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Planning on getting one of these monitor tablets. Which one should I get and what size?

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I've used a huion and a Wacom before. I'm currently using the huion 1060 and I've been using it for maybe about 2 years and its held up better than the Wacom other than the fact that the cable is totally fucked. Almost all huions seem to get their cables fucked up at some point and its pricey to get a new one. Huions in general, have a lot of stigma surrounding them but desu I haven't had many problems with the tablet. I can't seem to set the buttons to custom commands but that's fine by me because the default ones suit me (I prefer my keyboard anyway). Huions are more of a budget tablet and if I were you and I had the money I'd go for the wacom, but if you don't the huion ist really THAT different (its pretty annoying though).

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the new cintiq 16

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XP Pen.

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I have the new 1060 plus (i think it was its full name) for a couple of months and haven't had any problems. I could assign the keys and all of that. Before buying this tablet I used a Wacom CTH-470 and the only problem I had is that I didn't have any nib replacement. Neither of them were monitor tablets, but if I had to buy one now I'd get an XP Pen or Huion, not that I have a couple of hundreds (or thousands) to spare on a Wacom

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Had an 18 inch Huion before moving on to the Cintiq Pro 24. Kinda regret buying it cause it was 4x the price and the Huion honestly did the job just as well. Also had to RMA the Cintiq cause it had a 2mm streak of dead pixels right in the middle. I say start with the Huion, if you’re serious enough it’ll pay for itself many times over.

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I've tried 2 Huions basic tablet and screen tablet both refunded.

I own a cintiq 16 very happy with it. I use it daily.

X pen 15 looks promising according to the reviews you need a screen protector.

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Used both Huions and Monoprice in the past. They're point for point worse that even the Wacom Bamboo line

>more noticable parallax on screen tablets
>worse color
>beyond dogshit cables
>very cheap build quality

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consensus is if you can afford a wacom 16, just get that.
As much as it suck the build quality of wacoms are still way above your average chinese brands...

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Is this worth it? Pen doesn't have an eraser or touch.


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I never use the touch feature on my tablet and not having an eraser is just a matter of preference. I used the eraser often in the past, but now I prefer on screen controls to switch back and forth

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Is it worth it to get medium instead of small?

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Emphatically yes. Large if they have one.

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I have a small and it gets the job done, but I'm considering selling it and going for a medium. I feel like it might be easier to do strokes with

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I have a kamvas pro 13, I could never get the cursor under the pen even through drivers and calibration. I'm also not a fan of the pressure levels, I set it to the softest level, but it's still too hard for me.

i use a cintiq 16 now.

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FUCK CINTIQ. Xp pen is where its at.

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The only Wacom worth buying are PRO series.
The non-pro ones are literally inferior to Huion and XP-Pen products

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go xp pen OP if you have a tight budget

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Can I use an xp-pen tablet with Arch Linux? I don't have access to Windows at the moment and I want to buy a tablet.

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