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Give me attention please.

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Sage is more than just a herb.
Its also a spice.

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More Kyle threads? Fucking really?
Neck yourself.

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>Known about Kyle for years since he is spammed endlessly on ic
Yet this is the first time I’ve seen any of his social media handles

>> No.3851040

>that cheek in the avatar


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Let’s dox this fucker. What state plate is this anyone know?

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What the fuck happened?

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he was doxxed maybe?

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Looks like it could be Georgia, Oregon, South Carolina or New Hampshire based on the car’s plate in front.

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you are one sad little fuck. imagine being obsessed on a guy that just makes foot fetish shit

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imagine being so obsessed you defend his honor at every turn because you need to jack off to disgusting foot fetish shit

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Kyle is a loser asshole who talks about himself all the time here. He deserves whatever he gets coming.

>> No.3851121

Why do you even fucking care
Put down the tendies and go draw you NGMI

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