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Would you prefer to be a mediocre artist but with a stable and well paid job or a great artist but with a mediocre job?

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I'd even agree to be a mediocre artist with a mediocre job to be frank.

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>great artist but with a mediocre job
This, I only need enough money to live and can live comfortably on very little, I'd rather be a high skilled artist.

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I'd rather be a mediocre artist. Art is not that important to society in general,for some people is jus a form of expression.
Well paid jobs often mean you posses more valuable skills and knowledge than an artist in the grand scheme of things. Also, you can get good over time or just discard the hobby.

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Mediocre artist with well paid job. I still get to make art that makes me and other people happy, and all the better that shitty art snobs hate it.

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>When the feel so real and you just can’t deal

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Great artist with mediocre job. Hell, I would even take the Van Gogh option: selling only once in lifetime with great posthumous appreciation

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I dont care about posthuman appreciation that much, sure, it would be nice, but I consider it only a bonus

the most important stuff for me is art which satisfies my tastes. everything else is a secondary, so it can be mediocre. but the art I create must be the most I can get out of it

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>Art is not that important to society in general
It depends on what you mean by art but if you are just talking about painting/drawing I agree. It has contributed all it can to humanity. Now we are just regurgitating the same stuff. There isn't much room left for creativity. its only worth has become house decoration, a communication tool in production environment and mass produced crap for people to consume like fast food on instagram

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yeah, lets totally ignore all the big constructions which would crumble while being build if not for drawing, or the anatomy drawings which help doctors to learn, or the inventions which were made only because somebody got the idea on paper and somebody else got inspired

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>if you are just talking about painting/drawing I agree.
More like, in terms of personal skills. I know art is important and trascendental, but most people don't care about developing artistic abilities and getting good at it.

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I'd rather be a great artist. Even though I'm not that good yet, Art is all I have in mind. I don't need much, I just want to make all I have in mind more tangible and real.

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Mediocre. I accepted the fact my art will never get better. Cuz let's real, a lot of non artist have accepted medicory. For fuck sake, people are all over this shit. Either play shit safe or die homeless.

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This. Mediocre sounds really nice right now.

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If I truly was a great artist I would be able to find a better job

What kind of brainlet question is this

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>If I truly was a great artist I would be able to find a better job
>implying the art industry is truly meritocratic

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>Art is not that important to society in general
I never got why people say this? Just look around you anywhere in society and you'll see something made by an artist.

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Holy shit too real

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Yeah. Just because art is in everything doesn't mean most people care about becoming an artist. Excuse my bad wording.

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Yeah. Just because art is in everything doesn't mean most people care about becoming artists. Excuse my bad wording.

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This one sounds like making it for me 2bh

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The sad truth is a ton of terrible artists have great jobs and a ton of great artists have no jobs. You can be the perfect fit for a studio job, but the kid who graduated from the same art school as the interviewer or knows people in the studio will get the job. Success all comes down to experience and who you know, so the have nots are forced to toil until they even get a chance at a piece of the pie.

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Mediocre, OP. What else would I be, the hell?

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