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Hey guys, a while I bought Clip Studio to animate since I hate toon boom an photoshop.
I wanna start digital painting and I want to use it but my question is: Is clip studio good for any type of digital painting or just anime? I don't wanna paint anime.

Can someone show me art made with Clip Studio that are not animey?

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I mean't a "while ago"

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It's like a combination between ps and sai i think,it's very intuitive. It's nota only for anime,it can also work with cartoons and realism ,at least from what i saw in the speedpaints

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It's the best software for that. Photoshop is still being used just because it is the industry standard.

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check out the work of yoshikadu hamada and tsugumomo for your answer

or optionally most of pixiv

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I like this artist's portrait paintings. He uses CSP a lot.



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>Can someone show me art made with Clip Studio that are not animey?

i did this one a while ago in CSP. its a great program.

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It's good. I prefer Photoshop for art because it certain tools work a little better, imo, but CSP is more than adequate.

You also get the feeling that it's made for artists, where Photoshop has almost always felt like a photo editor that artists use (which it is).

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By the way, it's on sale at 50% for a few days.

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