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when i make a digital drawing, the most popular way to know if the anatomy is correct is fliping the canvas, but how do i do it with a traditional drawing?are there other methods?

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you take a small mirror and put it against your nose sideways, so you can look straight at the canvas and see the reflection

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Use a mirror, as the other anon suggested. Or take a photo and flip it.

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Use a mirror or take a photo of the piece and mirror it in some editing program.

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Face it toward a window or a light and look at the backside

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Turn it upside-down. Also exposes imbalances

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This. I do this with all my traditional studies.

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Fold it in half and twist it around so you can see both halves of the page at once.

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So how much skill you pick up from doing digital art can you translate traditional drawing?

I only drew on pen and paper. I still can't afford decent pc and tablet.

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It all comes down to how well you can adapt to the feel of a tablet/pen. The disconnect from eye to hand can be difficult for some to overcome. If you think this will be an issue, it might be better to save a bit extra for a screen tablet (like the cintiq).

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Six anons to say flip it with a mirror or take a photo and use some editing program.

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You know all those anon that repeated the same thing were taking the piss.

OP get pic related and put them on whenever you need to check your anatomy. Or you could hold your drawing to a mirror and chexk the reflection but that seems pretty complicated, don't you think?

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