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I mean the market for finearts and realism is already covered by NMA and Watss.

But what about lessons for anime/comic people?

Some anon shared the vidoes, and Mikanschool was basically a scam with shitty tutorials I wouldn't even watch for free.

If someone actually taught these they would be rich. The demand is huge.

Some people just want to draw cute animu girls instead of landscape #45. They would be rich.

Inb4 loomis and master realism.

rebuttal: yeah everyone needs the same basics and fundies, but people that want to focus on comics/anime don't need fine art shit that it's just fluff in the end..

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Literally every patreon artist

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Can you recomend a good on , anon?

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Can you recommend a good one anon?

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They teach anime, how good could any of them be?

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without fine art or the fundamentals all your anime drawings will look the same like those artist that only draw anime girls in the same few non dynamic poses. even anime artists in japan learn fine art and fundamentals at some point to get really good

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Nobody is saying the fundamentals should be skipped.

MMA doesn’t teach how to ink digitally stuff like that is what I want...

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Art fundies and studies are never fluff. They're entirely necessary. If you can't break down anime stuff with them then you don't know about your fundies at all.

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I never called fundies fluff. Dudem Stop strawmaning me.

I said I wanted a different focus after the fundies...

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Just study from your favorite animu artists by using the techniques you've learned from your fundies. Break it down homie.

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We already have a thread about a program for it.

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For some reason most westerners are terrible at drawing anime, and the very few that aren't don't bother teaching.

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Pin2D has a great channel on Youtube and on Facebook, it's a shame that it's in chinese, but they do have stuff in english.

Some anon suggested to them opening a patreon to help them translate more shit, I seriously hope they do that.

They even have a great series of videos on painting...

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wtf you realize anime is just a skin that you put on top of the fundamentals, everything still applies, it's literally just different proportions for the characters

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I want to draw chinese drawings too, but I try to find the enjoyment on figuring it out.

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you just need to know where to look

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I have them my friends have them I don't care about you
I was slightly worried when I saw mikanschool but in the thread only one sekrit was shared and only one anon noticed the rest was shit I don't care about. I wonder if I should even guard the sekrits you guys suck anyway

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>People ask for specialised education
>strawmans it as people asking for "secrets"

Fuck off.

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Good God I wish I could read Japanese.

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just use the pin2d site. It's the best we got for anime.

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I've learned anime by breaking down the style on my own. If you have a good grasp on the fundies and you are smart you could do that too.

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Man I really knocked off every furniture off the shelf with my dick with that post huh. Point is you can break apart how anime takes care of design, 3d design, and detail destribution.

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>Not Found

>The requested URL /en was not found on this server.

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(you) should make one and get rich

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based scamposter did it again!!!!

cut it out, retard

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They do just not in English
I found one in Taiwan I think cushart teaches there.

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Link? I love Krenz :(

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one of many of the sekrits but there's some I think untranslated versions of these videos on some site billybilly or something I don't remember

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They have a facebook page which often has translated versions of their uploaded pics if requested.It's one of the very few reasons why I still have an account there. Too fucking bad facebook is atrocious for archival and all old posts are lost in the deep abyss of 2+ hours scrolling.

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There are like a million how-to-draw manga books in japan and some of them are already translated.
A more fitting question would be why publishers insist on giving us garbage made by hacks like Chris Hart instead of translating some genuine japanese books.

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Gee I don't know Anon why don't you make it yourself and rake in the weebbucks if you think it'll be that popular.

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This is honestly my question, there are a shitton of how to draw manga books in Japan that come out monthly. It's a steady stream of how to draw books from japan
Why do they insist to use Chris Hart's garbage instead of translating a more profitable book that even adults would buy??

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Is there one you'd like to see in particular that has full raws available? I'm studying Japanese. Maybe I could assist.

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Drawing Moe Basic and Advance Techniques would be the one is pick
It's one of the first one here https://yande.re/forum/show/20405
You can even pick between pdf or png
Its the one I always wanted translated the most

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If you do take on translating it I'm sure the art book thread would really love to see it too, alot of them have asked alot about translations of Jap how to draw books so they would love it

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>get to request a translation of any resource
>picks the one about moeblobs

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epic im scanlating it now, in the middle of cleanup/redrawing at the same time so dont bully

i'm not >>3808572 by the way

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What are japs planning with anime?
>((((( )))))

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primary, secondary, and even tertiary "education" are the rabbi's tool to domination

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first main page done, i'll go to sleep and continue if I still find this interesting

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I suddenly feel very supportive of Israel.

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Great stuff anon, godspeed

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>but people that want to focus on comics/anime don't need fine art shit that it's just fluff in the end..

You don't have the required skills and knowledge to make that judgement. Be more aware of your own shortcomings or you're never gonna make it.

Any course that would try to teach you anime can only be a scam and nothing else, because the particular details of any given style comes down to the application of fundamental knowledge, any attempt at teaching anime would just be a set of notes compiled into a style guide.

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In case that book bores you, there's stuff that would benefit a lot more anons in this book: https://www.mediafire.com/file/6ewq1fw16zjtp7t/Animator+Jukuryuu+Saisoku+de+Egakeru+You+ni+Naru+Kyara+Sakuga+no+Gijutsu.rar

Hitokaku too

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This is HitoKaku

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Do you happen to have pic related? O:

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Post your work

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Here ya go OP, the book japanese use.


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this but unironically

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I unironically prefer loomis

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no, Roomisu

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