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Is it possible to get an animation job (like doing key animations) with out going to art school? How?

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yes, learn to learn on your own. Read the sticky, read the animation thread, there are enough resources there to get you started. Art Careers rely on your skills more than a diploma

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Where's her navel? :(

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Look into otaking77077. Pretty sure he's self taught. He's been at it for ages. Uses tvpaint to animate. I enjoy his livestreams from time to time.

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>Be YouTuber.
>Get view counts.
>Get noticed.

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shes a clone (actually I have no idea, maybe he forgot it)

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Are you the pro artist from the calarts cringe thread?

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By getting good.

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By being good, retard.

Art degrees are useless.

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Amb. Buy Amb's course, and take it.

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Move to East Asia, get hired as a douga slave (studios hire anyone who can hold a pencil), work a few years 112 hours/week for an instant ramen bowl/day, get promoted to key animator. Done.

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s-s-sauce?? Cute!

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Art degrees are not useless.. Well, maybe the degree is, but the institution of art schools are not. They will give you a leg up. Don't disregard them.

>be me
>gifted artist
>go to SVA because why not
>Get internship through school doing art for monies
>Shaping up to look like i'm going to end up working for a big company right out of school
>End up not being able to finance it anymore, drop out 2 years in.
>Opportunities for working with these companies go poof with it
>Tried hitting them up with portfolios afterwards (i've improved significantly since I actually worked with them), no response or if i'm lucky "hey anon sorry we don't have positions".

Seriously, i'm sure you can make it without going to school route but it'll certainly fucking help, i'm convinced it's the reason i work in fucking construction right now instead of being a storyboarder.

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how many ramen bowls a day do you get as key animator

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P.S, I know this board is very anti-artschool and artschool itself is kind of a joke because it's mostly just rich kids who are trash at art and will never amount to anything, and only go there to fuel their 'hip artist' persona. But at the end of the day when it comes down to it, if there are two very good portfolios on the desk of the hiring manager of some concept art firm, or animation study, or whatever, and one has a degree from some good art school and the other doesn't, they're picking the one with the degree.

Because being good at art is not all that matters to these companies. Work ethic matters, and finishing school says "hey i can finish difficult longterm projects!". It also says "hey I am efficient in all of these programs and formats you might need me to use". All being really good at art says is "I draw". What the fuck are you going to do when they ask you to animate in their studio's exclusive animation software? Maybe you DO know how to do that, but it's still a gamble for them. The degree is a guarantee.


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Interesting, that shocks my glial cells

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>i can tolerate bullshit for at least 4 years
thats what companies whant?lmao

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Read the arm.

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