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way ?
i just want to have fun.

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Why are you trying to learn to draw if you don't even like it? I am gonna do it no matter what. It's not a choice it's a fucking compulsion.

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Because you're not good at it yet. That's the ultimate truth.

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Because mediocre artists would think you're their rival.

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and this "compulsion" is it fun ? do you wake up in the morning and have the feeling of "ooh i can't wait to do it today" ?

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because drawing its not a fun activity and who says that misinterprets the word. games are fun, drawing is enjoyable, and if its not, thats what your goal should be to make it.

if you want to have fun, play games, if you want to draw, draw something you enjoy. dont expect to start drawing and notice you have fun. set a time period for drawing and in that time period draw something you find enjoyable.

and if you buy a new art tool, dont buy it thinking it will make you better or give you more options, but ask yourself: will this tool make drawing more enjoyable for me? dont ask other artists what brushes they use, experiment yourself and find the brush you have the most "fun" with

dont draw what you think it will make you better, draw what you find enjoyable. drawing what you think will make you better its for when you will want to get out of your comfort zone, but you dont even have that yet

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I cant wait to do it today =/= compulsion
I just woke up and I feel I need to do x == compulsion

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>tfw not even enjoying vidya or reading anymore

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only games you like are fun 0_o

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Draw for yourself.
Not a bunch of boxes so you can please your /beg/ teachers, not some people’s OCs because you want money, and not some dynamic pose that’s out of your capabilities.

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Why is /ic/ so shitty?

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No, and that's not how I feel about masturbating either. It's not an overtly unpleasant experience. It's just a mindset. For me, after dinner, I don't want to watch TV or read a book. I don't want to socialize or exercise or drink alcohol. I usually just unwind for a few hours by drawing and listening to a podcast. I guess it's relaxing. Sometimes I 3d model. It puts me into a zone. Hours fly by. Did you ever drive somewhere and shortly after not even really remember the drive? It's kind of like that. It can be enjoyable but if you do it everyday its not fun, it's just normal. It's a routine.

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Something like this. Also stop wanting to have fun 24/7 you dopamine whore

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This! This is why people get fat too. Every meal is for pleasure and you always want to be comfortable.

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>tfw drawing took me thru all that chart

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We tend to focus on present gains over future ones. Games usually provide a quicker payoff than a drawing would, and almost always has less of a learning curve/commitment. That makes games, and most entertainment, so easily distracting. You have to find a way to make drawing:

>Easy to start
>Immediately pleasurable

Works for me anyway, my go to is dipping into a draw thread and taking a request, and getting asspats and validation within a few minutes of completing a drawing. From there I am primed to keep going and I usually can stay in a flow state for a couple hours. You can substitute streaming if you want.

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I don't enjoy anything any more. I just do stuff to pass the time. Even jacking off feels like a chore.

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Maybe you’re enlightened

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Sounds like anhedonia

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then play video games and don't waste your time drawing. what the fuck is your problem?

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That's how I get when I smoke a lot of weed for a long time and then stop all of a sudden. Just don't enjoy anything anymore. Trouble sleeping, etc. I'd say see a doctor if you're serious. If it was me, I try to return to baseline. Stop watching porn, just use your imagination. Stop eating really tasty foods. Eat bland shit. After a few weeks I went back to normal. Giving up caffeine helped too. If you are giving your body dopamine from an external source it will stop making its own, then when you suddenly stop that source, it can't make it in its own. It takes a few weeks for the body to catch up. But if you're like that without drugs /withdrawal, then yea definitely see a doctor.

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then dont jack off you fucking retard. what, you think youre cool by saying that? youre obviously so entrenched in pleasure that nothings good anymore. jesus.

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i'm so lonely and horny

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I got to that point a few years back when I first started NEETing, anime wasn't fun, video games weren't fun, porn wasn't fun, I just felt lost everyday. Picking up a hobby like drawing has filled that void, although it's been a rocky road, still is, anxiety, depression, stress, but upheaval, I pushed myself, overcame and grew after surviving the days when I felt like I was going to die of a heart attack from the stress, and I'm glad I have something, glad I stuck to it. I have enjoyed parts of it, enjoy drawing listening to music, enjoy the constant challenge and having something to progress towards. I don't like my art, embarrassed by it, but I am fucking glad I'm on an adventure and moving towards something.

If you're having trouble sticking to drawing, my first year was just the goal of drawing everyday, it didn't matter how much, 1 picture, could be 10minutes. I did that for about a year and I didn't accomplish everyday but I did manage to make it a habit. After that first year I began enjoying it more, it became a 5-6hour a day thing. The year after that I started doing fundamentals, and that was pretty awful at the start, not understanding any of it, not knowing how to study, use reference, but I had no option but to learn it, and I grew a lot in the end because of it which I'm grateful for. I think the reason I never gave up is because of the time I had previously committed. After doing it consistently for the first year I had devoted a year to something, so pushing myself I wasn't so quick to give up art.

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Who told you you were put on this planet to enjoy yourself?!

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how old are you guys? just curious

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32, NEETing hard/

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"Fast" as in "fasting". Anhedonia fix.

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How do you neet?

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Just power through. Be your own master. So what if it's not fun, why should that stop you if you want to learn how to draw anyway? Fortunately it does get more fun if you stick with it, as you get better.

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>Why are you trying to learn to draw if you don't even like it?
i want to be good at it

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godspeed neetbro

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Not him but when I go to work I fantasize about getting to finally draw all day and I think about drawing 24/7, I crave it so much I have to scribble things I see on a memopad when on the train to and from work

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Play so much videogames you don't enjoy them anymore. I don't enjoy videogames at all these days.

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Well you can't. Blame your parents for fucking your life up .

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