this thread. Look at >>3908345. Being an faggot makes people not want to be around you. You could be a great artist but if you are negative presence in everyones life then youre still ngmi.

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By the way, what's the point of making a thread like this if you don't have the balls to post your work/progress? Fuck off, retard.

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This is the crabbiest post I've ever fucking read. Don't waste your time with attempting to put down others, anon.

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>tfw living in a third world country and charging western comission rates.

I'm making 3x more money than working in a studio or whatever wagecuck job with my degree.

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im gonna make it we're all gonna fucking make it go away crab

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How is it even humanly possible make a post like this without imploding from cringe-worthiness, and not realize that ironically only a child would talk like this

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Most concept art nowdays is just spliced with actual photographs to save time. There's a great vid called concept art is dead where a Dev basically roasts people that fully render things themselves.

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>have two non meme engineering degrees, know three languages and have the documentation to back it up, posses several certificates by big name companies like microsoft and cambridge among other technical and tradesman skills, can socialize without sperging, done several leadership projects that turned out pretty good
>have personal and family connections
>always prying about me not getting a job
>live in third world
unironically comfier living by commissions

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Photobashing will never not be for fags though

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kek I remember him

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Pfff, ngmi.

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Don't let Shaddy convince you the whole industry is just photobashing. His way of approaching art isn't gonna make you a successful artist. It could get you a gig with his company but not much more (not even that well paid).

Maciej succeeded because he had a strong artistic background before he started using Shaddy's approach and you've seen how that turned out. Everything just becomes this soulless derivative crap which in turn affects the direction of the movie/game it is produced for. This is why most modern blockbusters are absolute shit. They've taken the art out of it.

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Embarrassingly pathetic

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If you were serious about this you would be practicing instead of shitposting on /ic/.

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Here's a quick overpaint with some tips.

-Face is too long and looks kinda weird and manly. Maybe change the proportions using loomis. Make the eyes and mouth bigger, nose smaller etc.

-Light isn't very flattering so maybe change the angle. Add a rim light to make it pop.

-Add some of the environment colour to the shadows in the skin to simulate global illumination.

-Define the cleavage more. Too flat.

Hope it helps.

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Forgot pic.

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this is a joke right?

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lol it looks way worse

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>treating art like a job
I'd tell you to fuck of retard but I'd rather leave you with this--
"The Talent that can be learnt turns the poet into an ironmonger today"

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Couldn't agree more m8

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My job pays me enough, what exactly do you want?

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ehh, one accidental reply in there

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beholder shoe

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