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How do you know if you have talent? Is there a test you can use?

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You just know. You’ve had it in you since you were a kid.

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There is no such thing as talent.

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If you believe this, then you don’t have it.

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yes, there is such a test

draw your whole life and after you reached your peak, depending on how good you are at that point thats how much talent you have?

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You'll just feel it, you can put in barely any effort and learn quicker than most people. If you're struggling to learn you probably don't have it. Not saying you can't learn but you'll definitely cap out your skill level at some point

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All guys who made it talk about the grinding years though

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if you have to ask "am i talented at x" you already know the answer buddy

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Pretty sure talent is binary, you’ve either got it or you don’t

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I think talent exists but it doesn't matter
Do you want to get good or not? If you do, then do it
There's nothing that says you can't get good at art with just a normal functioning brain and at least one working arm attached to your torso.
Sure maybe you'll never be KJG or Murata or whoever master you admire, but is that really so important? Just because you're not #1 it doesn't mean you can't be great.
The greatest and best talent if you ask me is just willpower and motivation. Be diligent and there's nothing that will stop you

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You can't find out how fast you can run until you train, you can't find out how good you can draw until you practice. If you really want to draw than even if you were a talentless nobody you wouldn't let it stop you now would you?

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If you have an affinity for something and the work you do to get better at it feels like fun, then it's "talent"

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just draw

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Talent pretty much translate into:
High affinity with/for a certain thing/activity
>What is the rate of improvement in the things you do?
>What is the rate of work per day you get done?
>What is the quality of said work?
>Is the quality of work you do also consistent, even after long breaks?
If you have a critical eye and aren't delusional about your work, you can pretty much say it for yourself if you have talent or not.
Talent gets used by normies to describe someone who just put a lot of time in any craft because normies are illiterate and only parrot big words to show their appreciation.
That's why, every week we have Anons askin if they have any talent.
Talent isn't the magical thing that let's you create masterpieces after masterpieces-- you still needs to practice and fail quite a few thousand times.
Basically this.is what my post condenses to.

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Talent is something you make bloom

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Your bad art is better than everyone else's. It may take some time to stand out, but it shows in any art class who has something to say and knows how to say it, even if their technical skills aren't great.

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do you feel like you could easily achive the level of your masters?, if yes then you got talent.

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Do people really believe they could achieve Craig Mullins or Kim jung gi level work easily? Sounds more like dunning kruger than talent

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If you have to ask the answer is probably no

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The idea that talent is binary comes only because of the phrase that we often hear throughout our childhood "You have talent in this!". If talent means having superior skill in a certain something then there should be absolutely no reason for it to be an on or off switch. Just like any other skills in life, there are people who can do it but only slightly, and people who can do it all day long without breaking a sweat. That's right, skill is a spectrum, you don't see people being absolutely shit at something while others are super good at it. Everyone is "talented" at a varying degree.

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If you haven't drawn all the time for all of your life and aren't the best artist in your circle of friends / people / town by a mile, you don't have talent.
If you are in your 20s and professional tier or very close to, you don't have talent.
If you have beeen studying extremely for a few years and your progress look nowhere like that of talented artists, you don't have talent.

You can still make art but if I were you I would completely abandon the prospects of making it. Just learn to make art for your own enjoyment and pinch yourself every time you think about social media / making money / comparing yourself to talented people / anything but making art for your own enjoyment. Just don't go down that path, it is a very dark path that only leads to pain.

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Unironically this.
"Making it" is ultimately pointless.

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Yes, you need to not be suffering from aphantasia -- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aphantasia

If you are able to visualize in your minds eye like most people can, you are fine.

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If you're asking you probably don't have any talent.

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>best artist in your circle of friends / people / town by a mile, you don't have talent.
this deserves it's own thread, how do you cope when everyone sucks within 100km?

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My suggestion is to shut the fuck up and draw instead of wondering whether you can draw

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>tfw one of the most technically impressive artists in the entire world lives within 100km of my sorry /beg/ ass

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lucky duck, go to his house and steal a poo sample

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>go to his house and steal a poo sample
fucking kek

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If you worry so much about having talent or not you’re just using as a excuse to not improve. Ngmi

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when i was fifth grade I can only draw stickman and Doraemon but now i draw many anime characters like a pro and i usually spend time playing video game and barely touch pencil

Did i have a talent?

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Everyone I know that was "talented" happened to "spend all of their time focused on the thing they were good at." The kid that was a "talented" skater was out skating for 5 hours a day after school. The kid that was a "talented" musician was going to multiple art teachers and spent all of their free time practicing, studying, and writing about music.

Regardless of if your brain is "special" in some way that makes you "naturally" more "talented," it only matters if you're also "naturally" more "motivated."

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Good post, but I'd also add "interest in the subject" to that list, if you are obsessed with something, you are going to improve faster than someone else, even if you put in the same time.

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Fuck that I refuse to cuck down
I'm just going to give up if that's the case

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>If you are in your 20s and professional tier or very close to, you don't have talent.
I don't get that.
Wouldn't a young professional be talented compared to the average?
Interest is subjective.
Someone can be talented at something even if there is no interest. Such talents are never discovered because if there's no interest, the person won't try it out.
>you are going to improve faster than someone else
Of course, being interested helps to stay on the subject but, it doesn't automatically translate into faster progression.
>if you are obsessed with something
Yes. with obsession i cannot argue.

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If forgot a "not" there

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>Is there a test you can use?
yes. you suck my anus and if it tastes good you have talent. you still need to practice tho.

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>You must be willing to sacrifice many other things

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Compare your quality to similar artists, how long it took you compared, and how many drawings
There's talented guys who have drawn for less than 3 years, done less than 200 draws in that time, and are better than guys who grinded fundies for 10 years. No exaggeration either

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I don't know many artists who have their first and year in drawings to compare to. Do you have any examples?

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See >>3851576
It’s obvious in natural settings, doesn’t matter who has been at it longer either.

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Doesn't matter. I have no idea if I'm talented, but I've been practicing hard for about a year(with a couple previous years of non serious drawing). It isn't really about talent, it's mostly about practice. The Most talented girl I know shits out like twelve drawings and paintings a week. A lot of them are really bad, but when she really tries she can make some amazing stuff in just a couple days. But it's mostly just because she is ALWAYS drawing.

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No there’s no test. And this question is fucking irrelevant because talent will only show when you practise. What matters is how far you’re willing to go for art; to be an artist.

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If you don't know, you're most likely don't have the talent.

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