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I have truly mastered perspective!
Amazing that once mystified me a week ago is now easy

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how long does it take you to draw something like that?

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See, everything is possible.


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It took me about an hour and a half

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good for you. now keep drawing, learn texturing and composition.

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Cool, now do 3 point perspective.

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Looks cold and lifeless.

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Perspective is the easiest of fundies.

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>ignores his own vanishing points

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That would take me at least 3 hours.
>tfw speedlet

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It's close enough faggot
I started freehanding at some point

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That's not matered - just understood. The roof of the tower is fucked and your ellipses suck in general. If you want a real challenge place multiple structures with different vanishing points on the same plane.

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looks soulless - needs more gesture, do figure studies to make sexy buildings

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Good for you OP, contrary to what idiots that never draw insist on /ic/, perspective is one of the easier fundamentals, you get the hang of it very quickly.
I will sugest you to work on your elipses next, they are kind of the weakest part of your drawing. Also, check your distortion.

(not the perfect redline, btw)

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What's the best way to learn about perspective

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I read "perspective made easy"
and it really did make it easy

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did you try and of the exercises

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I did some of them
by the time I finished I wish I had spent less time reading and more time practicing

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master is quite a strong word there
what source are you learning from

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Introduction via perspective made easy is great, then get a more serious book like "How to Draw" by Scott Robertson or (what I prefer) do the video course by Erik Olson, it's great.

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Are you one of these Crabs I keep hearing about or is this genuine advice?

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Seems legit, anon.
I got a fair amount into Norling's "Perspective Made Easy" before I got lazy, but it was a ll solid.
Even if you know the stuff towards the beginning, you should follow it for the practice and to get into the book's own rhythm.
Robertson's "How to draw" is one of those books that's constantly being recommended, and his stuff seems high quality, if a little dry.
Don't know about Olson.
Thank that anon for his solid advice.

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Is this bait?

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Erik Olson is kinda the ultimate perspective course with over 100 hours material

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your post

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I don't wanna burst your bubble, but you've only learned it, you're far from mastering it.

It's far from the easiest to master. Light and Shadow are way easier, so are construction and anatomy. Perspective is just the most important, and you'll be working on it all the way through your education. The moment you can freehand vehicles, and figures in complicated perspective, is when you can say you've mastered it. 1pt 2pt 3pt for sure, but also learning how to freehand curvilinear. Also, perspective bleeds heavily into composition, which is one of the hardest fundies to master, alongside color theory. You could very well say advanced perspective = composition, cause it segways straight into it.

So no, it's definitely NOT the easiest to master.

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>perspective blends in composition

I'll have to disagree with you there anon, perspective and composition are two very different things.
Perspective is the technical aspect of drawing things accuratly
Composition is the artistic aspect of pleasantly putting things in a drawing.

If anything, perspective is the shackles to the freedom of putting things however you want. Understanding perspective gives you more leeway to find interesting compositions, but they are not the same.

Perfect examples are medieval paintings, which could have interesting compos while straight out ignoring perspective.

That's like saying color theory is part of anatomy. Sure, a good use of colors, lights and shadows will help you render better bodies, but it's not the same fundies

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If you don’t understand how perspective leads into composition, the you’ve clearly still got a way to.

You need to frame your shots correctly in order to know what style of perspective you’re gonna use in the first place. Your frame is like a moving camera, and the type of perspective you’ll use will be heavily dependent on your composition. Thus, the point I’m making, basically is: once you’ve learned to draw boxes and figures in 3D space, you move onto creating scenes, which is a more advanced form of perspective, as you’ve got TONS of figures and objects all interacting with each other, however, before you’re even able to create a proper scene, you need to know about camera angles, and lenses, and the basic styles of composition, and cinematographic camera shots, etc... etc... stuff, that wildly more difficult than just making boxes, but you can’t progress in perspective UNTILL you’ve learned those things, and started blending them with our knowledge of perspective.

Perhaps if you’re an idiot porn artist who only draws lewd pinups, you don’t have to worry about that, you can stick to baby tier stuff. But the only way to progress from drawing boxes and figures in 3D space, into making visually striking scenes, is to move onto composition.

That said, knowing composition alone, and NOT understanding perspective, and pushing it past just drawing boxes, will do fuck all for your development.

Composition without perspective is fine if you wanna remove all depth from your scene and just draw flat.

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What are some good books on 3 point perspective?
"perspective made easy" didn't really explain it

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I hate saying this but one of the "how to sketch manga" books, the perspective one, puts it in really easy to read bites.

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NGMI downie

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But they won't make it.
Not with that attitude.

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Still working on this shit, I studied around 2 or 3 months of perspective and I think i'm okay. Perspective is easy, getting the details right is the real deal.

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Your perspective is still off m8.

This is a good example of what I meant with

Start learning composition. You might understand the basics of perspective, but it looks unnatural cause you don’t know how to properly draft a scene. Or how to properly place figures in 3D space, or what specific angles to start when setting down your horizon and vanishing points.

My advice, pick out movie stills, do those for studies. 10-15 mins per picture. Do that at least 2x a week for about 1.5hrs for the next 4 months.

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>hasn't mastered 4 point perspective

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>color theory
>the hardest

color wheel + square/triangle and you are set

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>tfw colorblind

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Just like araraki

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