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use loomis heads for construction

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Is this bait?

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90% of threads on this board are baite

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To draw Ruby you must first be Wooby.

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>texan shonen anime
that's a yikes,CRINGE and a big oof from me buddy

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>using pic related for an example of "distinct and expressive characters"
>using a shit 3d cartoon on an art board

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Have good taste. Any monkey can learn to draw but with taste you either have it or not.

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wait that horse shit was made in Texas?

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do gesture studies already dammit

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Stare at Nomura’s designs until they become a part of your muscle memory, then you can draw distinct characters.

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All those BELTS. I forgot how retarded these designs could be.

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These belts, they will teach OP to draw detail.

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By drawing people with distinct and expressive personalities (think of some cool characters)

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> Ruby
> distinct
> expressive

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I will never understand why nips enjoy that trash. Don't they have enough domestic animu garbage as it is?

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i like it

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How many times do i have to say it?
Stop embarrassing the fandom and stay in /trash/

also this
>copy emojis

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> Don't they have enough domestic animu garbage as it is?
Exactly. "Oh, rook! Gaijin can anime too!" It's novel for them.
And while characters suck, music and battle choreography are nice.

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>18 replies
>zero actual discussion of OP question.

Classic /ic/

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why would we when op posted a bait picture? if he posted something good then maybe the discussion would be a little better

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If your end goal is that then you need to become dumber than you already are then draw random shapes onto clothes that you'll correct into needless belts later.

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This. Technique is slow, methodically, and highly teachable. What separates good artists from exceptional ones is aestheticism. It's difficult to teach taste because it usually is gained from life experiences and quality of thought.

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>Any monkey can learn to draw
I find this encouraging and want to shout it in the faces of people that think being able to draw is some god given magical instant ability, which seems to be the opinion of pretty much everyone I've ever met. It makes me mad as fuck.

Drawing is just a general skill that consists of many smaller skills, each of which any average person can practice to a competent level. But like studying it's not just your hours spent that matter, also HOW you spent them. Methodically drawing each hair on one portrait's head for two weeks is technically time spent practicing drawing, but not time spent efficiently. Essentially ''I spent 5 years drawing'' tells you very little about someone.

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>yo, I heard you were complaining about drawing too many belts on my characters

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does she have a belt under that dress to hold her belts?

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