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where can I get Coolorus (2.5.11), the one that works on photoshop CC 2018 free?

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it wont work. you have to buy it they have some weird piracy detection thing. Feel free to keep trying though.

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unrelated but. coolorus keeps causing this weird delay in cs6 is there any fix for that?

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>piracy detection thing
Could you elaborate a bit? Is that something more programs are starting to implement?

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You will go to hell for stealing.

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Just use Adobe Color Themes from Windows -> extensions -> adobe color themes.

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It costs fucking pocket change, you absolute poorfag.

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seriously this kind of piracy fucking disgusts me and I'm poor as shit
if something useful costs like 3 fucking dollars just buy it, what the shit

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PS CC 2019 has color wheel inbuilt which is similar to coolorus I feel, I use it all the time. Give it a try if you can.

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Not OP, did any of you guys have a pirated CC, and know how you did or got it?
I want to move from CS6, and man it annoys me that Premiere Pro CC and others at some places I do are getting to the point of not being backwards compatible.

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tfw using pirated cc and coolorus

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