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>show friend my work
>wow anon, you are amazing!
>t-thanks friend
>I also do art, do you want to see my drawings?
>wow friend, its really nice!!
>oh you like it? Let me show you some more!!
>w-wow... good j-job

Would you tell a friend their art is bad? Or would you rather pretend you love it.

i personally appreciate criticism, but never mention bad things about other people's work unless expressly asked to

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it's your fault for showing him garbage.

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Only if I know they’re looking for criticism, otherwise it’s probably a waste of time. Some people aren’t really looking to improve at art and that’s fine.

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Don't tell them you love it, you feel like shit for preventing them from getting better
Don't tell them its shit, because you will feel like shit for hurting their feelings

Keep it cold - "hmmm, i dont really get. Is this a leg or a nose?"
They will pick up without hating you

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Smile and wave then lead them here.
Human sensitivity has no bounds considering Tumblr’s existence.

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Do they like where they are or are they seriously looking to improve?

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i don't have friends

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If he knows that his art is shit he will know that you are a good friend and didn't try to bring him down with criticism
If he thinks that his art is great he will just assume that you really liked it and thats all

We all know that criticism is good, but when someone show something they did to you they don't really want criticism, they just want to show something they did. And if you are good at that thing they want your validation and thats ok. You don't go all "WHERE IS THE SALT ON THIS SHIT? WHY THE CHICKEN TASTE LIKE FROZEN GARBAGE?" on your grandma when she ask you to taste something she did, do you?

The only people that you should really criticize are people that study and practice a lot, because they should be open about it and accept everything to try and improve, if they get offended it means that they do not have what it takes to make it and will end up going in another direction
for people like your friend you give tips
>really liked what you did with the pose in general, is really fluid, you should practice more hair tho, it look too stiff compared with the pose

If he thank you for it and ask you for more tips in the future you can start showing him the way, send some links for books, videos, etc

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Nah its not my place, if they were interested in improving, theyd say that first thing. people who want to git gud are a little obsessed with it. So I just point out things I like about it as if I were at their level.

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always give feedback at their level. so if he/she is miles behind you, be a little less harsh. If they get better u can start to get more real with them. no sense in arguing over shit like that if you are never gonna talk about it again.

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>ask about their OC/ point out their strongest suit
>suggest that you should get together sometime and share art
>study together/ critque each other
>you now have an art buddy who makes getting good more fun

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>internet buddy shows me his art
>its total garbage
>tell him what I see is off about it in detail
>"I just was in the mood of drawing it like that. Its my style! I like to draw <insert thing here> like that."

I guess some people just don't look for critique but rather search for praise.
Sad thing is that He's been doing it regularly and for two years at least and he is still garbage. I hardly can see any improvement.

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Sounds like he's not at all serious at improving with that sort of attitude.

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My friend changed from to a digital animation major from architecture after 3 years of college. I always try to avoid implying his drawing is bad, but I do point out some major mistakes and tell him about the importance of fundies and ask him if he wants useful links and stuff. He is actually passionate about drawing and has been trying to improve; i think he can totally gitgud if he tries hard; but still feel he fugd up changing majors so drastically.

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Don't give critique unless asked. OR you can ask if they want your critique. Find something not related to the drawing to like, like the subject or idea of what they wanted to convey. And don't give critique to someone who is better at drawing than you are when they drew your OC unless they drew them wrong. And there's a finesse about it when you do. Instead of straight up going after it do the good ol compliment sandwich method. Nice style OP, but it seems x is a little off, but the detail is great. And even then some people will get offended.

Basically just be humble about it. When asked and especially when not asked.

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> show friend my work
> I'm sorry anon but [some other guy] is better
> friend show his work
> point out his anatomy problems and tell him to avoid using weeaboo names that don't make sense
> wow anon, do you shit on all your friends talents?

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I’m curious what the animation work of someone studying to be an architect looks like. is he even a little good at either or is he just one of those spoiled brats whose parents pay for him to do whatever he wants?

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>Some people aren’t really looking to improve at art
More like "most people" aren't really looking to improve at art.

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He hasn't actually done any animation, only drawings, and to answer your question, it's the latter ;_;

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There's an enormous middle ground between calling out every shitty detail or pretending you love it.
I mean, if you're not autistic.

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ask what their goals are & try to lead them towards the resources you used to git gud.

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Ah but potential Tsutomu Nihei. Fingers crossed.

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i showed a girl i liked my art when i was still super beginner and im sure she felt that way, but she showed me hers and i also felt that way so were even

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Why would you lie like that

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>showing people your art
What a fag. I bet you have a blog too

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Same thing happens to me a lot OP, except I'm super autistic and I always try to pick out something specific and nice to say no matter what. Eventually they decide they are objectively better than me and they start criticizing every little doodle until I bitch out and stop sharing with them. Feels bad man.

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say it's good but offer one bit of advice. Make it an afterthought but mix some specific compliments in there so they remember those too

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If they ask and when they do a throw a disclaimer in there that my critique is "rude" by some standards. You'd be surprised hiw many people wanted it and got salty anyway when you point out that they actually need to study something. No matter how many books and links you send thier way. People having their feefees hurt is the reason why I stopped doing it all together. Nobody I met ACTUALLY wanted to improve, must admit sometimes I love the suprise when they expected that you'll barely point out flaws and especially not major ones.

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You guys ever heard of people who casually draw just to have fun and aren’t concerned with /ic/ shit? Because that’s what the buddy sounds like and it doesn't even sound like he wanted praise specifically, he was just having fun and wanted to show it to his friend. Not everyone’s trying to become some master artist. There is a time and place for criticism but this kind of thing is the equivalent of a kid showing his dad some doodle he did in school only to get bombarded with “muh fundamentals”.

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>There is a time and place for it
I can dig that, I work in a restaurant and the head chef poorly drew a cartoon tiger on a scrap of paper and jokingly went ''ey I got talent or what''? Of course he knows it's not good and he's just messing around, the worst thing to do would be to autistically critique it. But if a friend seems ''serious'' about art and wants to get better while having some sort of goal in mind, it is right to at least provide some advice

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Depends on what they intend to do

You can always give them a tip on something without being an ass and people will appreciate it. Give it a try on 'how about you try doing hair/feet/something difficult this way?'

Tends to work lots

Most of the time they don't even follow your advice but they'll think you're a good boi

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Always ask if they want a critique first. Then compliment the thing they did best, and add advice on something they should improve on

Tends to work when having sex and the lady is bad, too

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>Not shitting all over your friends work, then telling them how to improve themselves
You're a bad friend

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I join art discords where I get on friendly terms with the people in it. I give encouragement when necessary, praise when it's earned, highlight the good points and give some crit if needed. But for most times, I just pretend I didn't see anything because I just found out that a lot of /ic/ users are around fucking 16 years old. We're practically dealing with babbies here.

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*to add to this
Since we're dealing with babbies, no matter what you say or do to get them to improve, they'll just never do it. Kids will be kids. In fact, they will get emotional like women. They take things personally, give you the cold shoulder, then quit the art discord a week later.

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Because I don't want to discourage my friend? I think its important to be supportive, it is easy to be very discouraged and quit drawing completely when you are a novice. I would rather let him decide if he is happy with his own drawings indtead of telling him they're absolute shit. I still give him advice after praising it
>have you ever done figure drawing excersises? I know a great site with ref imaged!
>would you like me to give you some links to drawing books that helped me?

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stupid ass, 16 is probably around when most people will become receptive to crits and suggestions to study books, stop withholding information from the next generation pussy

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Giving criticism to someone who isn't looking for it is just discouraging. He's probably very aware of his flaws already

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>stupid ass, 16 is probably around when most people will become receptive to crits and suggestions to study books, stop withholding information from the next generation pussy
not my fault if I've already told them what to do and they still dont want it. its their loss, I'm not obligated to them for anything

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>Would you tell a friend their art is bad? Or would you rather pretend you love it.

I guess it was been alredy said but in my case I just kinda make an overall vague statement like "Oof, there's quite a lot of things that need additional attention..." or "That's a good start. Could be better". Then just look on it overall and spot something interesting like certain design aspect, idea, how storytelling is conveyed...something - and then specifically give compliment on that to dilute dissapointement.

It seems like when people who showing their art in similar scenarios don't want to be criticized or recieving advice. They want just to share a thing with a friend(no matter what this is) so simply don't be an ass about it.

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You severely overestimate the emotional maturity of 16 year olds

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