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takani is probably my number one favorite artist for mechas and vehicles but his humans just look so weird
i mean is it just me or does marco look he has a defective left leg
anyways how do i draw mechas and vehicles like takani waah so hard

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analyze his sense for the mecha. i love those chunky shapes on the turret and treads

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The only thing strange about this picture is the fact that the characters are 5 heads, real human beings are more around 8. That being said it might be a hind to the proportions of the actual game, which make sense.
This is a really nice painting.

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if you like it, then it's good

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That's pretty common. Artists specialize. Rare is the one who is good at any subject. Guys who are great with mechas and vehicles often have wonky looking figures, and vice versa.

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>reality never strays from muh loomis diagrams

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best metal slug coming through

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I haven't played the games in a long time, but as far as I recall, Metal Slug characters have always had similar proportions throughout different styles and artists.
Not even counting when they go all out with the cartoonish proportions for comedic purpose.

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Nothing to do with loomis, they look like weird adult 14 year olds with those proportions

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Exactly! I say OP is overthinking this, this is a lovely piece.

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Was pic related drawn by the same artist that you're referring to, OP?
I've had this image saved for years, but had no idea who painted it.

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>make a catepillar track vehicle
>close most of the tracks making it effectively a wheeled vehicle with all the complicated machinery and added weight of the tracks, that do literally nothing

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yeah it can also jump 10 ft in the air and squat you dweeb

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You're the kind of guy that complains that bikini armor on a pretty lass is not functional.

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Dude, just Google Image Search it lol

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Results don't give me artist name though.
However, that's not entirely necessary considering both images look like they were painted in similiar styles and I think its safe to say they were drawn by the same guy

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Trace over the mechs and breakdown the shapes. Overall round shapes, concentric circles everywhere, rods jutting out. Also actually study how real world vehicles work so that they make more sense organically.

Also you're right that his humans look off. I assume it's so that their proportions kind of go with the sprite art work, which is why the guys' heads especially look large, but too masculine for their slightly shrunk bodies I'd say.

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Metal Skin Panic Madox-01!

I used to have this on VHS so many years ago ...

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