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sup /ic/ first drawn NSFW piece, how trash am I? I guess Im asking if I have potential enough to possibly pursue this as a source of revenue if I practice? Or am I too western cartoony?

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Perspective wrong, boobs position wrong, left leg is too short due to wrong perspective and she's emotionless

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fair enough. I cant seem to ever get emotion in any faces I draw, suppose I need to get that and perspective down before I try for anything, ppreciate' it

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Cum looks like yogurt, also, why she doesn't have feets?

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Its Greek Honey yoguart
cant draw feets, I practiced too much hands and never the feets D:

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Tilted it because it was hard to look at.
>I guess Im asking if I have potential enough to possibly pursue this as a source of revenue
Yes, you could make money off of it right now.
>Or am I too western cartoony?
People are degenerates, it doesn't matter.
They would pay for worse as long as it's nsfw.

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Can you post the reference you used for this?

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It is pretty good though.

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Her jaw is fuckin huge mate

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just pulled from a rando doujinshi and used Hitomi Tanaka as a ref
I appreciate it man! I dont draw often but I never post work anywhere and after a long dryspell thought Id try my hand at something a little more like this I guess
I pull my inspo from hulk hogan
noted! maybe Ill put a few more hours into the next one if I give it a go!

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Name of the doujin,please?

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Hinako Becomes a Dairy Cow - Chirumakuro

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Thank you.

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