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how do i draw chubby girls?
pic related is my art btw, i only ever drew muscular men so i'm bad at chubby girls

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go back to tumblr

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it is a very sincere thread though

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>I'm bad at drawing chubby girls
Here's the secret hidden technique all artists that got good at drawing soft pudgy dames used (wow!):
1: Draw chubby girls
2: Draw more of them
3: Woah they look better than the first ones
4: Keep doing it

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All the places that the muscles would go, replace bulk with flab. Round, undefined shapes instead of toned mass. If very chubby, the overlapping flab bubbles around each other. Let's see your try now.

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LMAO what is this website? It's ridiculous!

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just trace a bunch of photos of american girls lol

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It's pretty much vore-central (the website). Literally every single vorefag congregates there. Its user interface hasn't been updated since it was founded around 2002.
It's a pretty fascinating website. Just pure degeneracy concentrated in a time capsule. A look into 'simpler' timers.

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Listen im not baiting or pretending to be retarded but, is this a pattern ? I also want to draw chubby girls but only know how to do muscular men

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>doesnt this look like a woman who could tie you into a pretzel ?
what the fuck

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The connection is MUH TEST

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lhuCuf9Lpng Here is a tutorial. Like others have said, if you can learn to draw the frame of a body and then imagine fat ontop of it, you start to get a clear idea for how this works.

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Where is that pic from anon?

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Naive Little Sister / 初々しい妹
Filename is artist name which you'd have found immediately with search you lazy fuck

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>i only ever drew muscular men so i'm bad at chubby girls
you are bad at muscular men too

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