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Bros, is Akiane a scam, or should I kill myself?

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It's some bullshit that will be revealed later like other child prodigy artists.

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wow that's some soulless shit. Like something you'd find on a motivational poster in a dollar store. It's so generic i have no idea how she can have fans at all. But they're probably just fans of her story than anything else.

Or it's just americans being kings of bad taste yet again

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>1800 minimum for a print
What a load of shit

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Ink is expensive.

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>artist is famous for not art related reasons
in other news, water is wet

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For someone who was drawing non-stop since 4 years old, believes themselves to be a literal God's gift to mankind and was fully endorsed by their parents and never spends time on ANYTHING other than art (because fuck education, right?), this is... fine, I guess. Remove all that fancy shading, and you'll see what amounts to an average artist.
Can someone post that Japanese comic about a manga prodigy who grew up and realized that the only reason people cared about her was because she was a kid, and now no one gives a shit?

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If she is for real, I'd be excited to see what she can do when she gets older and develops a deeper sense of taste. Her art is p. good right now, just not terribly original.

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would be nice if she would turn sides and suddenly gets possessed by satan or some shit and starts drawing nsfw hentai kinda crap that will make sakimichan shit their pants

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She has some neat stuff, but she's got that hoity toity pseudoreligious thing going on and takes herself far too seriously. Contrast with Kim Jung Gi, who really is a genuine prodigy, but he's such a chill and down-to-earth dude that I could actually be comfortable talking to, even though I'm a noob at art. It's a shame, really. I guess that's what helicopter parents will do to you.

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>who grew up and realized that the only reason people cared about her was because she was a kid, and now no one gives a shit?
That's the fate of almost every prodigy.

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pretty sure she can just badly copy photos

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Idk why, but something is really strange about her and her family. This whole homeschooling ordeal and the religious shit, her family working for her. This sounds like the script of an horror movie.

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looks mediocre as fuck

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No worries fellow anons, she is 24 now and the only thing that changed in her stuff is that its a little more polished. She literally has the same aesthetic as when she was 13.
Seems to be a problem with many Protegies when their skills dont improve that much so they are just a decent kitsch Painter when they get older.

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This is a pretty recent one

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mullet jesus with blue eyes is truly best jesus

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Some dude actually claimed that he saw Jesus in a vision. Also claimed that he looked just like this painting

>a middleastern jew
>literally over 2000 Years ago
>blue eyes and mullet

I think shes half legit but all this spritual bs is just a trick to con religious people to give her their money

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aww she cute

CUTE! :33

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This confuses me. Her technique is really good. The pictures look great. But it seems so uninspired to me. Typical religious paintings in typical poses. Average fantasy lands. I don't get it. Is this worth a million dollar income?

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>u will never taste her sweet cunny as she paints a masterpiece of jesus

why even live?

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Her technique is not that good. Sure, it's better than /ic/'s hobbyists, but it would've gotten a lot of flack from the professional painters if she wasn't a child.

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you shouldn't

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it's terrible isn't it.
if KJG was at least a pretentious asshole then i would have a good reason to hate him. But he's just so fucking chill it's impossible to rationalize my anger at his existence.
It should be illegal to be both talented AND charismatic.

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Reminder that Sakimichan has like 3 times the followers of KJG

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She's trying not to laugh at the start of the video, you can see her lips quiver. Selling art is all marketing, her parents marketed her. You can't survive on art skills alone.

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That Jesus art is creepy as fuck. Anyway, the only really good prodigy I've seen is buta0309 on DeviantArt, mock ups of manga she did as a 13 year old were on professional level, and her ideas were very mature for such a young person. Only recent work I've seen from her were more realistic sketches, also crazy good but I wish I could see what she's up to now. She just blew my mind ten years ago and I'm still impressed.

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where can i find more of her works? i have her deviantart but there is little info on her there

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Most female artists are scams

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sit down faggot child and let the men paint birds

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Is that the chick someone called "being on her way to be kjg tier" or something?

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I remember when there was a thread about this painting she made. When I saw it I felt that the girl in the painting looked so photocopied that it almost looked like she was "copypasted" into the background with photoshop. An anon suggested that a professional picture of the model could have been taken with studio lightening so that's why it looked so out of place with the background.

I think the problem is that these artists become so good at just copying photos that they never learn to truly develop their own "voice". Any professional level artist can probably copy photos as detailed as she does if they put enough time into it but it takes more work to develop a unique and appealing style.

I've seen art from amatur artists that is more interesting than hers.

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She’s not great and will end up with a chip on her shoulder from all the early attention. Am super jealous of her millions though

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>Am super jealous of her millions though
Hopefully her parents aren't controlling most of her money. She seems to have a little "co-dependence" relationship with her parents and is with them all the time. I wonder if the sales made from her website go straight to her or her parents first?

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This painting here was very cool on the documentary, I googled it and it had awful photographic colors, the blond hair looking almost green. So I color corrected it to look like it shows on the video,very comfy. Reminds me of Galaxy Express 999.

>a little more polished
Don't get me wrong, her art is boring, but this looks VERY WELL-DONE.She definitely didn't slack around and kept on improving the technique, I can respect that kind of autism, even though all the backstoy in the documentary reeks of a low-effort publicity stunt.

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>that vid
cringe as fuck

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What about this absolute kino master prodigy?

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Wow, this sets all kinds of bullshit alarms off.

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Damn, why does Jesus always have to be some kind of Chad? Couldn't he be some incel looking type of guy that was also God himself?

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>Can someone post that Japanese comic about a manga prodigy who grew up and realized that the only reason people cared about her was because she was a kid, and now no one gives a shit?
What's the title? Sounds interesting.

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slav jesus

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Amen brother

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