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Anybody else draw cars? Can we get a car/plane /general vehicle thread going?

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Your car looks sad...Not badly drawn but ...feeling down

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It's a bit blue.

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Surely someone on this godforsaken site can draw cars better than I can. Reveal yourself, senpai!

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I occasionally try to draw older cars but it's difficult.
Though I have this drawing, I made it a long while ago and was quite content with it but I haven't been able to get much better.

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I draw airplanes

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When I get home from vacation I’ll show you my trains! I draw lots and lots of trains! They’re so cool!

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Y'all should read How to Draw by Mr Robertson, it'll help fix up some of the issues you're having with perspective

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Goddamn I love this artstyle

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I like it but the perspective is a little bit fuckey on the hood, also here's a skyline I drew yesterday.

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I like it!

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Totally agree. Wish I had photoshop to warp it into shape, but gimp is worthless when it comes to that. I like your skyline. Only issue is the front wheel is a little wonky.

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I have zero knoweledge about cars
tell me a few cars to draw.

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You have to draw what you like. I don't like anything so I draw my own designs.

Rather than trying to draw a specific car, I think you need to develop the basics of car drawing. I would just look up a YouTube tutorial. Start with the side view, then when you are bored move to 3/4. Rendering the side view is pretty simple.

For me, I think the best thing to start is just put down the wheels and the ground on the paper before anything else. 2 circles and a line. Decide how much distance you need between the wheels, different proportions for different types of vehicles, and then you can build the whole car around that.

You can copy a whole car. I tend to take bits and pieces from several.

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haven't drawn a car in a while, here are some from last year

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here's an f35

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Any car is fine.
Though I prefer old cars, I like their distinctive shape. I noticed when drawing cars that adding the shading to the floor really ties it to the ground, a good shadow shape below your car can really make it come alive.

Anyway, give it a go.

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>I don't like anything

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>>3894561 << this post
Was actually meant for this post >> >>3894304

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I suppose you still need some real cars knowledge to be able to pull off imaginary desgins

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That looks like if a charger fucked a sentra and they had a baby. You're right if you want to put a lot of details and make it realistic.

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sometimes, yes.

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also, a different style.

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and cleaned up version.

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I also paint formula drift decals in forza motorsport 7. I never share them because I love joining drift lobbies and laughing at all the scrubs who had to download other people's designs. Every single one of those brand logos was carefully recreated in forza's archaic editor (except for like 2 that already exist as decal choices). Dunno if this is on topic but I spend more time doing this now than I do drawing.

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gonna dump some of my favorites.

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File: 2.28 MB, 1920x1080, Forza Motorsport 7 4_16_2019 4_26_12 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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File: 2.39 MB, 1920x1080, Forza Motorsport 7 4_16_2019 4_26_03 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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These may not seem too impressive but you have to understand, forza's editor only lets you use basic shapes and change their sizes. Like squares, circles, ovals, rectangles, half circle, etc. Every single brand decal you see on these cars was made by me using those basic shapes. There's 5000-10000 layers (individual shapes) on each of these cars, and I had to study each logo extensively to create them. It's a 10 hour ordeal per car.

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this is not the 3d chan. this is for drawing and painting.

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Impressively autistic.

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Always wondered, but is there a book to draw motorcycles?
There's a fuckton of cars but I haven't found any for motorcycles.

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But why?

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it's a dodge charger according to google.
and this one a T-bird

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A meme is born.

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>resize your image

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Reminds me of this thing I drew a long time ago.

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looks more like a fairlady 2000

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this is my long term goal. to draw classic cars.
but theres so much to learn before I get there.

this is low brow art style.
however I believe it was ed roth who created this particular style of drawing cars with monsters.

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just start. so many tutorials out there. so many references. no excuses.

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>doesn't even understand what those pictures are.

They're not 3d art, retard. They're a videogame in which the person made the designs on the cars. Not the cars themselves.

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its not that I don't know what I need to learn,
its more that I have to put the millage in for these things to become subconscious before I can start designing cars.
still at lines and ellipses. then boxes, then putting shapes together, then putting them into perspective.

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then you didnt draw or paint a car. you drew or painted other stuff and put it on a car. still the wrong thread.

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I fixed it by changing the front bumper slightly.

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>still at lines and ellipses. then boxes, then putting shapes together, then putting them into perspective.
What the hell are you talking about?
Just look up some pictures and draw the cars you like.

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He's ngmi. Too lazy. Zero ambition. Guy wants to learn to draw rectangles. He's working his way up so that someday he'll be able to doodle a car on a napkin. Perhaps in another lifetime.

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just looked it up and they look similar indeed

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Thanks anon.
I'm kinda sad that there's pretty much no custom car/motorcycle culture in my country like there is in America.

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yea me too, feels very alone.
but if you can make the art and put it out there im sure you will attract more likeminded people

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I definitely feel empowered to go in this direction, especially with the obsessive environmentalism going on nowadays which is driving me nuts.

Also, Robert Williams has some nice work with old cars.

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one of my favorites is keith weesner. he has a great understanding of light and reflections.

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this one was harder than i thought
How do you even get into cars besides just drawing what you visually like?

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Looks nice anon.
Anyway, it helps if you have an interest in cars but besides that, I think it's the same for anything else, draw what you see and to take things further, draw what you want to see.

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got it

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some cars and stuff

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a bike

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these are more sketches than finished works, I still struggle with machinery and engines etc

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clear lack of drawing fundamentals knowledge. if you put in the time and effort into doing the basics these will eventually look better over time, these are brave examples to copy but way beyond your standard as it is now.

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design wants appear edgy and original but is neither and rather dull

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what do you think of these?

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I know that's a bit cringe but it's a watermark to my own deviant art page which I should remove, thanks for pointing it out. I don't really give a fuck if im anonymous or not. You can go look at hundreds of bad drawings.

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Super fucking cool. Very snes. Proud of you Anon.

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These are pretty wicked. id like to see these more rendered with color

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I referenced them, not copied them. As far as fundamentals are concerned, this is my work as well. I have trouble with engines and machinery, as I've said, and these were exercises, not full on detailed realism. Show me some of your work considering cars, planes, etc please

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Don't be so damn apologetic about your troubles and make feeble excuses about "troubles', just post your work and either accept other peoples critique or don't ask in the first place, people like you make me sick

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The geometric shapes in cars are simple to break down but I find it hard to draw properly, it's hard to keep things tied together.
But it's fun.

The two vehicles on the top left give me a bit of a Metal Slug feel, I like it.

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Draw those anthro plane porn things

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OK desu your shapes aren't even that bad, your vehicle drawings just look rough and entirely unfinished to the point that they're not even sketches. do some more copies and references and try to understand the actual structure of vehicles instead of the very simple boxes you have right now

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please learn how to do proper perspective

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why not just draw it in the correct shape

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